John Salazar: Fighting for others


I am seeking re-election as your Representative in Congress because the rural Colorado values we all share must have a seat at the table when important issues are debated.

I am a farmer, a rancher and a businessman. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was born with a shovel in my hand. And my father made sure I knew how to use it. On our family’s ranch, I learned many of life’s lessons through sweat, blood and hard work. Working the land takes tireless effort, it takes putting aside differences to get the job done, and at times, it takes a lot of courage.

It also is where you learn to cherish the efforts of friends and the love of family. These are the lessons that my father instilled in all of us eight children, and though he is no longer with us, his love and effort can be found in every square inch of that ranch.

And I have taken what I learned on the ranch to my career in public service. I put a premium on hard work, on fighting for others, and for protecting those who need it. I have worked with anyone who was willing to roll up their sleeves and work to solve problems. Most of all, I have been proud to get real results for the people I represent.

I fight for our veterans. In Northwest Colorado, veterans have had to brave icy winter travel to receive care in Grand Junction. Now, with the new Craig Veterans Clinic, they can get health care closer to home.

I fight for our seniors. Social Security and Medicare have been lifelines for millions of seniors, providing critical income in retirement while ensuring that vital health care services are available. I never will support privatizing Social Security and let our seniors’ money be gambled on by Wall Street bankers. And I will fight vigorously to protect benefits from being cut.

I fight for Colorado’s precious water resources. From the time I worked to defeat Referendum A in 2003 to the present day, I have made our water one of my highest priorities. Under my leadership, the Arkansas Valley Conduit, first promised to the people of Southeast Colorado in 1962, will become a reality, and 50,000 people will get clean drinking water.

I fight for our working families. I supported health care reform to stop insurance companies from denying coverage to individuals, especially children, because of pre-existing conditions. I put an end to the Medicare prescription drug donut hole, which will save seniors hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in drug costs.

I fight for our farmers and ranchers. I am the only active farmer and rancher in Congress and the sponsor of the Save Our Family Farm Act of 2010 that would exempt farm and ranch land from the death tax so that families can keep their land and maintain its productive use.

I am proud of my accomplishments for the people of the 3rd Congressional District. But I know that more work remains. I’m committed to promoting job creation by providing tax cuts and access to credit for small businesses so they can grow and hire new workers.

We also must restore fiscal responsibility to our budget. The Bush Administration added almost $5 trillion to our national debt. That debt has increased during the past 18 months as we fought a recession that was killing jobs. The economy has stabilized and is turning the corner. As the economy strengthens and jobs are created, we will have to find ways to bring the budget back in balance.

My sleeves are rolled up, and I am ready to return to work. We have much to do, but I’ve never forgotten what my father taught me. But in helping solve our nation’s problems, I won’t turn my back on our seniors by phasing out Social Security and Medicare, as my opponent has proposed. I won’t shun our veterans by cutting their benefits in half, as my opponent has proposed. And I won’t force our families and children to be at the mercy of insurance companies again, as my opponent would do.

As a veteran, I am proud of my service to my country. As your Representative, I am proud of my service to my constituents. My pledge to you is that I will never forget who I’m working for and where I came from.

U.S. Rep. John Salazar, D-Colo., is running for re-election for the 3rd Congressional District.


kathy foos 6 years, 6 months ago

Now concerning oil industry and our forests.... I noticed at the Pinnacle well site is almost ready to operate again,there is a small berm in place (doesnt look big enough to handle if the tank blows,but it something). There is a gate stopping traffic now(hikers ,bikers etc)No signs ,no fence and its still in an area where lots of shooting is going on(hunters). This is Steamboat ,South Routt, and Hayden recreational area .It is policed from Rio Blanco County,and they cannot control the area from their end,as I found out in 2007.,when year my 19 year old was in an accident and a 21 year old bought him alcohol and no one was prosecuted(or any where near,prosecuted for giving it ) Then one month later on the other side of the same mountain.,my other son was blown up in an insigned,unfenced oil facility.Shooting going on,investigated by Rio Blanco sheriff's office,no charges to anyone.Some one gave my kid alcohol that night and no one cared. We live with a forest in our back yard that no one wants to manage for law inforcement. As you know Mr. Salazar,there have been at least 50 youths killed in the same way as my son and the Mineral Management Service is trying to change that with the video"No Place To Hang Out"Please take a minute and look at the video. With all of this attention to change the laws for signing and fencing facilitys,in your own home state,why not have danger signs on the well and a small fenced area around the actual tank and well to block access?It will take the death of an Elk injured on the facility to make any difference. Colorado cares about wildlife,but not the public in the forests.Finally,I drink my well water,and if your gas FRACKING makes my water flammable like in Penn. you are never going to hear the last of it from me Some one has to be responsible for this planet,and since you are begging for the job for some reason,you better listen to me. Sign and fence oil facilitys,as you would a swimming pool! Keep our under ground water pure Police and ticket underage drinking situations in the forests as you would any other. If you could do better ,you have my vote.Energy safety is number one..


userfg 6 years, 6 months ago

I take issue with the above accomplishments the Rep Salazar is crediting himself for.

First off, the VA center. Yes this is needed, especially after he voted to help pass Obama Care. This bill with its unfunded mandates for the states has the State of Colorado passing off to the VA any vet that qualifies for care and kicking them off of Medicare or Medicade.

Two: No Republican is talking about cutting off Social Security. This is a flat out lie that the Democrats have been repeating for 20 years now to scare seniors into voting Democrat. The privitization idea is to allow THE INDIVIDUAL THE OPTION OF PRIVATLY INVESTING A PORTION OF THEIR SSA TAXES INTO A SECURE LONG TERM INVESTMENT. With a higher rate of return than what the SSA is paying, this would generate bigger retirement checks for the same tax burden than turning it over the SSA. STOP LYING!

Three: If those 50,000 people needed the water so bad, why didn't they pay for it themselves sooner instead of waiting 48 years for the US Taxpayer to do it for them?

Four: Insurance companies are halting the issueing of child policies. Thirty corporations and organizations, like McDonalds, have had to aplly for waivers from the new law. And just wait till tax time. Any business purchases or services totaling over $600 from any one vender will require an IRS Form 1099-Misc; fuel, tires, parts, anything. If you spend $600 a year at Perto West for business fuel, you are now required to submit a 1099-Misc to both the IRS and Petro West.

Five: The Democrats have been saying that there were no farms, ranches or family businesses that were forced to be sold to pay the death tax. Looks like they were lying about that too. Why doesn't the Congressman mention that if Congress maintains the Bush tax rates at their current level, there would not be a need for this bill because there would not be a death tax?

Six: Article 1 of the US Constitution clearly lays the responsiblity for the Fed budget with Congress, not the President. Yes, the Republicats did run budget deficets of $420-$574 Billion per year in the aftermath of the dot comm bust, 9/11 aftermath and fighting two small scale wars. The first budget that the Democrats wrote after gaining both houses of congress in '07 more than doubled the previous year's budget defecit under the Republicans. The second year they almost tripled it with a deficet of over $1.885 TRILLION. Somehow this is all Bush's fault. His only option was to have vetoed the bill and shut down the Fed Gov.

Seven: You want to create jobs? Try repealing Obama Care, maintain tax rates were they have been for the last 10 years, repeal the new finacial regulations bill that even Sen Dodd, who's committe wrote the bill, states that he does not even understand, reign in the EPA who says they do not need congress to regulate CO2 emmissions and stop increasing the size of government spending at 3-4 times te rate of inflation!


seeuski 6 years, 6 months ago

Salazar also voted for Obamacare knowing that it cut $500 billion dollars from Medicare. What a liar. That's what I call fighting Seniors not fighting for Seniors.


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