Steamboat's Haymaker Golf Course releases 2010 rates

Course adds tier for Routt County nonresident property owners


2010 course rates


Season pass through April 30: $1,025; after April 30: $1,250

Spouse add-on through April 30: $850; after April 30: $1,075

Junior add-on any time: $175

Junior pass: $300

Punch card 20 nine-hole rounds: $435

Daily fees

Value nine hole: $31

Value 18 hole: $48

Summer nine hole: $31

Summer 18 hole: $48

Twilight (begins at 3 p.m.): $37

Junior twilight: $37

Nonresident property owner

Season pass through April 30: $1,700; after April 30: $1,900

Spouse add-on through April 30: $1,200; after April 30: $1,400

Junior add-on any time: $175

Junior pass: $300

Punch card 20 nine-hole rounds: $600

Daily fees

Value nine hole: $38

Value 18 hole: $58

Summer nine hole: $44

Summer 18 hole: $69

Twilight (begins at 3 p.m.): $50

Junior twilight: $37


Punch card 10 nine-hole rounds: $400

Punch card 20 nine-hole rounds: $700

Daily fees

Value nine hole: $45

Value 18 hole: $69

Summer nine hole: $58

Summer 18 hole: $98

Twilight (begins at 3 p.m.): $63

Junior twilight: $42

— The Haymaker Golf Manage­ment Committee and the Steam­boat Springs City Council have approved rates for the upcoming 2010 season.

Full-time local residents will notice no change in rates from a year ago. But the committee, to subsidize resident costs, created a new tier for rates.

The Golf Management Com­mittee decided to add a nonresident property owner category for the 2010 season. Rates will jump for those part-time residents.

Resident season passes will remain $1,025 if bought before April 30. They jump to $1,250 after April 30. For the nonresident property owner category, it will cost $1,700 and $1,900. Residents are defined as those who have Routt County driver’s licenses or are registered to vote. Previously, people who owned property in Routt County could qualify for the resident rate.

Golfers who own property and aren’t full-time residents, but have had a resident pass within the past two seasons, will be grandfathered into the resident pass rates.

“We’ve been looking for a couple years at the definition of residents and whether to pursue a third interim category of rates,” said John Vanderbloemen, chairman of the Golf Management Committee. “The reason being is the number of people qualified for residence is growing.”

Vanderbloemen said the main reason for the new nonresident property owner tier is to keep costs down for residents. Residents have been priced below the per-round break-even point for Haymaker, making nonresident rates, and now nonresident property owner rates, a revenue stream for the course.

Passes will be available for purchase April 5 to 22 at the Parks, Open Space and Recrea­tional Services office next to Howelsen Ice Arena. Sale will resume April 26 at Haymaker Golf Course. At that time, punch passes will be available for purchase, as well. The Golf Management Committee is also planning a Masters Sat­urday preseason gathering April 10 at Haymaker. It will be a chance for people to ask questions about the rates and the course and watch the third round of The Masters.

When the course will open, however, is still up to Mother Nature.

“We shy away from setting an absolute date because it varies so much,” said Luke Brosterhous, the head golf professional and director of instruction. “Historically, it’s the first week of May to mid-May. Sometimes even as late as the end of May. But we want to get open as soon as we can.”

Registration for local tournaments and junior golf events will be open April 1. People interested in signing up for either can visit


housepoor 7 years ago

what would have been interesting is if pass sales have been increasingdecreasing, revenue history etc. this is City owned and should be easy to access? it might be relevant as the old boys commitee.....decided to oust the last pro without justification............guess that is too much to ask of a reporter


Eric Luck 7 years ago

Non-resident property owners no longer deserve a discounted golf fee like full-time residents? Maybe the City Council should grant us discounted property taxes since we are not there all year to use the local services they provide. It turns out the part-time residents still have to pay full-time taxes and now full retail golf fees. Nice deal.


Doug Marsh 7 years ago

Hey eluck, you don't pay property taxes to the City of Steamboat. Those go to Routt County. The people who live here year round are the ones who pay sales tax, which supports the City's services on a year round basis. Maybe next time before you buy vacation property you will investigate where your taxes go.


robert nestora 7 years ago

chicago you are wrong if you live in the city part of your taxes go to the city of steamboat for school, cemetary, etc. and when not full time residents shop in the city they also pay sales tax. from the tax assesor web page: Where your property is located has a direct relationship to the amount of property tax you pay each year. The local government entities providing service(s) to your property determine the total or aggregate mill levy amount.


Eric Luck 7 years ago

The smart thing to do here would be to not respond to chicago’s ignorant taunting. But nobody ever wasted their time calling me smart.

I have paid property taxes in Steamboat since the early 1990s…nearly twenty years. That was the soonest we could save enough money to buy property here. I have paid sales taxes in Steamboat since the early 1970s. Yes, I am a little older than the average full-time resident of Steamboat. We enjoyed coming here even before we owned property. My family has always participated in the idea that buying local helps support those who live here. That is something we have always recognized and chosen to do. There is no doubt we have paid more than we had to for goods and services over the years here because of that notion. Our family considers it important to participate in our Steamboat community even though we are not here all the time. Unlike my friend, chicago, I am aware of a significant portion of our community in Steamboat that do not live here all the time. The ones I know that fall into that category are exactly the kind of quality people I want to be around. Wish I could be around them full-time. I cannot. That is life.

I can play less golf. When I do play, I can find a way to play golf somewhere other than at Haymaker. It will be okay.

Thanks for your advice, chicago. But I will not be buying additional vacation property during my lifetime. But I will tell my kids, my friends and their kids and everyone else I know to be very careful about where they buy their property.

Now that times are a little bit economically tougher, I find that some people are very eager to put part-time residents into a group that should not be heard from. Just send your money. I believe that many others in Steamboat might be a little more aware than the City Council, the Haymaker advisers and their good pal chicago shows himself or herself to be.


Scott Wedel 7 years ago

Property taxes are not paid to the City of SS. The city does not have a property tax. The county and various districts (such as library) have property taxes.

The golf course wants to grant as few reduced rate rounds to locals as possible. Granting a locals discount is part of the golf course history and is probably impossible politically to end. Thus, they redefined local to those that are full time residents.


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