Mary’s license renewal is back on table in Oak Creek

Oak Creek to discuss license for dispensary


— The Oak Creek Town Board today will revisit the license renewal of Mary’s Medical, a marijuana dispensary in Oak Creek.

The renewal was tabled two months ago. The board meets at 7 p.m. today at Oak Creek Town Hall, 129 Nancy Crawford Blvd.

At the June 23 meeting, Town Board member Chuck Wisecup said Mary’s Medical was out of compliance with the land-use code because owner Jacob Wise was growing marijuana in the space.

Although his grow operation was in compliance with state regulations — Wise is required to grow 70 percent of his Mary’s product — it was in violation of Oak Creek’s land-use code because that area is not approved for commercial agriculture.

The board voted, 4-0, to table Mary’s license renewal until this week so the Oak Creek Planning Commission could identify the conditions of the operation and see whether it can be allowed.

On Wednesday, Wisecup, who also is the fire chief and a member of the Planning Commission, said he didn’t know of any action that had been taken on the matter in the past two months. Mary’s has continued to operate.

Wise could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

At the June 23 meeting, Wise’s license for Rocky Mountain Kitchens, a separate medical marijuana infused-products manufacturer, was approved 3-1, with Wisecup opposing.

The other medical marijuana operation in town, Elevation Wellness Center, had its four licenses renewed at the June 23 meeting in a 3-1 vote, also with Wisecup opposing.

Also on tonight’s agenda is discussion of an ordinance that would restrict the transfer of tap fees. The ordinance would prevent people from buying up water and sewer taps and selling them years or even decades later for a profit. The Town Board also will discuss the paint job on the new Oak Creek water tank.

For more information, call Town Clerk Karen Halterman at 970-736-2422.


Scott Wedel 5 years, 9 months ago

Town of Oak Creek worries about the darnedest things. In a Town where recently a 2,000+ sq ft house sold for $50K, the gas station is credit card only, and there are 4 closed/vacant restaurants and yet the two top concerns are to hassle a business over a special use permit and mess with a developer over paid tap fees that have yet to be hooked up.

What neighboring property owners are upset that Mary's dispensary is using some floor space to grow plants? Who is directly affected and objected? And yet it is a concern to the Town Board.

And who cares if someone (Sierra View developer) has paid for tap fees for lots that are still vacant and the Town Clerk wrote a letter saying taps are transferable (contrary to town policy)? The tap fees were not that cheap and the Town has had the benefit of that money for years while the properties have not been hooked into the water system. If anything the Town Clerk should be reprimanded for writing a Town letter stating that the developer can do something that is contrary to town policy. But there is hardly any great harm in this real estate market if the developer can sell a vacant lot to someone wanting to build and transfer one of his dormant taps to that lot.

What is of far greater concern to most people is how can this Town continue to operate with such a small tax base. When Town Public Works vehicles slow to a crawl and weave back and forth as if doing a slalom course to avoid all the holes and bumps in the road then that street is in awful condition. And that is supposedly a paved street (Sharp Ave) that already receives mag chloride for dust control. And it is obvious Town lacks the money to do anything about it.

It is obvious to former Mayors and Board members that Town cannot do all that needs to be done on the Town's budget. That the Town needs to go to Routt County Commissioners and say that Town recognizes having a police dept in South Routt is of benefit to more than OC residents, but Town cannot continue to ignore road conditions. The Town could unincorporate and dump all of it's problem onto county government. Or County could cut a deal like Yampa where it looks at the Town's budget and say that while Town cannot afford needed road maintenance that Town can pay for police and county will prioritize Town's roads same as it does for Stagecoach and Phippsburg and other county roads. Or whatever, but it is delusional to think that OC can operate as a stand along Town without county help. Worse, the awful condition of streets further detracts from property values and thus further erodes the Town's tax base.


Scott Wedel 5 years, 9 months ago

I am not quite sure what you mean by saying the land use code is not worth the paper it is written on because I doubt anyone thinks it is valuable.

I say that the land use code is another great reason why the Town should unincorporate.

I've had to wait 34 days for a pre application meeting to be then told that the application for a land use change could be heard in two months. Well there went that commercial tenant.

In a meeting for a commercial use in the commercial performance district, it was pointed out that their bufferyard requirements because of neighboring residential use in the commercial district still requires landscaping buffer which cannot be done at that site since the building is to the lot line. So that building can never have its land use changed.

Seems to me that sticking to a clunky land use code which the only significant recent changes have been to add a further delaying required pre application meeting is sticking to a policy that DAMAGES their tax base.

And yep, Town leeches off of the utilities (hence the high rates) to subsidize Town operations. No town building pays for electricity, water or sewer. I've searched Colorado town operated utilities and have found no other town that gives itself free electricity, water and sewer which just adds all those costs onto the ratepayers.


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