Janet Zacher: Don't ignore Pearl Harbor anniversary


Way to ignore a pivotal day in American history! Does Dec. 7, 1941, ring any bells for what happened at Pearl Harbor? It was the day America got into the second World War. Not any mention of it in Tuesday’s paper. Maybe next year, Tom Ross could do a story on Pearl Harbor day and all the lives that were lost when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor instead of stupid magpies.


bill schurman 6 years, 3 months ago

Although I was born in 1943 I have the the most respect for those service men and woman who lost their lives in this horrible attack and to those who survived. GOD bless those who fought the battles (and to many who have their lives) of World War II and kept this country free from the those who sought to over-rule our country. Again GOD bless. I for one shall never forget that horrible day. Soon all who were there will be gone, hopefully not forgotten.


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