Steve Havenner: A fool will repeat


According to your article regarding Jane Norton’s recent visit to Steamboat Springs (March 1, page 3), she outlined her support for the following:

  1. Spend remaining stimulus funds on reducing the deficit instead of further stimulating our still-suffering economy

  2. Abandon the current health care legislation.

  3. Cut taxes for corporations, estates and payroll.

  4. Eliminate the Department of Education.

  5. Kill the current cap-and-trade plans to reduce carbon emissions.

  6. Reduce government regulation.

The meeting with Jane was attended by 15 Routt County residents (I assume by invitation only). I’m wondering if they are the last 15 people in the county to support the failed policies that have created our current economy and destruction of the middle class. It is a fool who repeatedly follows the same policies while expecting different results.

 Steve Havenner

Steamboat Springs


sledneck 7 years, 1 month ago

It is a fool who thinks we can get out of debt by going further in debt. It is a fool who thinks the pending healthcare legislation will improve medical care. It is a fool who thinks corporations pay taxes. It is a fool who thinks the department of education is worth a tinkers dam. It is a fool who thinks cap and trade legislation is about reducing carbon emission. It is a fool who thinks more government is the answer.


JLM 7 years, 1 month ago

I would have to second sledneck's outline.


sledneck 7 years, 1 month ago

"Stimulus Funds" are dollars taken at gunpoint from American citizens by their government. The government never spends money as carefully as private citizens. The out of control spending by our retarded big brother is enslaving us all and our posterity.

The current healthcare legislation might have a prayer in hades if it contained tort reform. It does not have tort reform because of the improper, corrupt and incestuous relationship between legislators and lawyers... especially the "pure as the driven snow" party currently in power! It might have more support if it mandated portability across state lines or other aspects that empowered individuals but that is not what socialists really seek, is it? The party currently in power barely has the stomach for the crap. Why should anyone else?

Corporations never pay taxes. Whenever you hear some nitwit talking about how corporations should pay more taxes what they are really saying is that every person on Earth who does business with that company should pay higher prices for those goods or services, every shareholder should accept less return on their investment and every employee of that company should be paid less in wages. Corporations COLLECT taxes from customers and pass them on to government. They DO NOT and will NEVER pay taxes.

Estate taxes are levied on wealth that was accumulated AFTER already paying payroll, capital gains and/ or other taxes. In many cases the wealth was the result of price appreciation over many years. If a person buys property with after tax dollars and in 100 years it is worth much more why in gods name does that entitle government to a single dime if it?

The department of education is a perfect example of government failure.

When someone advocates for more government, higher taxes, more regulation and more control what they are really doing is giving us a glimpse into their heart, mind and soul. Their greed and jealousy wants government to do for them what they can not legally do for themselves; namely, to use its power to take from others, whom they consider undeserving, and give some of it to them.

They presume to understand the complex circumstances by which others earned wealth. They know that they will never achieve the wealth others have and, rather than examine their own shortcommings, laziness or ignorance, they employ the age-old creed..."misery loves company". Instead of admitting that their work ethic, education or tenacity is insufficient they label others whom they don't even know as "greedy", "dishonest" or "privileged". Once their fellow citizens are labeled undeserving their wholesale robbery by the state is morally acceptable to these dullards. They never stop to ponder that, at some point, when all the "rich bastards" are gone THEY will be the "rich bastard" in the crosshairs of the omnipotent state they cheered into power.


David Ihde 7 years, 1 month ago

All three responses are spot on with the exception about corporate taxes. Corporations do pay income taxes and they are not passed onto the consumer as no corporation can fully know how much they are going to make year to year. If they constantly passed the cost of income tax onto the consumer, it would lead to never ending price increases! The consumer would never stand for that. Instead it is a balance sheet and cash flow item. Having said that, corporate income taxes should be slashed in half at the very least as there is no excuse for the U.S. having the second highest corporate tax rate in the world! Steve, we have not cut corporate tax rates only to end up with the second highest. That does not add up. So you could not be more wrong!

As for other taxes on corporations that are up front and readily measured they can be passed onto the consumer only to the extent of the steepness of their demand curve. The steeper the curve the more than can pass onto the consumer. The flatter the curve, the less can be passed on.


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