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John Hickenlooper

The next governor of Colorado’s No. 1 responsibility will be bringing jobs and economic recovery back to our state. My experience running a successful business, creating jobs and balancing tough budgets for Colorado’s largest city makes me uniquely qualified to get Colorado back on its feet. I am running for governor because I think I can turn this state around faster than anyone else.

I opened a brewpub in the middle of a recession, and I grew it into a successful business with restaurants all across the country by finding efficiencies and doing more with less money. Colorado’s next governor should be someone who has met payrolls, overcome budget deficits and created jobs.

I was elected mayor of Denver to change what I called “the fundamental nonsense of government.” I took office in a budget crisis, and since then, I have closed budget gaps of more than $350 million. We consolidated city office space and redundant programs, annulled tenured salaries in the city and reduced the size of government by more than 7 percent. I brought a business approach to government that included overhauling the city’s financial system, creating the city’s first chief financial officer and changing the city’s culture to be business-friendly while maintaining the highest standards for the safety and health of our citizens.

I am the only candidate for governor with a concrete plan to create jobs for Colorado. I will work with business leaders and citizens in every county to expand local businesses and attract new ones. The idea is to have each community tell the state how best to create jobs in different regions, rather than a having a room full of experts at the state Capitol dictate a plan to the rest of the state.

I want to brand Colorado as a business-friendly center for innovation. I visited SmartWool in Steamboat Springs this past summer during one of my stops in Routt County. SmartWool could be anywhere, but it chose to be in Colorado. We want to attract more innovative businesses like SmartWool, and make sure people all across the nation know that Colorado is the best place to live, work and play.

Finally, I am going to cut red tape. As a former business owner, I understand that sometimes the best thing government can do for business is get out of the way. For Colorado to create jobs, the next governor must ensure state government is functioning as efficiently as possible, without sacrificing protections for the land and water that bring so many people to Colorado.

But we cannot build a sound economic engine in Colorado if we do not have an educated work force. Education is a priority for me, and I know it is a priority for my running mate Joe Garcia, the president of Colorado State University-Pueblo and co-chair of the P-20 Education Coordinating Council. We will achieve more in these difficult times by finding redundancies in the system, leveraging federal grant monies and encouraging public-private partnerships.

It’s important for Colorado to have the best transportation system we can afford, but in this economy, that means making the best use of the available resources — even as the demands on the state’s infrastructure increase. There is no appetite in Colorado to raise taxes for this issue or others. Tough times call for tough choices and pinching every penny. By making our projects as efficient as possible, we can do more with the funding we have today.

We face enormous challenges in Colorado. Our state needs a leader who has experience creating jobs and finding solutions. It’s the only way we’re going to turn this economy around. Too many politicians spend their time looking for a conflict to exploit for political gain. I have a track record — in the private sector and in public office — of finding solutions to get the job done. That’s the kind of leadership Colorado needs.

John Hickenlooper is a Demo­­­­crat running for Colorado governor.


seeuski 6 years, 4 months ago

The Marxist rock star and the would be Colorado Governor.

A conversation about the big issues. How many times has this seen been played out?


seeuski 6 years, 4 months ago

Scene not seen.

You guys at the Pilot Tech dept. have this site so messed up it makes no sense.


cody heartz 6 years, 4 months ago

See, Would you like to voice any actual criticisms of Hickenlooper? I'm not sure what either of your links have to do with the above article. Also, are you aware that calling anyone you disagree with a marxist makes you sound like a crazy old lady?


Cooke 6 years, 4 months ago

PILOT -- For the love of PETE! These new ads really make reading this a pain in the arse!


seeuski 6 years, 4 months ago

Cody glad you asked.

"Over the next 15 years, Hickenlooper's initial $2,000 donation turned into tens of thousands he gave to the fund, which supported everything from Colorado ACORN to the Gender Identity Center of Colorado and Denver Cop Watch." "While the Denver mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate recently released 23 years of tax returns showing $2.8 million in charitable donations, he has refused to disclose the names of the charities — and whether he continues giving Chinook donations."

NOT my kind of candidate, the Progressives dream though. A closet Radical, we have that already in the WH.


seeuski 6 years, 4 months ago

Hickenlooper, in a radio interview, claimed he had never met Van Jones before he called him a Rockstar and there is empirical evidence that Hicky is a liar. Here is a series of events they were at together before the Rockstar statement.

I don't remember anything about nothing, the excuse doesn't fly.


cody heartz 6 years, 3 months ago

Those are you criticisms? Pretty weak.

If you want to vilify a colorado politicians with a habit of stretching the truth, or completely fabricating it, you should be chastising Dan Maes.

And as for your assertion that Hickenlooper is a closet radical, come on See, you think everyone is a closet radical, or marxist, or socialist, or terrorist, or Kenyan. Get a new schtick, it's getting old.

If your looking to out a radical, how about Tom Tancredo. Scratch that, he ousted him self a long time ago. The man is widely regarded as an outright sociopath.

So who are you going to vote for?


seeuski 6 years, 3 months ago

Thanks for the talking points from the Liberal perspective buff.

After reading the 12 points I am comfortable with the 1st 10 and the 11th has nothing to do with Tancredo personally and the 12th, I would say that no one knows where Obama was born, can you tell me which Hospital? Obama has claimed 2 different ones in Hawaii, I have never made a claim that I know where he was born but I do know that his phony COLB has been proffered as a BC and it is nothing more than a document that says, Hawaii recognizes that Barrack Hussein Obama was born somewhere. Why has Obama spent 2 $million$ dollars to squelch requests for his BC and school transcripts along with his passport info? No other President has ever done such a thing as cover up their past as Obama has. Where was Obama born? I don't know and neither do you. You opened up that can of worms. And I did not vote for Dan or the Marxist who started an Organization that donates to Marxist causes. Enjoy.


seeuski 6 years, 3 months ago

And thanks Pilot Techies for fixing the annoying ads.


seeuski 6 years, 3 months ago

Social Justice, every Socialist Organization uses this term or something with justice in it like racial or environmental, just go to their websites that is usually at the top of the list in their descriptors. But for the man who wants to Govern the whole State of Colorado to refer to a large populace in his State as backward thinkers is a disgrace.

Why would anyone vote for someone who slams those who don't hold the same agenda as he?


housepoor 6 years, 3 months ago

Why would anyone vote for someone who slams those who don't hold the same agenda as he? LOL

Now that is the pot calling he kettle black!!


Kristopher Hammond 6 years, 3 months ago

see sez that Obama doesn't remember where he was born, and yvb sez Hick is part of the Obama clan. Hick probably doesn't remember where Obama was born either, making him even more suspicious. But how do I vote against Hickenlooper? I looked at the ballot and my only choices are to vote FOR one candidate. Tancredo wants Colorado to declare war on illegal immigration and pay for it with a tax cut. Where is the war money gonna come from YVB? Maes should be the Governor of Colorado because.......Help seeuski?


Troutguy 6 years, 3 months ago

But for the man who wants to Govern the whole state of Colorado to refer to the President as a greater threat to the U.S. than Al Qaida or terrorism is a disgrace.


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