Development managers for Casey’s Pond Senior Living hope to submit their final permit application to the Steamboat Springs Planning Department later this month.

Courtesy Artist Rendering

Development managers for Casey’s Pond Senior Living hope to submit their final permit application to the Steamboat Springs Planning Department later this month.

Steamboat's Casey’s Pond site tab hits $38M

City Council, planning hearings for senior living facility to begin in March


Casey’s Pond Senior Living at a glance

■ The project is planned to have 144 “villa apartments” on a 6-acre senior campus at 2855 Owl Hoot Trail just off Walton Creek Road on Steam­boat Springs’ south side. The building addresses the pond with a seating amphitheater and pier.

■ The apartments range in size from the 262-square-foot studios in the skilled-nursing facility to a 1,320-square-foot, two-bedroom independent living unit.

■ The facility, as proposed, includes 60 skilled nursing accommodations, 26 memory care units, 30 assisted living apartments and 34 independent living apartments. Of the latter, 12 are one-bedroom units with dens.

■ They will be marketed as annual rentals, with no up front membership fee.

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Courtesy Artist Rendering

This aerial rendering of the Casey’s Pond Senior Living project shows Walton Creek Road along the bottom with U.S. Highway 40 out of the frame to the left.


Courtesy Artist Rendering

Yampa Valley Medical Center invested an undisclosed sum of money to get plans for the Casey’s Pond Senior Living project moving forward. Doak Walker Care Center will move to the new facility from YVMC after completion.

— The developers of the proposed Casey’s Pond Senior Living project said last week that they expect their new continuous care facility just off Walton Creek Road to cost $38 million and to create as many as 50 new jobs.

“We’re creating a lot of skilled jobs,” principal Phil Shapiro said Wed­nesday. “There are so many positive attributes to our project.”

Shapiro and his partners in Front Range-based Pearl Senior Living, Tom Finley and Charles Gee, are the development managers for a private, nonprofit corporation Colorado Senior Residences that will serve as the facility’s ultimate owner.

Shapiro and his partners are also candidates to manage the completed facility, which would comprise 120,000 square feet.

The three men were in Steamboat Springs last week conducting contractor meetings, and they took a break to discuss their progress.

Shapiro said they are conducting a new round of focus groups with potential residents here to learn more about the types of facilities they want.

“We’re planning a multipurpose center where you could hold everything from tai chi classes to lectures by health care professionals,” he said.

The developers hope to submit their final development permit application to the Steamboat Springs Planning Department by the middle of this month and look forward to public hearings before the Steamboat Springs Planning Commission and the Steamboat Springs City Council in March.

Senior city planner Jason Peasley confirmed that developers are on schedule to meet that target.

They remain optimistic about beginning vertical construction this year, Finley said, but have broadened the timeframe for the beginning of construction to “sometime in the next 18 months.”

Site preparation work was completed in summer.

Finley oversees capital acquisition for the group and said he continues to work on a mix of federal Housing and Urban Development loans and a tax-exempt bond issue. The principals in Pearl Senior Living

are working on the project as consultants and will collect fees accordingly, he said. They will reinvest some of those fees in the bonds, representing “skin in the game.”

They also have seed money from Yampa Valley Medical Center.

YVMC CEO Karl Gills, who serves on the board of Colorado Senior Residences, said the hospital invested an undisclosed sum in the group to get efforts moving forward before final financing. However, he said YVMC would not have more of a formal business relationship with Casey’s Pond Senior Living than that.

“As a not-for-profit, Yampa Valley Medical Center makes investments in the community,” Gills said.

Gills and the developers of Casey’s Pond announced in 2010 that the Doak Walker Care Center would move to the new facility when complete. YVMC plans to remodel the space occupied by the Doak to suit other uses after it relocates.

Local subcontractors

Gee said the $25 million construction phase of the project is out for subcontractor bids, and the partners hope to work with local subcontractors in more than a token way.

“We’ve been impressed with how many subcontractors have called us,” Gee said. “We’re trying to go beyond symbolic involvement and use as many local tradesmen as we can. It’s logical.”

Skilled-nursing facility

Shapiro said the strength of the Doak (it currently has a waiting list) is a key factor in being able to provide a skilled nursing center at Casey’s Pond. Gills pointed out that the new facility would be full on the day it opens.

Gills added that although the Doak is only a decade old, it is not a modern facility.

“We’ll build a 21st century version of a long-term-care facility,” Gee said. More than twice the number of private rooms will be available, he added.

Given that the Doak has 59 beds and only 60 are planned for the new facility, “why aren’t we building 80?” Gee asked rhetorically.

Shapiro answered for him, saying that a number of Doak residents are there because North­west Colorado doesn’t have as many options for patients who might be better served in a full assisted living environment that is less institutional.

“The Doak Walker Care Center has been something of a catch-all,” Gee said.

In addition to better meeting the needs of residents in the skilled-nursing facility, the new facility will have a deluxe employees lounge, he said.

“The well-being of employees is critical in our business,” Gee said.


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Looks very nice, let me know if you need ideas with the food service, the potential for great food and service with concepts no other facility has is my specialty. I can make any operation stand out..



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