National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is Saturday


Past Event

Prescription Drug Take Back Day

  • Saturday, April 30, 2011, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Steamboat Springs Police Department, 840 Yampa St., Steamboat Springs
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— Local organizers of a prescription drug disposal program hope to rid the community of unused medications with a goal of saving lives.

Unused prescription drugs are finding their way from medicine cabinets and drawers to the hands of children and teens, said Ronna Autrey, director of Reaching Everyone Preventing Suicide.

“Kids are taking their parents’ drugs out of the medicine cabinet,” Autrey said. “Three of this, three of that. They put it in a bowl, take handfuls and wash it down with booze. We’re gonna lose a kid.”

Autrey said she has heard about so-called “Skittle parties” taking place in Steamboat.

Grand Futures Prevention Coalition cites a 2009 Denver survey that found that more than 33 percent of high school students had abused prescription medication. Also in 2009, 70 percent of drug-related deaths were caused by prescription drug abuse.

Preventing the recreational use of prescription drugs is just one of the goal’s of Saturday’s local National Prescription Drug Take Back Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Centennial Hall, 124 10th St. The event also is taking place in Craig at Centennial Mall.

During the most recent prescription drug take back day in September, Routt County residents cleaned out their medicine cabinets and disposed of 35 pounds of unused and expired medications. There were 242,000 pounds of medication collected nationwide.

“If you think about the size of the pill containers and the weight, it’s phenomenal when you think about it,” Autrey said.

The program is organized nationally by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Before its involvement, Autrey launched the program in Steamboat three years ago through her suicide awareness organization as a way to limit the accessibility of sometimes-lethal prescription drugs.

“People with deep depression often will self-medicate with drugs and alcohol,” Autrey said.

REPS and Grand Futures is hosting Saturday’s event with the Steamboat Springs Police Department.

“Pharmaceutical drugs are one of the most abused drugs out there,” Steamboat police Capt. Joel Rae said. “It’s a common drug that is abused by teenagers and adults.”

Rae said Saturday’s event is a way for people to dispose of drugs safely. It’s not recommended to flush the pills down the toilet or dispose of them in landfills because the chemicals could end up in water supplies, Rae said.


freerider 5 years, 11 months ago

Pharmaceudical's kill more people than die on the highway's now

wow !!!

hey Joel ... how many people died from marijuana last year ??

ZERO that's how many

Hey Joel why don't you tell the kids why pot is illegal ....

you probably don't know do you

it's because " it makes the darkies think they are better than a white man "

yep a racist white politician named Harry Anslinger sold that to the American people

and they bought it....

hey Joel don't you think it's time to stop lying

hey Joel look it up grasshopper maybe law enforcement could learn a thing or two

and stop wasting our tax dollars


JJ Southard 5 years, 11 months ago

There are so many deadly pharmacueticals in the hands of Americans that we need "prescription take back" days.
This is the worlds most active, drawn-out tradgedy in our history. This trumps tsunamis, this trumps tornados, this trumps even nuclear war in my opinion....because its happen before our eyes and is being fed to us through doctors that are controlled like puppets from the pharmacuetical companies and governement lobbiests...

Mark my words, pharmacueticals are the death of the human race...happening right before our eyes.


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