Racers come off the starting line at the Steamboat Springs Middle School parking lot during Saturday’s 2010 Steamboat Springs Running Series Spirit Challenge race.

Photo by Matt Stensland

Racers come off the starting line at the Steamboat Springs Middle School parking lot during Saturday’s 2010 Steamboat Springs Running Series Spirit Challenge race.

Spirit Challenge in Steamboat attracts locals

Running Series kicks off with annual 5K, 10K race



Snow was falling throughout Saturday morning’s 25th annual Spirit Challenge race.


Steve Moxey approaches the finish line to win the 5-kilometer Spirit Challenge race Saturday.

25th annual Spirit Challenge results

5-kilometer race

  1. Stephen Moxey 17:31
  2. Scott Brane 18:45
  3. Derek Leidigh 19:20
  4. Tyler Scholl 19:49
  5. Tabor Scholl 20:55
  6. Emily Hannah 23:20
  7. Jay Wilson 23:21
  8. Mary Rose 23:24
  9. John Nyen 24:05
  10. Michaela Frias 24:36
  11. Charlie VonThaden 25:17
  12. Haley Piske 26:44
  13. Lucy Newman 27:28
  14. Cara Marrs 27:45
  15. Jacob Anderson 28:21
  16. Gail Garey 28:25
  17. Deb Freeman 28:37
  18. Linda Casner 29:11
  19. Katie Fisher 29:27
  20. David Marrs 29:46
  21. Gretchen Burkholder 30:13
  22. Olivia Rose 30:35
  23. Emily Conjura 31:02
  24. Madison Keeffe 31:41
  25. David Willis 31:42
  26. Andrew Sabia 31:57
  27. Ron Martin 32:15
  28. Ali Shafer 32:33
  29. Larry Haines 34:28
  30. Laura Lancaster 34:37
  31. Christine Russell 35:40
  32. Olivia Murray 36:31
  33. Meghan Niemkiewike 38:04
  34. Valerie Bruce 38:37
  35. Kira Lorenzen 39:15
  36. Patrice Lorenzen 39:16
  37. Joseph Savant 1:06:58
  38. Lee Kelton 1:06:58
  39. Mark McCulley DNF

10-kilometer race

  1. Allen Belshaw 39:18
  2. Shawn Scholl 40:47
  3. Walter Magill 45:12
  4. Steph Scholl 47:20
  5. Samuel Holloway 50:22
  6. Kris Anderson 50:44
  7. Tom Nelson 51:10
  8. Andy Volk 51:28
  9. Amanda Grimes 52:07
  10. Kristen Moore 52:11
  11. Sue Davies 55:24
  12. Britni Johnson 55:53
  13. Sarah Schulz 57:01
  14. Elissa Chapman 57:35
  15. Meghan Alexander 57:38
  16. Laraine Martin 58:21
  17. Madison McKinstry 58:40
  18. Chelsea-Anne Yepello 58:51
  19. Denise Heil 59:17
  20. Don Platt 59:39
  21. Adam Colson 1:00:03
  22. Elisha Colson 1:00:29
  23. Amber Ferguson 1:00:35
  24. Cammy Ravenscroft 1:02:33
  25. Jennifer Jones 1:03:38
  26. Kathy McKinstry 1:03:58
  27. Jennifer Calderazo 1:04:11
  28. Sarah Ross 1:06:10
  29. Sally Kate Shepard 1:08:12
  30. Don Macias 1:12:19
  31. Diane Carter 1:12:35
  32. Margrete Macias 1:13:55
  33. Jennifer Cameron Reese 1:33:26

— The debate no doubt started Saturday morning when runners pulled back their window blinds.

Stay in bed with weather more fit for January, or get up and run the 25th annual Spirit Challenge?

“I had to seriously debate coming versus sleeping in,” said Stephen Moxey, who won the men’s 5-kilometer race. “I committed to this race a couple weeks ago, so I figured I might as well get up and do it. But it’s a little depressing especially since my skis and boots are packed away. It was hard putting on the running shoes and shorts.”

The Spirit Challenge bills itself as a locals race, and what’s more local than running in 6 inches of wet snow in the second week of May?

Not much, apparently. Despite the inches of slush filling the Steamboat Springs Middle School parking lot, the Spirit Challenge had 60 runners preregister for the race. Another 20 showed up Saturday to register and race.

“I ski race, so it’s pretty much the same,” said Tabor Scholl, who won the women’s 5-kilometer race in 20 minutes, 55 seconds. “It’s wet and cold. It slowed down my time a little bit because you had to be careful around corners. If you didn’t, you would fall.”

Emily Hannah finished second in the women’s 5-kilometer race in 23:20, and Mary Rose was third in 23:24.

Moxey finished his race in 17:31. Scott Brane was second in 18:45, and Derek Leidigh was third in 19:20.

Steph Scholl won the women’s 10-kilometer race in 47:20, Kris Anderson was second in 50:44, and Amanda Grimes was third in 52:07.

Allen Belshaw won the men’s 10-kilometer, finishing in 39:18. Shawn Scholl was second in 40:47, and Walter Magill was third in 45:12.

The race is a fundraiser for the Legacy Education Foundation, which gives grants to teachers in Routt County public schools for projects that promote student involvement in community leadership or support the community overall.

Legacy Education Found­ation fund adviser Marcia Martin said she was surprised with how many people showed up for the race.

In conjunction with the Spirit Challenge, students from Hayden and Soroco also built bat houses to help raise money for the Legacy Education Fund. The houses will be available at the Farmers Market this summer and at Carpenter Ranch.

The next Steamboat Springs Running Series event is the June 6 Steamboat Marathon.

“I think this race goes to show people in Steamboat are awesome,” said Cara Marrs, the Running Series director. “They’ll all be easy after this.”


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