Oak Creek to consider cultivation moratorium

Town Board wants time to craft marijuana law after dispensary approval


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What: The Oak Creek Town Board meeting

When: 7 p.m. today

Where: Oak Creek Town Hall

— After approving a conditional license for a medical marijuana dispensary in January, the Oak Creek Town Board will consider tonight a moratorium to stop cultivation operations from gaining town approval.

At a meeting at 7 p.m., the Town Board is scheduled to consider a 90-day moratorium that would prevent medical marijuana growing operations from gaining land use approval. The proposed moratorium does not address the legality of growing operations or ban growing operations from town, but states that any request for a land use change involving medical marijuana will not be processed. The moratorium, written by town attorney Bob Weiss at the request of the board, does not apply to legal grow operations started before the ordinance was passed.

“If someone applies for something that is otherwise regulated by the town’s land use process that involves the cultivation of marijuana for land use purposes, then the town would not accept that proposition,” Weiss said.

Town Clerk Karen Halter­man said the issue was raised because there had been informal inquiries into the possibility of opening a large-scale growing operation on Main Street.

Weiss said the town was not weighing in on the medical marijuana debate.

“The town’s not into the business of getting into the legality or illegality of cultivation,” Weiss said.

Board members also will consider the medical marijuana ordinance they have been discussing for several months, since Jacob Wise proposed opening a dispensary downtown. The board rejected a proposed moratorium on dispensaries at a Jan. 28 meeting, voting instead to approve a six-month conditional license as they prepared the final ordinance. The ordinance would give guidance for future dispensaries and solidify the regulations governing the current dispensary.

During hearings regarding the dispensary, dispensary members said they grew most of the marijuana out of town limits and brought it into town to sell.

The Town Board also will consider a renewal of the liquor license for the Colorado Bar and will hear from Megan Rea regarding the Global Youth Services Day planned at Soroco High School.


greenwash 7 years, 2 months ago

THere already is growing on Main Street.....Whats the problem?


freerider 7 years, 2 months ago

This is getting to be really entertaining.....I wonder who's going to win the marijuana fight for the billions of dollars at stake....??? Keep it illegal and protect drug cartels and big pharma..??? Or legalize and take all the profit away from the scumbag cartels and scumbag pharmaceudical company's ..??

There's no profit in peace so we have war

There's no profit in drug legalization so we have drug cartels and gangs

Stupid American sheep ...baaaaaa baaaaa baaaaaa

I meant stupid scared American sheep

Ron Paul says stop all wars...Iraq , Afganistan , and the drug war , audit the fed and get rid of the IRS

Ron Paul 2012 peace on Earth goodwill towards men


max huppert 7 years, 2 months ago

I am with ya Freerider RON PAUL 2012 !!!!!

stupid republicans should have picked him in the first place. And whats up with my town of Oak Creek!!! Just make it legal in town the whole things a joke anyway.. What are you doing to create jobs and business, stuff is closing up fast around here and nobody wants to risk opening up anything in this town..


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