Police: Teen arrested after panty incident


— A Texas woman staying at a Steamboat Springs resort with her husband told police she walked into her room Saturday and found a teenage maid fondling himself and playing with her panties.

Steamboat Spring Police Department Capt. Joel Rae said the 17-year-old was immediately fired from the resort and police were contacted. The teen later was arrested on suspicion of first-degree trespassing for breaking into the room. He was later released to his parents.

Rae said police interviewed the teen after the alleged incident took place late Saturday morning. He said the teen told police he had walked into the wrong room by mistake but continued walking around because he was curious. Rae said the teen told police he discovered an open suitcase with a pair of women’s panties.

What took place next is still not clear.

Rae said the woman told police she walked into the bedroom and repeatedly asked the teen what he was doing and why he wouldn’t turn around.

“The male said he was looking for towels,” Rae said.

He said when the teen finally turned around, the woman told police his belt buckle and pants were undone and a pair of her panties had been moved from her suitcase and were on top of her purse on the floor.


Zac Brennan 5 years, 7 months ago

Finally!! After all the bicycle coverage......some hard news.


rhys jones 5 years, 7 months ago

But who was actually on the spot? When did they "get there"?


bandmama 5 years, 7 months ago

HEY!!!!! This IS Steamboat. As a local I realize how important it is that we show the visitors the highest respect and let them know we value them!!! This young man was perhaps just a little misguided in the "show them we appreciate them" training. After all, from what I read into this... he REALLY appreciates the visitor. And heck, he was raised with enough courtesy to "finally turn around". He was ever so polite and wouldn't turn around until done. AND he didn't do it in front of a youngster on the Yampa. No mention of booze OR mmj. No graffiti, no theft. Just letting the tourist know how much he LIKED having her visit....... (Yeah dripping sarcasm here for those yokels who cant read tween the lines....) Here is a chance to perhaps stop a creep from living a life of creep-tom. WTF? As a JUVIE...this kid is around a lot of people and choose to do this? Please dont let him off "easy".....that is just GROSS.


rhys jones 5 years, 7 months ago

Tell the jailers to watch him closely -- he's slippery.

Bet he's making friends real fast in there.

I wonder if he'll get the Pubic Defender.


sledneck 5 years, 7 months ago

I watched two drunks get out of a boat the other day on the Yampa. One was soooo drunk he could hardly stand up. The other got up onto the sidewalk and promptly peeed all over the sidewalk (right where other tourists and locals walk/ ride). Then the other drunk stopped a pretty girl and, from what I could surmise, while barely able to stand, propositioned her, (funny) she laughed as she walked away.

These are the "Valuable Tourists" we have in "Bike-town-USA". Who is peeing on who???


hereandthere 5 years, 7 months ago

Should of called the cops Sled. They then would have got a courtesy ride home for their behavior.


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