Ken Collins: Ad was insensitive


— Easter. A time of re-affirmation of faith, a new beginning, a rising of goodwill. That’s why I was shocked and offended when I saw the advertisement in the Steamboat Today last week. When it reappeared in Saturday’s issue, I was saddened. I guess I assumed there would be enough negative feedback or at least some retrospection that would have kept the ad from publication again.

In a town with so many attempted and successful suicides, I find a body hanging from a tree extremely insensitive. Are there no better ways to reach out to those in despair? Do we stoop to ghoulish means for those in need to seek help? At a time of light for Christians, we get darkness. To go to the always appropriate “WWJD?” — we know he would not do that.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek


sparkle 6 years ago

i agree. i was surprised and saddened to see it run in this paper all week. it was scary for children who read the paper, and was in completely bad taste.


Penny Fletcher 6 years ago

I could not be more disappointed in the advertisment that was placed by the Christian Church in our local paper. It saddened me to have to see this. I am not sure that I personally can support their mission of love, forgiveness, and Christianity. My children were freightened and I was at a loss to explain the reason for that ad.....I think this church owes our community an explanation and an apology......


hereandthere 6 years ago

Whats really scary is all the parents in this community that apparently lack the skills to use any and all examples, whether good or bad, to positively influence tjheir own kids. I can only imagine that the front page article regarding STDs is throwing these types in a real tizzy.


John St Pierre 6 years ago

As with most "christian churches/ religions" and I use that phrase gingerly, their credos are all built on hell and damnation... and FEAR....

I do not recall the Original #1 christian threating anyone... and had he had the chance while he was alive he would most likely have forgiven Judas...... as he did on the cross if memory serves me right.


OnTheBusGus 6 years ago

I fully agree, Ken. Thank you for taking the time to write something to the paper. That advertisement was disturbing. The only consolation was that it would end with Easter although I think those graphics never should have been printed in the first place. I am surprised there was not more said about the ad. It was definitely more alarming than any MMJ ad or weed picture in our paper.


weststmbtres 6 years ago

I think nothing was said becasue it was spring break and most of us were gone for the week and missed it. I personally haven't seen the ad but now I'm going to have to track down a copy of last weeks newspapaer to see what all the fuss is about.


weststmbtres 6 years ago

Just found a paper and saw the ad. One account of the demise of Judas was that he gave the money back and hung himself after the betrayal. I'm sure that is the story this ad is directed toward. Not sure what kind of message was conveyed about Judas or what the Christian Center had planned but I too think this was in bad taste.

As a young child (age 4-7) growing up in the bible belt I remember having nightmares nearly every night about death, spirits, ghosts etc. etc. I remember singing a particular hymn in church about "what a wonderful day it would be when the moon dripped away in blood." Those southern ministers didn't pull any punches. Looking back on it, using graphic sermons to strike the fear of God into the members of the church regardless of age seems to be a bit extreme and so does this ad.


freerider 6 years ago

what do you expect from a Religious cult that makes it's living off fear mongering and

extortion ??

The only real thing to be afraid of is the insanity of religion

More people have died in the name of God than any other reason in history

Nothing like an AK-47 in one hand and a bible in the other


mtnlvng 5 years, 12 months ago

With all due respect; I'm in agreement the graphic was not a good choice and somewhat insensitive without the context. More importantly, insensitive to those who have lost a loved one to suicide. I know that church and know they did not intend to offend anyone.

That church is not into fear-mongering. They work hard to make a difference to the positive like many of the great churches in this town. The topic of suicide is often clouded in shame, avoidance and ignorance; It might have been misguided to use that graphic but in my opinion not misguided to tackle the topic of Judas.

I was present for the Easter message at the Christian Center with many other people. As explained during the service, Judas made a permanent decision to a temporary circumstance and missed out on the hope and grace that was there for him. Nothing to do with religion, just faith, hope and grace. I'm not in agreement with strategies that attempt to shock people into awareness. Yet - I am in agreement we need to be aware. I don't know of too many churches that would try to tackle it in such a "non-religious" open minded way.


Scott Ford 5 years, 12 months ago

Only the lucky few have not at least entertained a fleeting thought that about suicide. Thankfully, for the vast majority of us we rapidly banish this thought from our thinking. However, some folks do not. For these folks there is often a sense of personal failure, combined with present circumstances and the pain associated with regret. This combination can easily overwhelm a person and becomes the reason why folks begin to spiral further down this dark path.

I have not listened yet to this message yet which hopefully will be on the Steamboat Christian Center's website soon but, my guess is that it addresses "failure." Not wanting to get into religion or theological issues - I think agreement exist that Judas screwed-up big time. Without question as the events associated with the crucifixion of Jesus started to unfolded the circumstance, failure and regret had to overwhelm Judas. He sought out and achieved what he felt was a solution in response to his failure. What Judas did not realize and or believe that this failure no matter how colossal was not permanent.

I think the message is simple here - if Judas would have waited until Easter Morning - forgiveness was at hand no matter how big his screw-up was. Judas, however, sought a permanent solution to a temporary problem. That was the message of newspaper ad. Judas missed the message of that first Easter Morning and the hope that it brought then and still brings today. There is forgiveness no matter what and the promise of a new beginning. I think that is pretty good news.


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