Mike Lyons: Apologies and congratulations


In the interest of preserving and protecting the sacred principle of honesty, I would like to convey a deep heartfelt apology to both the editor and the good readers of this newspaper. Two weeks ago, this fine publication printed a letter of mine that I signed with an alias — a pen name. By no means was my intention to be deceitful or misguiding; I merely used an anagram of my full name. Although I have no reason for doing such, and I realize there is no excuse for my action, my hope is that you, dear reader, can look past this misjudgment.

Having said that, congratulations are in order to the good people of Massachusetts for electing an independent thinker to sit in the people’s seat of their state’s Senate. My only hope is that the rest of this great nation will follow suit in the upcoming elections and begin the return to a constitutional government the likes of which our founding fathers intended.

Mike Lyons



dave fisher 7 years, 1 month ago

Although I have no reason for doing such"... really, Mike?

how about dipping your toe into the pool of the "sacred principle of honesty" and just admitting "because i thought i could get away with doing something so stupid" instead, Mike?

you so-called "apology" has all of the sincerity of that of a 3rd grader, caught doing something that they knew better than to do and then offering up a smarmy explanation because they think it will get 'em a free pass to go outside and play some more. your transparent attempts to butter our collective bread with platitudes such as "good readers", "fine publication" (hak, hak...) and "dear reader" fall flat as you stick out your tongue and go skipping through the door in your last paragraph.

if you really meant it, you should have just held it to a real, honest and sincere apology, right here and now, for your deliberate misrepresentation, and come back another time with more of the same drivel you spouted anonymously in the first go-around.

your kind of hypocrisy is no different than that suffered under the Bush-Cheney regime, for 8 years wiping their collective... noses... on your revered Constitution all the while running this great nation into the gutter. draping yourself in the Flag while saying one thing and then doing another is why you (and those of your ilk) will never have any credibility.

sorry, Mike. you still FAIL


sledneck 7 years, 1 month ago

Mike, No matter what you do they will always direct their hate at you because they hate your message. One of the comments about your last letter actually criticized anonimity. They did so anonomously. Funny!

Keep it up. I so enjoy witnessing the pure rage to which these individuals can be driven by mere words. Just seeing them all worked up in my minds eye keeps me warm on these cold NW CO nights.


mmjPatient22 7 years, 1 month ago

So....you didn't want to be "deceitful or misguiding" but you chose to misguide people, as to your real name, by using an anagram? Very interesting.

And...."here's my apology for using a pseudonym, but I'm going to insert my political opinion in NEWS print one more time." Classy.


Scott Wedel 7 years, 1 month ago

First, the "apology" failed to mention that he lied to the SB Pilot person that contacted him and asked if the false name had submitted a letter to the editor. I do not understand how he or anyone could consider that to be neither "deceitful or misguiding".

Second, it is bad manners and undermines the sincerity of the apology to finish the "apology" by gloating over news of your side winning some battle.

It is pretty sad when someone's apology causes others to think less of that person than before the apology. An apology is supposed to be acknowledging a mistake and asking to be forgiven.


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