Stuart Handloff: Can they be trusted?


Isn’t anyone else shocked and alarmed by the public discourse of Bob McConnell and columnists like Cal Thomas? Thomas seriously suggests that abortion should be discouraged so as to “increase the number of taxpayers.” Of course, McConnell wants to do away with taxation altogether.

We’ve seen the impact that years of ineffective or non-existent government regulation has given us: financial crises and environmental catastrophe. But McConnell wants to do away with the little remaining controls still in place. Do you seriously trust the Enrons, Goldman-Saches and British Petroleums of this world to look out for your interests?

But what’s really scary is that if the McConnells soon-to-be-running for office actually are elected, they’ll have nuclear weapons in their hands (that’s likely part of his reorganized Department of Defense plan). Just imagine the fun Sarah Palin could have with atomic bombs.

Stuart Handloff

Steamboat Springs


Jason Krueger 6 years, 11 months ago

You're opening up a hornet's nest on this one! It's unfortunate the conversation in politics is anything but. One side preaches returning to an era which never existed while simultaneously working to sabotage any government program thereby validating it's theory that "government is the problem". The other side appears to suffer from a sometimes incoherent "melting pot" message thus allowing the Right to control the shouting match. Through all of this, the public appears incapable of discerning legitimate debate and informed opinion from Fox/MSNBC and YouTube noise making.


seeuski 6 years, 11 months ago

For truthful answers to your questions seek info from the horses mouth and not opposition left wing conspiracy writers. Bob will respond personally and he even posts his cell phone number if you want to talk with him. Try getting that close to the other candidates, or you can continue to read and except dribble like this.

God Bless those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and who serve and have served this great Nation.


sledneck 6 years, 11 months ago

Yes, we most certainly have seen the effect of years of in-effective government.

I wonder, Stuart, if government is the answer why can't government fix the oil leak? If government is the answer to the war on drugs why are drugs more prolific than ever? If government is the answer to poverty why are our inner cities teeming with poor? If government is the answer to social problems why are there more bastards than ever? If government can fix all our problems why are there still so many problems? If government can enforce the border why does AZ have to step in? If government spending enriches our lives why are we not all on our yacht today?

The answer is simple. Government is not the answer to our problems. Government IS the problem!

The financial crisis was fueled by government policies. (Thomas Sowell, The Housing Boom and Bust) The environmental crisis unfolding now is due, in no small part, to the fact that we are not allowed, by our government, to get oil in safer places... like on LAND! The problems facing us today are being exacerbated by government. All the while fools who wouldn't understand basic economics if it smacked the taste out of their mouths call for more government.

Government is to blame for failures but it is not responsible for its own proliferation. We, the American people, have heaped upon it unrealistic expectations. We have forfeited our responsibility and government has filled the vacuum. We have been fools to allow ourselves to think a government knows best or has our best interest in mind.

To steal (and butcher) a quote... "The fault, dear Stuart, is not in government, but in ourselves".

Let us pray the people of this once great nation are finally opening their eyes. I DO NOT want to live in the world Stuart envisions for me!!


sledneck 6 years, 11 months ago

Oh, p.s. If nukes in the hands of conservative Americans scares you it must not take much to scare you. I'll assume it's o.k. for our fearless leaders to dittle until IRAN has them though. THAT shouldn't scare you at all. Nooooooo

I, on the other hand, sleep extra sound knowing our subs are out there loaded to the gills.


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