Oak Creek to consider Bicycle track, flea market tonight


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What: Oak Creek Town Board meeting

When: 7 p.m. today

Where: Oak Creek Town Hall

The agenda will include speaker P.K. Baldwin, addressing the Oak Creek Sinclair, and business items including discussion of a pump and BMX track and a summer flea market at the Oak Creek Ice Rink.

— The town of Oak Creek will have a chance to improve two public spaces and promote youth-friendly activities, and both items are on the agenda for tonight’s regular meeting.

The town is considering the creation of a bicycle track on public land and a summer flea market at the Oak Creek Ice Rink.

For the bicycle track, envisioned as a pump and BMX track on public land near the Willow Bend neighborhood, the primary question is insurance, Trustee Bernie Gagne said.

“We did sort of a straw poll, and we definitely support that activity — it goes in line with supporting things for the youth to do in town, and the public in general,” he said. “We’re trying to boost public involvement and create venues for sports or other recreational activities.”

The town plans to discuss its insurance options and liabilities, along with the details of the track, at tonight’s meeting.

Trustee Chuck Wisecup said the town has had BMX tracks in the past that have proved popular with young riders, and he’s interested in getting a new track started.

The summer flea market is another idea the town has considered several times at past meetings, and trustees again will discuss creating the market at the Oak Creek Ice Rink during summer months. That’s near the new Oak Creek Community Garden, a project by residents with build days scheduled for this weekend.

Wisecup also requested that the town reconsider a municipal ordinance prohibiting recreational vehicles from parking in mobile home parks for more than 15 days. Wisecup said the fire mitigation leader he hired for the summer would like to stay in the mobile home park but was turned away because of the local law.

Wisecup said people arriving to work at Stagecoach Reservoir also could benefit from an extension.

“I don’t see any reason not to, my personal opinion,” he said.


blue_spruce 6 years, 10 months ago

sounds great guys. seriously, anything to get people to come to OC and have fun!

also, what is the chance of developing any kind of mountain biking trails in OC? for what it would cost to cut the trails (maybe even all volunteer work...), i bet you'd get people from SB - and on vacation - to ride OC ... and buy gas, food etc.... just a thought.


Scott Wedel 6 years, 10 months ago

To those that care and think the deadline has already expired, Tony Morgan agreed to remove his "new" trailer by July 31, 2011. So no one is (yet) ignoring that.

It is typical of mobile home zoning to prohibit RVs so that it is a mobile home park, not a RV campground or a really sad collection of broken down RVs being used for housing. There is no shortage of nice housing available for rent in OC at good prices including nearly new condos and so on.

Also, I think it is well past time for the Town to consider the issue of grandfathered mobile homes on lots. Most of those are very old and many of the owners are taking exceptional steps to keep totally obsolete trailers in a somewhat livable condition. It may be time to draw a line in the sand and say after some date (like 1/1/2015) then when the lot changes ownership then the trailer must be removed. And if that is politically impossible then they should allow replacing an old trailer with a newer trailer. One of these years one of these obsolete trailers never intended to spend so many years in this climate is going to kill somebody. And the current ordinance encourages keeping the old trailers.


flotilla 6 years, 10 months ago

Scott, if you would like to see the changes you are discussing here, you need to address them with Planning and/or the Board. Where were you when the Comp and Land Planning meetings were occurring? Armchair ranting to the general public usually doesn't get the job done.

I think the garden and bmx pumptrail are great ideas and have good support. To answer your question about mountain bike trails, you need to explore the Flattops maps for places that allow mountain bikes, there are a good amount.


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