Steamboat School Board approves salary increases


— Steamboat Springs School District’s 286 employees can expect to see a 2 percent base salary increase on their January paychecks.

At a short special meeting Tuesday night, the Steamboat Springs School Board voted unanimously to approve the salary increase that will cost the district $272,523.

Babette Dickson, president of the Steamboat Springs Education Association and a teacher at Steamboat Springs High School, thanked the board for what she called a unanimous showing of support for district staff.

“We have worked very hard the past few years, and I think you made a very good decision,” she said at the end of the 10-minute meeting.

Survey results released by the district’s Collaborative Bargaining Team, which negotiated the pay increase, showed 190 of the 205 district employees voted for the compensation package.

Dickson said that because the district’s budget this year did not allow for a step increase, the district settled on a 2 percent retroactive pay increase for all of its employees as a compromise.

“This is something we are very excited about,” Dickson said. “It’s not like we won the lottery here, but this is a gesture to recognize the work we have done.”

School Board President Brian Kelly said Tuesday’s vote was the result of two months of negotiations.

“It’s been back and forth, but we have an outstanding staff,” he said. “It was time to step up and find something acceptable for all parties.”

The pay increase will come from an estimated $300,000 the school district added to its budget this year because of a student enrollment increase of more than 50 students, Dickson said.

The School Board last year approved $290,711 worth of step increases for district faculty and staff, and the 2 percent base salary increase approved Tuesday will be applied retroactively to employees’ contracts, which started in September. Their new, increased salary will carry forward.

Board member Robin Crossan praised the district’s staff after the vote.

“I want to thank everyone from the folks at the elementary school to the folks at the high school, from the bus drivers to the custodial staff and our food service workers because it takes a whole village to raise a kid,” Crossan said.

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Sandra Sharp 5 years, 4 months ago

I thought the curriculum directors salary came from the $300,000 increase in budget due to increased enrollment. It seems clear that our board is not the least bit concerned about future budget cuts.


Scott Franz 5 years, 4 months ago


According to Finance Director Dale Mellor, both the curriculum director's salary and benefits and the cost of the approved 2 percent salary increase for district employees will come from the revenue added to the district's budget because of the enrollment increase.

Mellor said that added together, those two items will cost $55,000 more than what is available from that added revenue source, and the additional $55,000 will be taken out of the district’s general fund.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Scott Franz Education Reporter 970-871-4210


Sandra Sharp 5 years, 4 months ago

Scott....if I understand correctly...the salary increases will cost $272,523....leaving only 27,477 of the $300,000 to go towards the new position. It was never stated that $50,000 would be taken from the general fund. However....that brings the total of 77,477 to pay for the salary and benefits of the new position, and I remember reading the cost of this new position will be over $100,000. Correct?


Scott Franz 5 years, 4 months ago

$330,000 is the exact revenue increase from the additional enrollment, per Dale Mellor.



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