Lila Rider: Oak Creek/Phippsburg news for Feb. 6



Sympathies to the family and friends of Lela Spencer who passed away at the Doak Walker Care Center.

Love and prayers to the family and friends of Rosa DeVault.

Condolences for the family and friends of Emily Ingram.


Marilyn Goggins, from Yampa, was in visiting with Lila Rider this week.

Frances Withers has had family in to visit with her, and Bettie Pierce also has had family coming into visit with her.

Phyllis Fulton’s son and daughter-in-law visited her, and Phyllis Burrowes has enjoyed visits from Wayne Bunton and Joann and Mary Lou Lombardi.

Darleen Cantrell’s son and daughter-in-law came to see her, and Juanita Davis has had family in to visit.

Get well

Get well wishes to Joe Lacko and everyone who’s been sick.

Joke of the week

A farmer was milking his cow when he saw a fly enter the cow’s right ear. After a few minutes, a fly popped out of the cow’s udder and into the milk pail. Looking closely, the farmer was amazed to discover that it was the same fly that he’d seen go into the cow’s ear. The moral? Sometimes things go in one ear and out the udder.


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