Pastor Troy Lewis: Intent not to offend


— I would like to respond to the concerns and comments regarding the ad we ran last week for our Easter services. Judas is a part of the Easter story that often gets ignored or swept under the rug, probably because of the shame and sadness that’s associated with it. We sense that the same thing is possibly happening in our community regarding the issues of depression, hopelessness and suicide. We know that there are good organizations out there doing the hard work of trying to share options and offer resources and help. Our desire was to engage a discussion and provide an avenue where people can find hope and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. We are sincerely sorry for any offense or insensitivity that was represented by our ad — that was completely not our intent.  

Pastor Troy Lewis

Steamboat Christian Center


1999 6 years ago

Try I think you are right. Suicide is ugly. People don't want to hear about it and don't want to see it. I think bring in the ugly issue to the forefront will save far far far more lives than sweeping it under the rug. I applaud you efforts. Please please please keep up the good work.

shout it from the rooftops!

thank you!


sparkle 5 years, 12 months ago

I am still confused as to how Judas and a silhouette of a hanged person, have anything to do with hope.


1999 5 years, 12 months ago

Matthew 27:3-10 says that Judas returned the money to the priests(that he had stolen) and committed suicide by hanging himself.

he didn't have to commit suicide..there was hope for him with Jesus.

as there is hope for people who are depressed and feel their only choice is suicide.

*I'm speculating on what Pastor Troy was getting at but this could be close?


Scott Ford 5 years, 12 months ago

Below is a reposting of my initial comment to Ken Collins letter to the editor. It seems to apply here as well.

Only the lucky few have not at least entertained a fleeting thought that about suicide. Thankfully, for the vast majority of us we rapidly banish this thought from our thinking. However, some folks do not. For these folks there is often a sense of personal failure, combined with present circumstances,the pain associated with regret and a sense of worthlessness. This combination can easily overwhelm a person and becomes the reason why folks begin to spiral further down this dark path. Some slowly some very rapidly.

I have not listened yet to this message which hopefully will be on the Steamboat Christian Center's website soon but, my guess is that it addresses "failure." Not wanting to get into religion or theological issues - I think agreement exist that Judas screwed-up big time. Without question as the events associated with the crucifixion of Jesus started to unfolded the circumstance, failure and regret had to overwhelm Judas. He sought out and achieved what he felt was a solution in response to his failure. What Judas did not realize and or believe that this failure no matter how colossal was not permanent.

I think the message is simple here - if Judas would have waited until Easter Morning - forgiveness was at hand no matter how big his screw-up was. Judas, however, sought a permanent solution to a temporary problem. That was the message of newspaper ad. Judas missed the significance of that first Easter Morning and the hope that it brought then and still brings today. There is forgiveness no matter what and the promise of a new beginning. I think that is pretty good news.


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