The Jail Report for April 2 to 8


Saturday, April 2

Casey Michael Jackson, 18, Cheyenne, Wyo. — Failure to appear (minor in possession) (Colorado State Patrol)

Joseph Edward Liss, 46, Lincoln, Neb. — Driving under the influence of drugs, failure to display lamps when required (CSP)

Sunday, April 3

Luis Alberto Montiel, 21, Steamboat Springs — Driving under the influence, DUI per se, failure to display headlamps (CSP)

Peter Huston McDowell, 26, Steamboat — Failure to appear (DUI) (Steamboat Springs Police Department)

Samuel Clayton Lincoln, 25, Steamboat — Third-degree assault, harassment (SSPD)

Donald Scott Kidder, 47, Steamboat — DUI, DUID, failure to notify police of an accident, failure to use signal, weaving, expired plates, disregarding a stop sign, no safety belt (SSPD)

Joshua Bernard Lobato, 19, Steamboat — Fugitive of justice (driving under restraint) (CSP)

Monday, April 4

Lawrence John Calistro, 40, Steamboat — False information on firearm background check (SSPD)

Adam Crawford Huber, 40, Elko, Nev. — Second-degree assault, attempted first-degree assault (SSPD)

Steven Ryan Bennett, 27, Steamboat — Third-degree assault, child abuse (SSPD)

Tuesday, April 5

Alexander Raul Ballesteros, 35, Steamboat — Fugitive of justice (parole and safety violation) (Routt County Sheriff’s Office)

Wednesday, April 6

James Anthony Cardarelli, 36, Steamboat — Failure to appear (harassment)

Rusty Alan Neal, 44, Hayden — Fugitive of justice (failure to comply)

Thursday, April 7

Christopher Tyler German, 19, Dallas — Menacing (SSPD)

Larry Allen Clary, 59, Craig — DUID, driving under suspension, weaving (RCSO)

Friday, April 8

Antonio Jimenez Brito, 28, Mexico (no city listed) — DUI, DUI per se, speeding (SSPD)

Kelsey Alexandra Whitehurst, 21, Steamboat — Criminal mischief (SSPD)

Raymond Andrew Weber, 33, Morrison — DUI, DUI per se, careless driving (SSPD)


exduffer 6 years ago

I guess us old folks are not setting a good example of not driving while under the influence of drugs.


mtroach 6 years ago

Alcohol is Steamboat's most dangerous drug.


mmjPatient22 6 years ago

Interesting that there were non DUID's for anyone under 47.


1999 6 years ago

MMJ me..the cops tried to bust someone on DUID...anyone.


mmjPatient22 6 years ago

I meant "no DUID's".

And I know that it's one of their favorites to bust people for. Now that there's the possibility that they might eventually lose the cannabis revenue stream that they've enjoyed for so long, I think that they're pushing to make as much money off of busting people as possible. And I think I can understand why too. Who's the most non-violent, easy to arrest/detain group of people you've ever known? Cannabis users. They go for the easy work. I guess that catching real criminals is just too much work.


exduffer 6 years ago

Don't blame the cops, blame the drivers.


trump_suit 6 years ago

If the police manage to find MJ in your vehicle they will issue a DUID. Being as they can no longer arrest for most possessions due to the driver having an MMJ license, they will issue the DUID simply because you are in possession.

They have no real way to prove or disprove the DUID because they do not have a medical based test and are relying on the officers judgement. In the officers judgement, if you have MJ in your possesion while driving then you are DUID. How exactly are MMJ patients supposed to fill their prescription at the dispensary and then get home? Big hole in the law here and that is the reason that almost ALL DUID's are simply dropped instead of prosecuted or plea bargained. The police have no reliable way to prove DUID and are guilty of harrassment more than enforcement.

I beleive it was Scott W. who found that there is a reliable blood test for the actual level of canabanoids in the blood system but the police don't use it. Anyone wonder why? Remember MJ bonds to the bodies fat cells and will show positive use for up to 45 days after being injested. Is an MMJ patient really stoned to the point of impairment for 20-30 days after use?


mmjPatient22 6 years ago


And to boot, any officer that wishes to acquire blood from this mmjPatient is going to have to get a warrant for it. It's my property and I will NOT volunteer my consent of their possession of it.


1999 6 years ago

it's definitely the drivers fault for driving impaired in ANY situation. ANY!

but lets not claim an increase in DUIDs is because of anything other than an increase in cops looking for it.

Its a fact that DUI checkpoints result in MORE DUI arrests.


Aaron Murphy 6 years ago

Here's an idea...

Don't drink and drive...

Don't use drugs and drive...

As many of these arrests as show up in the report every week, it's a wonder that there haven't been more incidents with serious injuries or death related to impaired driving...


Scott Wedel 6 years ago

Geez, look at all the people that come here and end up getting arrested. Maybe we need to find a way to fix that problem. When so many people being arrested are from out of then then it makes no sense to subsidize airline flights or otherwise encourage people to come here.

Just as any increase in DUID arrests justifies banning mmj then so does all of these tourists being arrested mean we should discourage tourists from coming to Steamboat.

With persistence, thinking like that can make Steamboat into a deserted town with almost no arrests. Isn't that the goal?


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