Bruce Allbright: If it ain’t broke ...


My wife and I decided to settle in Steamboat Springs after a few nights in the Howelsen Place penthouse overlooking Ghost Ranch Saloon. Ghost Ranch Saloon looked fun, so we walked across the street to have dinner and enjoy some music. We slept well at Howelsen Place after a nightcap on the deck listening to more “city” sounds.

We bought property in rural Routt County and settled there. Since that time, we have entertained friends and family in the lovely and lively city center of Steamboat. We go to Strings Music Festival events and dine out frequently — almost always downtown.

In Fresno, Calif., our former home, the city fathers would do anything to get a venue like Ghost Ranch to revitalize downtown. There is no shortage of available residential property in and around Steamboat. Why try to kill the city attractions we are blessed with to satisfy some prospective NIMBY urbanites? There may be a place for a noise ordinance but not containing the draconian penalties this proposal carries.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Back in California they tried to fix everything with a new law and that’s why we relocated to Steamboat. If you let developers write every law, all you’ll get is a bank-owned downtown after they decamp for greener pastures.

Bruce Allbright

Steamboat Springs


Brian Smith 6 years ago

Words of wisdom hopefully the council will listen to.


sledneck 6 years ago

Was with you right up to developers writing laws. Not sure what that means or how that relates. If you let beuracrats or citizens with no vested interest in your property write too many laws then who owns downtown? Whats the diff? Bottom line is there are too many laws and who wrote them matters very little.

However, very refreshing (and RARE) to hear a californian who doesn't want government to fix everything though, what a relief. May be the first Californian in my life to whom I feel like saying "Welcome to town".


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