Hayden Elementary School Student Council students give Neva Brown a fleece blanket Thursday at the Doak Walker Care Center in Steamboat Springs. The students made the blankets as Christmas gifts and gave them to eight lucky residents at the care center.

Photo by Scott Franz

Hayden Elementary School Student Council students give Neva Brown a fleece blanket Thursday at the Doak Walker Care Center in Steamboat Springs. The students made the blankets as Christmas gifts and gave them to eight lucky residents at the care center.

Hayden Elementary students make fleece blankets for Steamboat seniors


Students involved

Student Council members who made blankets include:

■ Allison Inglos, president

■ Cassidy Crawford, vice president

■ Makenna Knez, secretary

■ Wynter Lighthizer, treasurer

■ Paige Barnes, fifth-grade representative

■ Kyler Cambell, third-grade representative

■ Keaton Knez, third-grade representative

■ Riley Owens, fourth-grade representative


Doak Walker Care Center’s dog Bruiser checks out the gift he received from Hayden Elementary School students Thursday.

— Members of the Hayden Elementary School’s Student Council received a memorable and warm welcome in every room they stopped at in the Doak Walker Care Center on Thursday afternoon.

“I’ve got a lot of friends,” Care Center resident Anna Wichern, 100, said after the students handed her a fleece blanket from a gift bag. “This is wonderful.”

Wichern then proceeded to hug as many of the eight students as she could to thank them for the impromptu holiday gift.

Looking to spread Christmas cheer, the third- through fifth-grade students carried eight knotted fleece blankets into the care center they made with donated materials from craft stores. For the women, the students covered the blankets with tie dye and polka dot designs, and for the men, they made blankets with an army theme. But the residents all took to them the same way.

“This is a wonderful surprise,” resident Neva Brown said as she held onto the red knotted blanket that was handed to her by the eight students.

Bruiser and Alex, the care center’s dog and cat, also immediately took to their new winter gifts that were handcrafted by the students.

“It took a lot of patience to make these, but it was worth it just to see their faces as they received the gifts,” student council secretary Makenna Knez said.

“Someone knows we care about them,” third-grader Keat­on Knez added.

It was the first time many of the students had set foot in the 59-resident care center on the Yampa Valley Medical Center campus. Celia Buckley, the center’s community life manager, said it always is nice to have children stop by.

“Everyone here loves to get a visit like this,” she said. “It was spontaneous, it was unplanned, and it made it feel more homelike. It was a feel-good moment.”

Buckley added that it was difficult to decide which of the residents should receive the gifts.

And by the end of their gift-giving visit, teacher Danielle Dellos said her students had further learned the value of volunteerism and philanthropy.

“You can just tell they have such empathy,” she said. “This was the students’ idea. I didn’t have to do a thing.”

Dellos said that on the 30-minute bus ride back to Hayden, the students already were plotting their next philanthropic endeavor.

“They have caught the community service bug,” she said.

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Richard Hagins 5 years, 5 months ago

What a noble thing they did. Nice slap in the face to the seniors at the Haven in Hayden. Nothing like wasting our tax dollars to travel to Steamboat.


1999 5 years, 5 months ago

festus...fyi...the folks in the Dolk come from all over the county.

perhaps the kids already visited the Hayden senior place or they will this week?

I hardly consider it a slap in the face. jeez.

so would you consider it a waste of steamboat dollars if steamboat kids traveled to Hayden?

get a grip and check your attitude


tcb 5 years, 5 months ago

festus "the grinch".....lighten the heck up. this is a great story about giving and nice gestures. it's hardly a waste of tax dollars.....no performance of service like that is ever wasted. shame on you, ya damn grouch.


Tammie Delaney 5 years, 5 months ago

As I understand it, the kids first talked with the Haven and were steered to go to Doak instead. All materials were donated, made by the kids and the student council funds (they raised) paid for their trip in... This was an AMAZING gesture of giving from our Hayden kids as well as a great lesson in community service. Go Hayden, we love our schools here!!!


bandmama 5 years, 5 months ago

festus- "slap in the face"??????? What an A hole to insult any young child who made an effort to make anyones holiday a little brighter. You are a twit. What have YOU done this year to make someones day a little nicer or to help someone in need, either financially or emotionally? Anything? If you have, then I am sorry. But any time a person, especially a young one who does anything for another it deserves a thank you, not such a hateful comment. If anyone needs a slap in the face for reality it sounds like you should be first in line. I would like to be first in the other line, facing you. It sounds like the kids DID ask around and maybe saw a need a little further from "home". you should try it sometime. And as a TAXPAYER, I am very happy to see that for once my dollars went for something that wasn't a foot ball game.


spidermite 5 years, 5 months ago

bandmama, I love it when you get angry. Merry Christmas.


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