Oak Creek on home stretch to approve updated land-use code


— It’s been years since the process began, and the Oak Creek Town Board could be a month away from approving its updated land-use code.

At its biweekly meeting Thursday night, the Town Board approved, 6-0, a first reading of the code and held its final public hearing on the matter.

Town trustees mostly were relieved to have reached this moment in the process, after approving the updated Oak Creek Comprehensive Plan about a year ago.

“We’ve been working on this for three years, and I’m just glad to get it done,” said Trustee Chuck Wisecup, who also is on the Planning Commission. “I believe we’re going to make it more friendly for the businesses and streamline the whole process, and that was what we wanted to do from the beginning.”

During the public hearing part of the meeting, consultant Susan Corser outlined the major changes to the code as well as some minor tweaks in wording made since the previous meeting.

“I think this is a really exciting code because what it does is it encourages the mixture of uses that gives this town character,” Corser said. “It allows for a more organic growth but gives you more control.”

In the most basic sense, the major change was transferring to a “performance zoning” code, Corser said.

Previously, the code allowed any use in any part of town but included provisions for mitigating impacts.

Now, the code is a hybrid, zoning certain areas for single-family homes, retail, light industrial use and mixed use. Each district has a list of what uses are allowed, conditional or prohibited.

“Many uses are going to be conditional, so you have a lot of the leeway you had before,” Corser told the board.

The new code will help support uses already in place in areas such as the new District 7, which is designated for light industrial, allowing the industrial businesses already in operation there to have standards built around that type of land use.

The code also includes a “rudimentary” architectural review component and basic design standards, which Corser said would allow the town to have slightly more control over aesthetics.

Other provisions of the updated code include a pre-application work session with Planning Commission, so prospective home or business owners will have the chance to sit down with the commission before the actual meeting, which could streamline the process.

“Within five business days of someone coming into the office, we’re going to get a quorum of Planning Commission members together,” said Planning Commission member Jeff Gust­afson in response to a trustee’s concern about delays in the process. “And hopefully that pre-app has made the rest of the process better.”

Mayor Nikki Knoebel said a lot of hard work has been involved in getting to this point.

“We’re super excited. Every­­­one’s worked really hard on making it easier to read and deal with and changing things that are out of date,” Knoebel said. “Hopefully it will make … the process to be easier for the community to come in and use it.”

The ordinance can be officially adopted as early as the March 10 Town Board meeting and will take effect 30 days after adoption.

In other action, the Oak Creek Town Board:

■ Approved, 6-0, a motion to issue credit cards to town department directors because it is easier to keep track of finances on credit cards than debit cards.

■ Approved, 6-0, a pay application for $140,536.58 to Duckels Construction for work completed on the water treatment plant project.

■ Listened to a report from Trustee Bernard Gagne on an estimate for remote read electric meters for the town. The system would allow wireless data collection and computerized analysis. It would cost just less than $100,000.

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greenwash 6 years, 2 months ago

Better do something fast.....Black Mtn closed , Mugshot Closed, Fortunes closed, Annies nursery closed, Gas station and store closed , Lynx realty closed, Car wash closed,Shortys closed , Lupitas closed, Multiple Sierra View homes forclosed on, Am I missing something ?Mabye someone should tell YVHA you can buy a house in OC or Stagecoach for under $100 a foot...


PK Baldwin 6 years, 2 months ago

The gas station 'store' did NOT close.... It suffered loses at the gas station, but moved in time to save the store. It's located in the old Black Mtn location as Mountain Market partnering with another company, Munchies. Come see us!!!


max huppert 6 years, 2 months ago

Shorty's is going to reopen under the new name big and tall once the right location is found. Scott should make his car wash into something cool. the new business in the works is called " The Coal Miners Daughter"


Scott Wedel 6 years, 2 months ago

Max, Well find a "cool use" and see if you can get it approved.

My last nightmare with a proposed land use change was to have them reject a light industrial use on Moffat and hearing how the lack of a bufferyard between it and the Senior Housing made any use incompatible with no means of mitigating it because only use that would not require a bufferyard is residential and first floor residential is not allowed in performance district 1.

Find a cool use for the Dovetail building, that should be the best location in town.


max huppert 6 years, 2 months ago

that building is cool. when are they going to build a path from oak creek to steamboat for walking and biking in summer and snowmobile in winter, with horses allowed also and we could make the car wash a upscale stable. Our Mayor needs to think of fun and wild things like that.


Scott Wedel 6 years, 2 months ago

Max, On a tiny town budget that is about to get whacked with the decline in property taxes, you dream of spending millions.

And they already transfer as much as possible out of the General Fund and onto the utility customers. They don't bill water, sewer or electricity for any Town building (Town Hall, Town Museum, Ice Rink, Decker Park, Town Shop). The electricity dept doesn't bother to charge for street lamps or the water plant. Even the labor for working on street lamps is billed to the electricity dept instead of the general fund as is done in other towns. The town water dept gets free electricity to pump water around town and so on.

It is so blatant that the electricity dept pays 1/6 the cost of the road grader as if 1/6th of it's use is for maintaining the electricity system.

The whole method of which dept to bill for the time of public works employees is so lacking documentation that no private business would pay the bill if it was submitted in the form that Public Works bills the water, sewer and electricity funds.

Every city I checked, SB, Hayden and Meeker all bill their town facilities for water and sewer the same as any other commercial user. They obviously pay for electricity for town facilities and parks. They even make new town facilities pay tap fees like other customers. SB's ice rink pays water, sewer and electricity. I even got that detailed budget to prove that because an OC elected official said the SB rink does not pay.

But not in Oak Creek, for that town government, all utilities are free. It is just the residents and businesses that have to pay the high utility rates.


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