Garrett Wiggins, a candidate for Routt County sheriff, speaks during the candidates forum Wednesday night in Hayden.

Photo by Matt Stensland

Garrett Wiggins, a candidate for Routt County sheriff, speaks during the candidates forum Wednesday night in Hayden.

Candidates forum draws 60 in Hayden

County sheriff hopefuls again trade jabs



Attendees of Wednesday night’s candidates forum at the Routt County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall clap after listening to a candidate.

— About 60 people attended a forum Wednesday night at the Routt County Fairgrounds Ex­­hibit Hall in Hayden at which 15 candidates spoke.

The forum, hosted by Hayden residents Ray Birch and Rodney McGowen, allowed each candidate, or candidates’ representatives, a minute to introduce themselves. Candidates also answered questions submitted by audience members before the forum.

Like other forums this election season, Routt County sheriff candidates Democrat Gary Wall and Republican Garrett Wiggins traded a few jabs.

Wiggins, commander of the All Crimes Enforcement Team, was asked which of his top 10 goals hadn’t been accomplished by Wall, the incumbent.

“I’d say the majority of them,” Wiggins answered. “I don’t have my goals right here in front of me, but what I will say is that there is a lot of room for improvement. There’s a lack of accountability, a lack of professionalism.”

Wall called the statement “absolutely inaccurate.”

Both men were asked how they would meet the increased demand for Sheriff’s Office services.

Wiggins said the department was responsible for keeping the peace and maintaining the jail. Beyond that, he said he wasn’t familiar with what demand had increased, but he said he would prioritize.

Wall said the Routt County Board of Commissioners always had been fair with him, and even though the need for increased services would be a difficult sell, he would work to articulate their importance. He did mention that he recently was given approval to put defibrillators in Sheriff’s Office patrol cars.

“That’s the most important thing to save someone’s life, and we finally have those,” Wall said.

They also were asked how they saw themselves as role models for the county’s youths regarding drugs and alcohol abuse issues.

“I see myself as a good role model in terms of trying these help these juveniles who get themselves into a drug situation or an alcohol situation,” Wall said. “I am proud to tell you I’m on the drug court team. … We look for ways to help these kids instead of sending them off to some detention center.”

Wiggins said he tries to set a good example for his children.

“I have no convictions, any arrests whatsoever,” he said. “I certainly don’t have a conviction for DUI. I think that makes a statement that I’m living my life the way it should be lived. … I think my life speaks for itself.”

Wall clarified during a rebuttal that he was found guilty of driving while ability impaired, not driving under the influence, a subject he said he addresses on his website.

Candidates in other races were more reserved during the question-and-answer session of the forum.

House District 57

All three candidates for the Colorado House of Represent­atives District 57 seat attended the forum. The candidates were asked how they would find funds to make up for lost revenue if voters approved Proposition 101 and Amendments 60 and 61, ballot measures aimed at reducing government spending and lowering taxes. The question cited a loss in revenue next school year of $2.4 million for the Steamboat Springs School District.

Rep. Randy Baumgardner, R-Hot Sulphur Springs, and challenger Steve Ivancie, a Democrat, said they opposed the measures. Oak Creek resident and former Town Trustee Mike Kien, a Liber­tarian, supports them.

Baumgardner said Colorado’s Amendment 23 is supposed to protect K-12 funding. It’s designed to increase per-pupil funding by the rate of inflation plus 1 percent until 2011. But Baum­gardner said a fiscal emergency was declared last year, and that the funding was reduced to help balance the budget.

“Let’s be realistic here,” he said. “If 60, 61 and 101 does pass, we’re going to have to make sacrifices. That’s not just school districts. That’s every agency in the state. We’ll do our best to keep funds available to fund our schools. And that’s the best answer I can give you because we’ve already cut to the bone, and we don’t know where we’re going to find the money.”

Ivancie said it would be difficult, if not next to impossible, for the state to backfill revenue lost.

“If they were to pass, there will be such an outcry in this community and in this state, we would be forced to find funds to backfill this,” he said. “The state at this point really doesn’t have the ability. What we would have to do is we’d have to cut other core services because the investment in our children and their education is essential to stay competitive in this state.”

Kien said he supported the ballot measures “100 percent.”

“I have a feeling your $2.4 million is an exaggeration,” he said. “We heard all these scare tactics in 1992 when TABOR was approved, and the world didn’t end.”


Darrel Levingston and Kevin Nerney, two candidates for county coroner, cited backgrounds in public service as the reasons they are qualified for the job.

Nerney said he served for 20 years, first as a police officer and then a firefighter, in New York City before he moved his family to the county nine years ago.

“I will bring sympathy and empathy to the people who require the services of the Routt County coroner,” he said.

Levingston cited his 17 years with Routt County Search and Rescue and also said he had plans he’d pursue as coroner.

“I’ll be actively involved in programs that try to reduce the number of preventable deaths in our county, namely suicide prevention,” he said, adding that there are an average of 118 suicide attempts annually in the county.

Coroner Rob Ryg, who is running for re-election, couldn’t attend, but resident Chuck Mc­­Con­­nell spoke on his behalf.

Hayden Town Council

Eight Hayden residents are vying for seats on the Town Council, including four incumbents. Council member Chuck Grobe is running unopposed for mayor. Mayor Lorraine Johnson and council members Jim Has­­kins, Tim Redmond and Tom Rog­­alski are seeking re-election to the council. Pam Gann, Dallas Robinson and Bryan Strickland are opposing them.

Redmond, Robinson and Strick­­land attended the forum. Each was asked how they would attract businesses to the town.

Redmond said he would suggest rolling back tap fees for contractors or possibly implementing a moratorium on sales taxes.

“There are a lot of options, a lot of ideas out there,” he said.

Robinson said Hayden is a town of “grand opportunity” and should promote that.

“Hayden needs to advertise,” he said. “We need to concentrate on how to bring businesses here, how to bring businesses back.”

Strickland admitted he was a novice and didn’t have a suggestion, but he said he wanted to learn how the town’s business worked to do his best for Hayden.

U.S. Congress

State Rep. Scott Tipton, a Republican from Cortez, is opposing Democratic U.S. Rep. John Salazar for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Tipton said the country needs better solutions than what it currently has and cited his 31 years of experience as a small-business owner as a place to start.

“I’ve done what Washington has failed to do,” he said. “I’ve balanced budgets. I’ve had to make tough choices. I’ve created private-sector jobs, and that’s exactly what we need right now.”

Salazar didn’t attend the forum, but a representative spoke on his behalf.

Unopposed candidates

Several candidates running unopposed also attended the forum: Routt County Com­missioner Diane Mitsch Bush, County Clerk Kay Weinland, County Treasurer Jeanne Whid­don and Interim County Assessor Gary Peterson.


ftpheide 5 years ago

Can a person be seriously injured if a defibrillator is used improperly or used when it isn't necessary? How much medical training does the swat team have? Sheriff Wall is a perfect role model for juveniles that are in alcohol situations. He could advise them to : 1. Refuse your roadside testing. ( use the excuse " lack of probable cause") 2. Throw your weight around.( Avoid being arrested at all costs. The taxpayers
new jail is now known to be run down and filthy) 3. Blame your arrest on a "county wide conspiricy against you." Wall, DUI or DWAI - you still have a record! Are you going to be accountable to the taxpayers and tell them why your undersheriff was in our county vehicle in his home state of Utah? Who paid for his accident? You maybe the only person, in Routt County, that thinks of your as a professional .


Alexis Wolf 5 years ago

Speaking only to the comment about the defibrillators...I am an instructor with the American Red Cross for Lifeguard Training, First Aid, CPR, & AED (short for Automated External Defibrillator).

The training needed for these devices is minimal, 1-2 hours. They have pictures on them showing how/where to place the pads and they talk to you and give directions. They will monitor the heart rate and give or not give a shock if necessary. The defibrillator will not give a shock to a person with a normal heart rhythm. The machine will reassess if it reads another heartbeat if the first responder is touching the victim, and clearly states to stand clear when assessing.

I would never say they are 100% foolproof, but they are very close. They can be found on the walls at airports and at all of our local schools. I do not know what training our local teachers have to use them.

There are classes monthly if you are interested in becoming certified, usually taught in conjunction with CPR. Classes are taught at the Old Town Hot Springs, CMC, and the Yampa Valley Medical Center.

Having these in our SO vehicles is a good thing and can save lives.


seeuski 5 years ago

Let me see, my vote will be for someone because defibrillators were installed in Sheriff's vehicles not because the Sheriff has a DWAI and refused a blood alcohol test or is suing the County for his failures of compliance with budget demands. NOT!


ftpheide 5 years ago

alexis, Thank you for your knowledgeable information. If they are foolproof then I agree it's good their in the S.O.vehicles.


aichempty 5 years ago


The automatic defibrillators are automatic. The operator attaches the leads, pushes the "start" button and the machine does the rest. Training required is minimal - comparable to CPR. The whole diagnosis is done by the machine, with shocks applied according to algorithm. By the way, most of the stuff you see on TV where they shock a person 10 times is just drama; shock'em three times with no response and they call the time of death in real life.

And didn't Wiggins give a fine performance? "Gee, uh, I don't have any facts to quote for you but here's what I want you to believe . . . "

One of reasons that St. Paul was so effective in his ministries to the Gentiles (non-Jews) was that he had been a persecutor of Christians before his conversion on the Road to Damascus where he was struck blind, and Jesus spoke to him directly. Paul (formerly Saul, a Jewish tax collector before his conversion) understood the plight of Christians from the point of view of those who wanted to stamp out Christianity as a threat to the Roman Empire. Wiggins basically stated that he is a straight arrow and thinks everyone else should be too, and that means he lacks empathy and compassion for people who don't follow every little rule to his satisfaction. Gosh, I already have a mother.

I learned a lot more about life from having been beaten down and then bringing myself back up than I knew before, back when I thought that obeying the rules and trusting the cops and the courts would guarantee that I would always be treated fairly, and that my enemies who robbed me would be punished.

I know from first-hand experience in Routt County that cops are not perfect, that judges break the law with impunity, that people with political connections get special treatment and help in victimizing innocent people, and that someone as naive and lacking in imagination as Garrett Wiggins is not going to come in and clean things up. He obviously needs help figuring out when things are dirty.

If the only thing the RCSO did was run radar and investigate traffic accidents, I'd support Wiggins.

In a county where there are no violent crimes resulting in death, and hardly ever a gun crime or armed robbery in an average year, but there are 180 suicides/attempts, do we want a sheriff who thinks he can solve the world's problems by being a good example to his kids? Does he understand kids who have not had a good example to follow? Does he understand the signs of an abusive family situation, or if it looks good from the street or at church, does he think that means everything is fine and dandy? I could write you a book about how wrong that can be. I lived with a victim of such abuse for many years, and it happened because the complaints made to law enforcement were not investigated because "Dad" made sure it all looked great in public. You've got to do a little more than ask a kid, "Is that true?" when the kid knows the penalty for telling the truth.


tcb 5 years ago

aich- i have to agree with you that the performance by wiggum was not good. "I don't have my goals right here in front of me, but what I will say is that there is a lot or room for improvement". wow, there sure IS room for improvement(for wiggins). wiggins stands in front of everybody telling us how he has this great "passion" for the Sheriff's position and has been wanting it forever? but he has NO CLUE what his 10 goals are? hey, wiggins, if you're going to hire somebody to come up with your 10 goals, you might want to have them tell YOU what they are. how can you not know them? why do you need to see them in writing and don't have them memorized? are you kidding me?

"Wiggins said the department was responsible for keeping the peace and maintaining the jail. Beyond that, he said he wasn't familiar with what demand had increased, but said he would prioritize." what? again, all this professed "passion" and he doesn't have a stinking clue. he wants to be sheriff but has no idea what issues or difficulties the office currently faces? what? it makes my head spin to think that he could actually be elected sheriff while being so clueless. unreal.


ftpheide 5 years ago

aich, Wiggins did give a fine performance - it's called soft spoken intelligence.
He stated he didn't have a record and he instills values in his children. He isn't snappy and agressive like his opponent. All of Wall's deputies are swat certified now, Yea! Now they can "swat" traffic stops and false alarms! You said yourself this county lacks alot of crime. ( you did forget about Mr.Boggs and the young lady that was killed by her ex-boyfriend on Club House Drive ) "People with political connections get special treatment" you right that's why Wall wasn't jailed . You think Garrett is niave? Aich!!! Just because he isn't a con-man doesn't mean he is niave." Lacking empathy and compassion"-how would you like to be arrested for DUI or DWAI by some one that received "special treatment" and got off. How ironic. He's not going to have any empathy or compassion for ya! He's trying to live down his past!


ftpheide 5 years ago

tcb. The sheriffs office is responsible for keeping the peace and maintaining the filthy jail. Those are the basics. How can you fault him for not knowing what demands have increased when he isn't the sheriff yet. Do you have knowledge of what demands have increased. I doubt there are even any increasing demands worth mentioning. We all know there is alot of room for improvement at the S.O..


tcb 5 years ago

ftp- well, yes, those are the basics. after looking stuff up online, i found that the sheriff is also responsible for serving civil processes and combating wildfires. knowing this stuff doesn't necessarily qualify you or me to be the sheriff and simply knowing these things doesn't mean wiggins should be sheriff. i'm not running for sheriff so it's not up to ME to know what demands have increased. i'd like to think that a candidate for sheriff WOULD know those things though. don't think a feller has to BE the sheriff to know what those demands are if he really wants to be sheriff. if he wasn't sure what those demands are, maybe he ought to have put the fire to wall's feet last night and asked HIM to explain. seems a little homework and research are needed.

i'm sure there's plenty of room for improvement at the sheriffs department. if wiggins wants to be sheriff and change things maybe he would consider actually looking into things.


ftpheide 5 years ago

tcb, serving civil papers could have increased due to the economy. This job is never a top priority. The wildfires are a top priority but thankfully we have been lucky this year. Doesn't seem like there are any increasing demands worth mentioning. Actually Garrett stated "he wasn't familiar with what demands had increased". Their may have not been any increases in demands.


Aaron Murphy 5 years ago

I like how every article about this year's race for Sheriff has turned into a comment argument between Evelyn Barr (ftpheide) and Anonymous (tcb). We get it- you each support a different candidate. Go get a yard sign! Damn...


ftpheide 4 years, 12 months ago

driver267, The signs are up now comes the debate. How come aichemphy(anonymous) wasn't mentioned? Damn--


aichempty 4 years, 12 months ago


Maybe it's because I apply some thought to what I post and ask reasonable questions instead of attacking the candidates on partisan grounds.

Gary Wall's DWAI situation pales in comparison to the actual harm done to PEOPLE by the previous administration's negligence. Putting defibrillators in patrol vehicles and asking for winches to help people out of a ditch (and get the other traffic moving again safely too, by the way) are two tangible actions taken by Wall that help the public in general, maybe even YOU. Okay, he "could have" hurt someone that night. He did not. The rest of the circumstances surrounding that night have been debated at length, but my opinion will always be that he was doped and set up.

Service of civil process is another interesting area to probe. The sheriff is required to enforce orders for the seizure and sale of property to settle debts. What if it's a fraudulent debt based on a spurious lien? If Wiggins hasn't looked into the statutory requirements of the job and hasn't set his goals, and doesn't know which ones Wall failed to achieve, what does that tell you about his capacity to understand something he hasn't seen before? Does he plan to learn everything on the job? How has that worked out with ACET? With his track record of trusting the wrong people, do you want him in charge of the process whereby your home could be sold out from under you on the basis of a fraudulent and criminal act?

The ideal person for this job would be a retired FBI agent. Since we don't have one of those running for office, we have to vote for the man who will do the least harm for the next four years. Wall is not going to make my life harder by doing what he has done for the past four years, and Wiggins is a complete unknown.

I'm still waiting for your response, Garrett. What will you actually do to make things better for ME?


John Fielding 4 years, 12 months ago

Being a positive role model for our youth is certainly laudable. Instilling values is a little less certain, there is a lot of room for interpretation as to what values are positive. As a longtime coach of youth sports I was struck by the contrast between those who stressed winning and the equally adamant "just here to have fun" parents.

I work hard to teach the dangers of drug use,and with some credibility as one who has had firsthand experience on which to base my decision not to use. I do not claim there is a need to touch the hot stove to learn how far back to stay, but it is most effective.

There will be many who must learn the hard way, including many kids I have mentored, but I don't want to see them targeted for arrest as part of that lesson. Our zero tolerance policy for arrest of minors in possession can actually undermine respect for the law and its enforcers.

Other zero tolerance policies have similar consequences. I managed not to be too annoyed at spending the night in our clean and hospitable county jail after a vehicle damage report the same night as a family argument resulted in my mandatory arrest. But I was less understanding when I was jailed (in another state) on firearms charges from enforcing a restraining order, protecting a family member who was being taken away by the perpetrator. I had run them off the road and called the police for assistance, but they took me away instead of supporting the order of the court that was in my pocket next to the shotgun shells. In every instance I have had all charges dropped, but the arrest record still interferes with job applications, the FBI keeps this stuff active forever. All I'm saying is having never been arrested is not automatically a qualification for anything.

But what is most important to me is how one holds regard for the Law. If anyone thinks the laws are always right and must be upheld they should research the subject further. Laws are regularly repealed and amended, struck down by the courts or so widely disregarded as to be a standing joke. One of the core values I teach my kids is to question authority, to understand what Justice and Mercy are, to inculcate precepts of morality that predate written laws.

It is a measure of the true value of service of our public safety officers to be able to make judgment calls and not be bound by a rule book that is constantly being revised. Our selection of all our officials should have this concept foremost.



Angie Robinson 4 years, 12 months ago

I wonder how many of the people commenting on either one's "performance" was actually there? Judging by the fact that most only mention the quotes that happened to make it to the paper, I'm guessing aichempty was not there. If you were there, you were likely one of the 4 people that clapped during Wall's rebuttal about the DWAI vs DUI. I was there and leaving my own opinions aside, the audience did appreciate Wiggin's "performance" quite a bit more than Wall's "performance".


ftpheide 4 years, 12 months ago

aich, "attacking candidates on partisan grounds" If your referring to a political party. Your wrong. I've been a registered democrat for over fourty years. Garrett is a republican. The defibrillators are foolproof - these will work for the S.O.. The winches-these wouldn't be reasonable. Routt County taxpayers would be responsible for any and all damages and the wear and tear on the county vehicles as well as the vehicles being winched. With the history, of a few of the deputies Wall has employed, they would probably make this their second income!

aich-" Wall was doped and set up"! Do you think the Steamboat Chamber doped him? They must have contacted the Colorado State Patrol, using their direct line, and advised them of Wall's departure ( from the gala event) and ETA to US40 and Walton Creek Road. This makes sense. This is why Wall stated " he had a bounty on his head", due to a conspiracy involving the areas law enforcement community. So your the one that believed this! I finally get to meet you! One of our neighbors is retired FBI. He was with the bureau from college graduation to the mandatory retirement age of 55. He is not at all impressed with Wall ! If there is a fraudulent debt based on a spurious lien that made it through the legal system undetected, it is not the S.O.'s problem. They serve papers!!! I don't see any reasonable questions that you have asked - I think" driver 267 " just forgot to include ya! .


Aaron Murphy 4 years, 12 months ago

FTP-You're right, I neglected to include aichempty! My mistake, a simple oversight. I actually do enjoy reading all of the back-and-forth on here. The great thing about politics is, you can make the most logical, well backed argument in the world, and you're still not going to change someone else's mind. People are set in their beliefs. Still, it makes for entertaining reading! :)


aichempty 4 years, 12 months ago


I think I have figured it out. Wiggins obviously can't read. That's why he doesn't know any of this stuff. Now it makes sense.

Do the local cops have to take written examinations to advance?

Might explain why someone so obviously dedicated to law enforcement has spent a career in a backwater location like Rout County.


aichempty 4 years, 12 months ago


I don't support either candidate. I want Wiggins to back up his claims of a 98% conviction record and assure me that the RCSO will continue to engage in "community policing" so that keeping the peace will include protecting people from neighbors who break the law and create a nuisance on county roads.

What's so hard about that? Unless he can't read and doesn't know the questions . . .


ftpheide 4 years, 12 months ago

aich, Attend the forums. Ask your questions there, like a normal person. Did you read that informative comment that 'lilwelder" wrote? It was alot different then your perception of what happened. It was based on fact! You like to demand personalized attention...

Driver 267, I think there are alot of people that are still undecided. Many were going to vote for Nick. Garrett and Nick's ideas were similar and they do have respect for each other.

Wall wants you to view his web page if your "confused"( he's got the answers) He wants to tell you about the equipment he had the county purchase and that he has decided everyone should be swat certified. Now you shouldn't be confused!


aichempty 4 years, 12 months ago


SWAT certification is a GOOD thing. Do you think that lack of SWAT training is going to stop the RCSO from enforcing the law? Hardly.

The first time an officer enters a room potentially filled with armed felons should NOT be in a real situation. Practice and familiarity are the keys to safety for officers and innocent bystanders. "Buck fever" is a real phenomenon that occurs when a person is first faced with a stressful situation. The way it is prevented is by going over and over the same mental processes in a training situation with qualified instructors to provide guidance and correct mistakes.

Military pilots, Navy Seals and most other people who have stressful jobs where people can get killed are regularly trained to the point that the routine emergency situations they will face become second nature. They don't have to think about it when the real situation arises. I've been there myself, trapped in a sinking aircraft, and not thinking about what to do next - just doing it - saved my life.

You're still grinding an axe because your friend who was raided had time to remove the evidence before RCSO arrived. The thing we'd really like to know is, who tipped her off?

GRAMNET never made many arrests. When RCSO pulled out, ACET started making arrests. Any fool could figure out that someone in RCSO was tipping off traffickers about GRAMNET operations.

I've really got to wonder why it is that I can walk down Lincoln avenue and spot drug sales happening right there on the sidewalk, but we hardly ever hear of anyone being arrested for trafficking in Steamboat. When a group of four scraggly 20-something men suddenly halt their conversation and avoid eye contact when you walk by, doesn't that seem a bit suspicious to you? I'm not making this stuff up. I saved a neighbor's house from being robbed by spotting a "lookout" stationed on the sidewalk who would immediately turn away and start walking when a car turned onto the street. I called 911 after circling the block and watching this happen twice in a row in front of the same house. It doesn't take a genius to spot people acting goofy. They do have to come out on the street and open their eyes, however.

No, it's here, it's out in the open and it's endemic. Meanwhile, ACET is busy chasing Mexicans in Moffat County. Steamboat Springs PD is funding Wiggins to chase people who are 40 miles from our local problem. How can we possibly support someone who comes from that sort of system?

I know a lot of people who think "work" is showing up and spending 8 hours waiting to go home. How does this not apply to SSPD and ACET?

Where does the 98% conviction rate come from? We're still waiting.


ftpheide 4 years, 12 months ago

aich, Nothing gets by you! Your right, it was AARP that tipped her off. She choise the deluxe membership for an extra $5.00 a year. For this extra premium they will guarantee that you will be notified of any up comming "swat" activity in your area.

You actually sound alot like Wall. Do you feel that their is a conspiricy against you - a bounty on your head?


aichempty 4 years, 12 months ago

IF there is one, it will be Wiggins and his cronies looking for revenge whether or not he loses.

By the way, if you cruise his Facebook page and see the comments he has supposedly entered for himself, it's plain to see he has no attention to detail and not much skill when it comes to spelling, and he does this "publically" so that everyone can see it.

No kidding. Check for yourself. If a guy can't spell a word as common as "publicly" then what else is lacking in his bag of tricks? The point is that he is trying to put his best face forward, and lets an elementary school error stick out like that.

This is not a conspiracy. This is true, on his own page.


aichempty 4 years, 12 months ago


I was in a profession which requires great precision, because lives are at risk every time someone does their job. You know, sorta like being a cop or a fireman or a doctor.

People who get sloppy in one part of their life tend to get sloppy in every part of their life.

You know, simple stuff that doesn't matter, like the concept of "net weight."

Not sweating the small stuff could easily slide into ignoring the facts or letting small things go -- like it used to be around here.

That's all I've got? It's plenty. The small things are important. When you have a chance to so easily do it right and can't pull off a simple thing like checking spelling, what else do you not care about?


ftpheide 4 years, 12 months ago

aich, That's deep! Wasn't it you that wrote an entire "comment" referring to Garrett Wiggins as "Dwight Wiggins" ?


Scott Wedel 4 years, 12 months ago

It would be wrong to vote against Wall for the Pburg case. He let his investigator follow what was thought was the evidence. The investigator believed an informant and used flawed methodology to convince himself that electrical usage confirmed there was a grow operation.

If this case bothered you then it is not at all obvious that the solution is to support Wiggins. Wall has publicly criticized Wiggins for ACET's dependence upon informants and failing to arrest an informant that broke the law. Thus, there is no good reason to believe that the dual SWAT raids would not have happened if Wiggins was Sheriff.


aichempty 4 years, 12 months ago


Yes, I did. I admitted it and took responsibility. I also learned not to click on "accept all" on a spell checker and then post without re-reading.

I'm also NOT running for sheriff.

Wiggins is treating this like a popularity contest rather than an election on the issues. He avoids getting into details. Why is that?

What is he going to do for the community that will be different and better? I haven't heard it from him. I think he's running to make things better for cops, and could care less about the citizens of the county.

My complaint with law enforcement agencies around here in general has been their discretionary enforcement of the law. Before Sheriff Wall started enforcing the laws up here in North Routt, kids in this neighborhood got away with being a nuisance on the roads and other people's property, because the RCSO wouldn't do anything about it. Do you think, maybe, that getting away with a general disregard for the rights and welfare of other people because the cops wouldn't do anything about it might have contributed to a general disdain for the law and the safety of other people?

FYI, the kid who was recently sentenced for interfering with emergency services, contributing to the death of another kid who OD'd on alcohol, lives up here. It would be interesting to know whether he was one of the "road warriors" during Sheriff Warner's administration, when the deputies refused to enforce the laws on our county roads.

If being an example to kids is a part of Wiggins' platform, then I hope he is dedicated to keeping the peace up here as an example to kids who have not been taught to obey the laws. Maybe the first contact a kid has with the law should not be at age 17 while trying to cover up an underage drinking party instead of trying to get medical care for a dying person.


ftpheide 4 years, 12 months ago

scott, An employer is responsible for the actions of his employees. Did Wall do an"internal investigation"as to why this "screw-up" happened? No! In my opinion these raids were political. With election year comming up and all. Wiggins has experience which Wall doesn't. Wiggins has also shown he is accountable for his actions which Wall hasn't!


ftpheide 4 years, 12 months ago

aich, I know this is going to make you angry but why don't you go to one of the forums and tell Garrett your concerns and ask him all of your questions? I don't have the answers for you!


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