Proposals to lease oil, gas and other mineral interests owned by Routt County




The Board of County Commissioners of Routt County is seeking proposals to lease oil, gas and other mineral interests owned by Routt County located in or under the land described as follows:

Township 6 North, Range 87 West of the 6th P.M.

Section 19: Lot 4

Section 30: Lot 1

The minimum royalty acceptable is 17 percent. The minimum bonus consideration acceptable is $350 per net mineral acre. The maximum lease term allowable is five years unless production has commenced during the initial five years and is continuing. The primary criteria for award are the predicted current value of payments to Routt County. All parties making proposals are responsible for satisfying themselves of appropriate title status. Routt County will not warrant title to the interests leased.

The above described mineral interests are located within 20,000 feet of the Yampa Valley Regional Airport runway. Any lease entered into by Routt County may be subject to the standards and notification requirements of Federal Regulation Title 14 Part 77 and may be subject to the Routt County Zoning Regulations concerning the Airport Overlay Zone District.

The form of lease to be used and a proposal form are available from the Routt County Attorney's Office, P.O. Box 773598, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477 - (970) 870-5304.

Written proposals should be submitted to the above address and must be received by 4:00 p.m. MST on April 25, 2011. All proposals should be placed in a sealed envelope marked on the outside as "Oil and Gas Lease Proposal." The Board of County Commissioners will make a decision on whether to accept a proposal and award a lease as soon as possible after review of the proposals and staff recommendations. All proposals must include a check payable to the "Routt County Treasurer" in the amount of the bonus consideration due at the time of the signing of the lease as set forth in the proposal. Routt County reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, which proposal is most advantageous to Routt County and also reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Published in The Steamboat Pilot & Today

First Publication: April 10, 2011

Last Publication: April 17, 2011


Published in The Steamboat Pilot & Today First Publication: April 10, 2011 Last Publication: April 17, 2011


kathy foos 3 years, 9 months ago

Talk about a vague description of operations or use..".Oil and gas or other minerals",so its a purposed oil well?Is it a copper mine?Is it for gas fracking?The twenty mile coal mine just had an earth quake,could gas fracturing cause more quakes and jeopardize our miners that are already producing in the area? That is very closae to the Yampa River.Will it be signed and fenced off to keep our kids from loosing legs and being killed?If not maybe I will camp out side of it with a protest sign as a mother of a Routt county youth, killed in an oil tank expolsion 2007 not far away(Rio Blanco County made the money on that lease).Is money all that anyone cares about?I think an oil rig at the air port misleads a tourist to think we are a huge oil producing county(Not and Never ,I hope)Actually a rig would be nice ,its the gas fracturing that ruins the water, Im worried about,a nice oil well signed and fenced off ,ok with me,only it will look like trash to your Texas tourist who are trying to get away from all that ugly oil which makes them rich enough to wear a fur coat up here on vacation.Ask a texas tourist," want to see a rig ?" when they fly into town.Who will spent the money that the lease makes?Exactly where would that money go?


sledneck 3 years, 9 months ago

If you don't want the oil rigs or mineral leases then what are you prepared to eliminate from the county budget?

Staff? Services? Road and Bridge maintenance?


doug monger 3 years, 9 months ago

Just so everyone knows, the county budget gets only a small share of the lease proceeds. The lease has to be distributed to all of the taxing districts that have a mill levy on the property(majority goes to the school district). The last lease that the County let, the Hayden school district got approximately $160,000, the amount that the school district was going to be short for the upcoming school year in their budget. For all following the lease activity in Moffat County these leases amount to major money for struggling governmental budgets. It should also be noted that the adjoining properties are already leased out, and that to drill and excercise the lease, the project proponents have to go through a stringent Special Use Permit process to mitigate issues. Doug Monger Routt County Commissioner


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