Northwest Colorado water, coal conference set for next week


If you go …

What: “Water and Energy, Meeting Today’s Challenges and Tomorrow’s Opportunities”

When: Aug. 23 through 25

Where: Sheraton Steamboat Resort, 2200 Village Inn Court, Steamboat.

Cost: $310 for Colorado Water Congress members, or $460 for non-members. Pre-conference workshops Aug. 23 cost an additional $75. There is a $125 fee for the coal conference only, and an additional $35 cost for the “Feel the Energy” barbecue Aug. 25.

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Next week’s combination of the Colorado Coal Power Generation Conference and Colorado Water Congress in Steamboat Springs is expected to draw more than 200 attendees, an organizer said Tuesday.

“We’re hoping to have quite a few state legislators,” said Gena Hinkemeyer, coal conference event planner and a Craig resident.

“We’re hoping to get them over to Craig so they can see for themselves what clean energy is all about.”

The joint symposium, titled “Water and Energy, Meeting Today’s Challenges and Tomorrow’s Opportunities,” is scheduled for Aug. 23 through 25 at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort, 2200 Village Inn Court, Steamboat Springs.

The event is billed as the lead gathering concerning Colorado’s water, coal providers and power suppliers, and it’s the only conference in the state this year to center on both the water and energy sectors, organizers said.

Topics for the conference include pending and potential state legislation; price versus the value of water; protecting ground water; and a regulation overview of the oil and gas industries.

State and federal legislators and department leaders are scheduled to lead discussions and/or monitor workshops.

Rep. Corey Gardner, R-Colo., who represents the Fourth District and serves on the House subcommittee for energy and power, is the event’s keynote speaker, event organizers reported this week.

Joining the two conferences this year can be attributed to scheduling.

The Colorado Coal and Power Generation Conference, a semi-annual event typically hosted in Craig, was originally set for May at the Moffat County Pavilion.

However, it was postponed due to scheduling conflicts and problems booking guest speakers.

Hinkemeyer said partnering the coal conference with the Colorado Water Congress was a favorable alternative because the Steamboat event attracts an audience the coal conference was trying to target.

But, it’s Hinkemeyer’s hope that Craig and Moffat County maintains a presence.

Tours at Trapper Mine and Tri-State Generation & Transmission’s Craig Station are scheduled for Aug. 25 and will ideally attract lawmakers and state officials, she said.

“We want them to see how important (clean coal) is for us in the Yampa Valley,” Hinkemeyer said.

Buses will leave from Steamboat to Trapper Mine and the Craig Station at 12:45 p.m. Aug. 25.

A “Feel the Energy” barbecue at Wyman Museum, 94350 U.S. Highway 40 in Craig, will follow at 5:30 p.m., after the energy tours conclude.

Registration for the event can be completed through the Colorado Water Congress.

The non-member fee is $460 and the member fee is $310, which allows access to both the water and coal seminars. There is an additional $75 fee for workshops that begin Aug. 23.

Registration closes Friday.

For more information, contact Meg Meyer at the Colorado Water Congress at 303-837-0812, ext. 2 or

To register, visit

Registration for the coal and power portions only costs $125 plus $35 to attend the barbecue.

Registration closes Thursday. A $75 late fee will be applied to those registering at the door.

For additional information, call Hinkemeyer at 326-6930 or

To register, visit

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kathy foos 5 years, 8 months ago

Don't forget to look at the potential increase in earthquakes because of the gas fracking(over a thousand in Oklahoma last year when they started the fracking)how does that effect the mining?How can mining be done safely as it always has at twentymile with the gas hydro fracturing nearby?Why would anyone consider doing it near the mine ,putting our local county workers at risk?Gov. Hickenlooper has decideded to protect Colorado's water a little and monitor the water before and after fracking.I just found out that they are fracking every oil well that is drilled.They know its not proven safe ,but are cramming it down our throats anyway.I read where they can make you take a lease by force, to drill under your property.Cute eh?Rifle showed them "Whats Up".Class action lawsuit(basically everyone )over 5,000 people.The air is polluted by blowing sand particles with silicon and the fracturing chemical,workers are exposed to cancer causing chemicals,our fossil waters(we need them) are being ruined for ever, county coffers are filling with the money that commissioners approve these processes blindly,thinking only of the money.Halliburton , and the big oil people that ruined the Gulf,they are after your forest and ground water now.Eminent domain,don't even think about forcing your leases on us .Hey ,oil companys"Peak oil is over"Obama is retaining workers for better jobs,how about you all getting out of that deadend profession and joining the real world of the living who are getting away from oil ?Oil kills people(my son in an unsigned unfenced facility in Routt forest 2007,over 50 teens have died like this ,they arent required to sign and fence off a facility,even though it is tax deductable to do so.Just lazy I guess,kids die every year for that laziness.Other kids have a lost leg and inumerable injurys.Not only was my child killed in an oil tank explosion in 2007, then I see the sloppy,dangerous work that caused the Gulf disaster that is still going on.During that time I read of Pennsylvanias rivers and underground water ruined by gas fracturing.Now they are here, our county commissioners just approve the permits right away like its candy.The commissioners are the last protection locals have fromn pollution and they are just seeing dollar signs.I have a novel idea.Why not have a free conference ?You all put a price tag to keep out the locals?Please let Gov Hickenlooper know you support his action to monitor the wells and our water in Colorado.


kathy foos 5 years, 8 months ago

Here is an article by New West Energy you should read: Link to Report:http// Title"Western Colorado Gas Drilling could Sicken Neighbors" This about Rifle ,our neighbors.


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