Child found walking near US Highway 40 outside Hayden

Boy was returned home safely; criminal activity not suspected


Child care providers

Licensed child care providers in Hayden listed on the Colorado Department of Human Services website are:

■ Hayden Preschool, Third Street and Breeze Basin Boulevard

■ Totally Kids After School Program, Third Street and Breeze Basin Boulevard

■ Carol Munden, 321 South Spruce St.

■ Julie Redmond, 650 West Jefferson Ave.

■ Linda Valora, Sixth Street and Lincoln Avenue

■ Robin Richards, 139 North Pine St.

■ Leslie Hockaday, 413 Clover Circle

■ Alena Velasquez, 400 High Meadow Court

For more information, visit

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Anyone looking for day care services in Routt County can call Sharon Butler, of the Child Care Network, at 879-7330.

This story has been updated from its original version. Leslie Hockaday and Alena Velasquez also operate licensed child care facilities in Hayden. For a complete list of licensed child care providers in Hayden, please see the list to the left, as provided by the Colorado Department of Human Services.

A young boy was returned home safely after a passer-by found him walking in the sleet alongside U.S. Highway 40 on Monday morning.

Hayden resident Tim Red­mond said he was driving down the road when he saw the boy, between 1 and 2 years old, walking on the shoulder of the road.

Redmond said he pulled over and the boy began to walk toward him.

“He was a very young child and wasn’t very big and wasn’t even big enough to speak to me,” he said.

Another driver also stopped and called 911. Hayden Police Department Chief Ray Birch was the first officer on the scene, and Routt County Sheriff’s Office deputies were the next to arrive.

The boy was in front of a home day care center about 2 miles east of Hayden, Deputy Paul Yonekawa said.

Yonekawa, the lead deputy on the case, said the boy was not injured.

“Apparently this child is quite a Hou­dini and escapes regularly,” he said.

Law enforcement officers took the boy to his home, and Yonekawa said he’s investigating the case.

He said it appears that there was nothing criminal but that after he completes his report, other agencies, including the Colorado Department of Human Services, can look into the case.

Yonekawa said he did not have the name of the child care facility available Tuesday as he had not started working on the case because he was working other duties.

According to the Division of Child Care, a branch of the state Department of Human Services, there are no licensed child care providers in the area where the boy was found.

Sharon Butler, program manager of the Child Care Network, said that doesn’t necessarily mean the center isn’t in compliance with state laws.

If a facility takes care of children from just one family or of family members, it is not required to get a license.

“We don’t know if she was licensed, so it’s hard to say if she broke any rules and regulations,” Butler said, assuming the child care provider was a woman.

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beverly lemons 6 years, 11 months ago

Seriously? A baby is walking on the highway, and it's the baby's fault for being a "Houdini", not the day care providers?



Brian Kotowski 6 years, 11 months ago

Family story: When I was a toddler, my parents were painting the master bedroom. They each had an open beer sitting on the footlocker at the end of the bed, which were consumed by yours truly. Apparently, I was quite a happy little drunk.

"OMG", lol.


bandmama 6 years, 11 months ago

You know... While I think I have made my points of view and opinion known. I find it VERY distrubing there are more complaints of main street and pot then that of a child found roaming highway 40 in nasty weather ,ONLY two comments???? HEllo......Heellllooooo!!!!! Ok,before I get beat up.... one of my siblings has FIVE kids, thier fourth was also a Houdini. They had to finally build a custom "cage" for the kid with PVC pipes and plexi-glass in the corner of the living room to keep him contained if they were not RIGHT there in the room with him, Forget safety locks and bells and whistles, this kid was smart!!!! If thier neighbor had NOT been a cop and KNOWN the kid, I am MORE than sure that my sibling would have been investigated by CPS. It does happen!!!! My sibling's other four BTW, never escaped and have gone on to very productive lives, the oldest just coming home from his third tour overseas. #4? Very active his his local FFB and 4-H. Super bright and a wonderful teenager who has developed WAY beyond expectations. It bothers me that as opinionated as many of us are considering the lack of facts, that more are not asking how did this kid "escape" ?


Scott Ford 6 years, 11 months ago

It has been said that a “special Providence watches over children, drunkards, and the United States.” Otto von Bismarck (1856)


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