Kevin Gilman: Why we should repeal FASTER


— The problem with FASTER, and the main reason it should be repealed by Proposition 101, is that there is no correlation between the number of vehicles someone owns and registers, and the need for highway maintenance. 

There is a direct correlation between the amount of gas consumed and the amount of wear on our roads and bridges. The more miles you drive, the more gas you buy. The heavier vehicle you drive, the more gas you buy. 

If you own a heavy pickup for your construction job, and a small sedan for your other needs, you actually are minimizing wear on our roads and bridges by not driving the pickup all the time, but FASTER penalizes you because you have to register both vehicles at ridiculous rates. 

The problem is that “tax” is considered a four-letter word, and our politicians don’t have the courage to raise taxes. Raising fees is another thing. So instead of calling it a gas tax, let’s call it a highway-use fee. 

Let’s make our roads and bridges self-funding by making the people who use them the most, pay the most. 

Why should a pickup that sits at a job site all day, or a sedan that sits in the driveway all day, pay the same as a hotel shuttle van that runs nonstop? That’s the essence of FASTER and the reason you should vote to repeal it with Proposition 101.


Chris Kipfer 6 years, 4 months ago

Your economic anaysis is exactly right. The gas tax is fairest method of raising revenues for our road transportation infrastucture Good luck though.The modern"know nothings" rule these days. Taxes have become an epithet like "liberal" from the right and "conservative" from the left. Sanity is hard to come by these days. The possibly sane political center seems to have just given up. There are no candidates to represent the most of us. Is that our own fault? Can you see Tancredo raising the gas tax? At least the Dems might figure a way to lie about it and still get it done. You have to remember that it could be that the majority only own 1 vehicle and would rather stick the bill on you.


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