Karen Vail: To all dog owners


— I just had a nice walk through Stehley Park and along Butcherknife Creek that was ruined by disgusting amounts of dog poop. My dog loved all the smelly piles, of course, but it is just plain gross to me.

Your dog’s poop will be there for our children to play in come spring and as they walk along the trails to school each day.

Your dog’s poop will wash down into our streams with the spring thaw. With this goes all the bacteria, diseases and drugs our dogs excrete.

Your dog’s poop will feed local wildlife, where they will also consume the bacteria, diseases and drugs from our dogs.

Be proud of your community and be responsible for your dog. Pick up your dog’s poop. Put a bag in your pocket, pick up the poop and throw it in the many trash cans the city generously provides. Everyone will appreciate your cooperation and consideration.

Karen Vail and Ginny dog

Steamboat Springs


exduffer 6 years, 3 months ago

Thanks Karen. The kids at Laurel Street pre-school hardly use the park because of these reckless dog owners.


Zed 6 years, 3 months ago

Dear fellow dog owners,

I would suggest one of these great poop bag devices at the link below, so you never forget to bring a bag again. It can attach to your leash(hopefully you are leashing your dogs?) and can hold multiple bags. Buy it along with 300 bags for less than $10 and do your community a favor. We have too many lazy dog owners in town!


Thank you.


Tamera Manzanares 6 years, 3 months ago

Can't wait for spring when bike paths and trails will be lined with steaming piles of poo. What is it about winter that makes people think the stuff will just disappear? Anyone who receives a daily newspaper can help by saving the plastic bags and stuffing them into a holder on the nearest bike path or trail.


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