Cannabis Ministry seeks Boulder County disciples

Activists hope religious protections will apply to nonmedical pot uses


— The first time Roger Christie smoked pot, he got high, in more ways than one.

"It fed me spiritually in a way I didn't even know I needed," he said. "I felt whole and complete."

The Steamboat Springs native went on to found The Hawaii Cannabis (THC) Ministry, a church where marijuana is the sacrament, 10 years ago in Hilo and has since been spreading the ganja gospel around the country — and now around Colorado.

An effort last year to establish a Cannabis Ministry branch in Boulder didn't pan out, but now longtime marijuana activist and Nederland dispensary owner Kathleen Chippi has been ordained as a minister in the church and plans to open Closer to the Heart Ministries in the mountain town sometime next month.

New state regulations have left many medical marijuana dispensaries with an uncertain future, and doctors who recommend marijuana are under increased scrutiny. Frustrated by these developments, some activists are turning to the as-yet-untested idea that marijuana use is protected under the First Amendment's guarantee of religious freedom. They hope that will provide a way for more people to use cannabis without government interference.

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Jeff_Kibler 6 years, 10 months ago

A friend in college, once he passed the bar, defended the Venus Life Church. It was his first case.

The Venus Life Church proclaimed that live sex acts were sacraments, per se.

In downtown Seattle, of all places.

My friend Al lost his first case.


bandmama 6 years, 10 months ago

I'm all for freedoms... many have given their lives so that we may practice what we believe in. But..... I think certain acts of worship should be kept to oneself. HEY!!!!! Live sex "acts"???? Could be a moneymaker for the Chief, as well as allowing freedom of worship....RIGHT??? (yes a bit of dripping sarcasm....) Even me, as someone who supports the right to smoke, finds this a little bit wrong. I have no problem of using certain natural extracts in the process of worship, has been used for centuries for clarity and self exploration of ones mind But I think that there is usually more to said religious practices and the substance itself is not the theme of worship. This pushes the boundries and makes a mockery of legitimate users of said substance and any religeon.


nurmidst 6 years, 9 months ago

When i first read this i was going to warn people that if you get involved with this movement you would likely be arrested, well yesterday Roger Christie and 13 of his associates were arrested in Hawaii by the Dea, IRS and local authorities for the second time this year unless you want to go to jail for the cause stay away.


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