Judge says Rodeman impeding court case

Former Oak Creek mayor ordered to pay for some costs in lawsuit delay



Kathy "Cargo" Rodeman

— Former Oak Creek Mayor Kathy “Cargo” Rodeman took a $5,500 hit in court after a judge ruled that she “continued to frustrate and impede the discovery process” in her lawsuit against the town of Oak Creek and former police officer Erik Foster.

Rodeman is seeking damages stemming from a 2008 arrest. Foster reportedly tried to pull over Rodeman as she drove home from a bar. She reportedly ran into her house, and Foster used a stun gun on her as he arrested her.

During the case’s deposition process, attorneys asked about the marijuana found in Rode­man’s car that night.

Gordon Vaughan, representing Oak Creek, said Rodeman denied using marijuana that night but said one of her companions smoked some of it before they went to a bar.

When asked about the marijuana, Rodeman said she did not want to say the name of her dealer because she did not want them to get in trouble. Two court orders later, Rodeman identified her dealer as a man who died in December 2008. She said she also bought marijuana one time from a man she knew only as “Mr. Ice.”

Magistrate Judge Michael J. Watanabe wrote in his finding that it was clear Rodeman knew her dealer was dead and that she was impeding the process.

Rodeman did not have a medical marijuana license at the time, Vaughan said, but Rodeman said her doctor told her she could buy marijuana from any person who has it. Lawyers questioned the doctor, who denied giving that advice, Vaughan said.

Watanabe said Rodeman’s actions caused more depositions and more work for the attorneys and ordered her and her attorneys, Steamboat Springs-based Kris Hammond and Adam Mayo, to pay some of Vaughan’s fees.

Watanabe excluded Ham­mond and Mayo from the order after they objected on the basis that Rodeman did not tell them that her dealer was dead. Hammond did not return calls Tuesday afternoon seeking comment.

Vaughan calculated his costs at $5,500, an amount the judge has yet to approve, according to filed court documents.

Vaughan said he was reluctant to go into details of the case out of concern for Rodeman’s privacy, but he said the issue of her marijuana use was questioned because it “could impact claims of psychological injury.”

The case is scheduled to go to trial April 18.

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hereandthere 6 years, 5 months ago

"Mr.Ice". And to think that people once made this woman the mayor of their town.


Scott Wedel 6 years, 5 months ago

Well Screamer, why did Oak Creek voters elect Cargo as mayor? I recall that the town was being so incompetently run that it had a hated police officer and a Public Works dept that retaliated against residents. Her campaign slogan was "Citizen Down". Remember that Public Works bulldozed her front yard to the edge of the right of way, but not any of her neighbors? What was their excuse? That a bus turnaround was needed in the middle of the block?

If you all had a competent town government that intelligently worked for the general good then Cargo would have never run or been elected.

And then after she quits you all again hire hated police officers and struggle for nearly a year to do the obvious. It was an absolute joke that the business community felt the need to place an ad apologizing to their customers about the OC police dept. It was a joke that the Town Board, unable to do the obvious, then asked the business community for their advice. Took the business community's meeting no time to reach the obvious conclusion that you fire incompetent employees. So then the hated officers quit before the next Town Board meeting. Which means in a completely critical issue that the only action the Town Board took was to ask the business community what they should do.

Even now it is a farce that as the Town Board desperately seeks additional sales tax that they turn down the mmj dispensary's attempt to grow which features a Town Board meeting where a planning board member loses it whilel the issue is being discussed and the attempt by the gas station convenience store to move into the Black Mountain location has to wait while it goes through planning. And if you all actually apply your land use code then it could be turned down because of the lack of bufferyards and parking.

And because the Town in the entire history of the old sever plant never pumped out the muck which was supposed to be pumped every 5 years, now the Town is facing the prospects of paying a consulting engineer for the new plant to be there while the muck is pumped out. And Town Board members think it is joke that maybe the engineer should be forced to get in the muck and so on. Well, there goes thousands more dollars wasted because not only was the Town too inept to regularly pump out the muck, it was also too stupid to pump out all the years of muck at the start of the project.

You all seem to be a Town in which incompetence is a traditional and treasured part of your town government.


brian ferguson 6 years, 5 months ago

I had that "hated cop" years ago come to my house at 2AM and almost knock my door down (seriously, I thought maybe my house was on fire or something). You know why he was there? To tell me not to shovel snow in the street. AT 2AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A nd more recently, with the last "hated cop",he pulled me over (about 1 mile north of town) for speeding.(that 30mph seems really slow when the roads are good). He came up all huffy and puffy and acting all tuffy :) I gave him my licence and registation and he procceded to tell me how I lived in HIS town and I was one of HIS residents. Pretty funny...no ticket was given, I wonder why. CARGO 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


brian ferguson 6 years, 5 months ago

...and why would you move the convience store off of the highway? Dumb move if you ask me.


Scott Wedel 6 years, 5 months ago

Brian, Apparently they don't make enough money selling gas to justify what they pay in rent. So they hope they can keep enough of their convenience store customers if they are located elsewhere.

The great advantage of the free market system is that investors are allowed to place their bets on what they think will work. It is certainly not obvious that a convenience would succeed in Black Mountain's location, but that is what they think is worth doing.

Other joke at the meeting was listening to people say what do they tell their children about a closed up building that has no obvious signs of what is going on inside. Meanwhile, just days before there was a power outage due to a father crashing into a power pole with young kids in the car. Presumably, these same people complaining about what to tell their kids about what is going on inside a building just had a far more difficult conversation about their friend's dad being arrested for DUI and child endangerment. And hopefully that talk included something about never being a passenger when you think the driver is not safe. So, apparently, talking to your kids about a crash and DUI is an easy conversation in Oak Creek, but mmj dispensary business including grow operations is just too difficult.


nmypinon 6 years, 5 months ago

Ok, So here is an article about Cargo. How do we go from this to the gas station closing? The faulty tanks are the reason the station is closing, not just the price of rent. So maybe we could get the pilot up here to do an article on the past & present station renters & ask them why they had to close. Maybe the pilot could also ask the OWNER what he is going to do to make the gas good in the O.C. Now back to Cargo.


Fred Duckels 6 years, 5 months ago

How would all of Oak Creek's sins compare with the purchase of the Iron House Inn?


housepoor 6 years, 5 months ago

or building the New Victory Highway to ??????? where is that road going again???


Scott Wedel 6 years, 5 months ago

Fred, SB is a much bigger city with lots of revenues and can absorb mistakes like Iron Horse without it affecting street maintenance, police or other public services. The Iron Horse fiasco is limiting the City's ability to purchase and develop the Orton parcel.

Oak Creek is a town struggling to survive. It has been noted by Town Board members in the past that Oak Creek lacks the population and tax revenues to be a viable town. (Yampa is okay because the County provides their policing for $7,000K or so). The same economic boom that caused so many nice new buildings to be built in SB largely ignored Oak Creek. Downtown Oak Creek always had vacancies and, most important, commercial rents barely moved the whole time. Commercial rent is Oak Creek never approached the point where it'd justify new construction. Dovetail Designs built a wonderful building, but that was for themselves and they have been trying to sell it for a while for what appears to be less than cost of construction.

Oak Creek did benefit from the run up in residential property values, but now properties routinely sell for half of recent peak values. That decline is going to seriously impact the Town's budget.

If there really is a problem with the tanks at the gas station then it is extremely unlikely the gas station will reopen with new tanks and that significant source of sales tax revenues will be gone.


jk 6 years, 5 months ago

Come on Fast Freddie Duckels, you keep chiming in on sins, yet no answers about the $$$ you have taken for the road to ???.Fess up or shut up!!


sledneck 6 years, 5 months ago

Fred had the good sense to stand underneath you people while the City turns you upside-down and shakes money out of your pockets.

You guys used the poor judgement to elect the kind of leaders who would spend your tax money- no, your kids' tax money- on this stuff. Your own selfishness put incompetent or corrupt people in charge who CHOSE to contract with Fred on YOUR behalf. Your chosen representatives screwed you... not Fred.

You chose those representatives because they were going to give you stuff: Iron Horse, Community Centers, Emerald Mt, etc. THEY chose to screw you... Not Fred.



oldskoolstmbt 6 years, 5 months ago

fred only gripes about the 'sins' that don't line his pockets...i believe that is what US people were trying to point out..... at any rate- johnson excavation's access road to their upper lot is a big beautiful highway now...i guess it is getting SOME use, lol!


Fred Duckels 6 years, 5 months ago

OS. If was lining my pockets I would be the most non controversial person around. If I chose to take advantage of you, you would think that I was a great person. I speak my convictions over my pocketbook constantly.


upstream 6 years, 5 months ago

Anywho...back to the article... thank you your honor for finally suggesting that Ms Rodeman take some responsibility for her generally bizarre and usually self serving behavior (in this case providing erroneous information to those working on her most recent court case). there is no reason the taxpayers should be footing the bill while she BS's around trying to get her pay out from the Town of OC. yes, Cargo, even you are expected to play by the rules.


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