Hig Roberts: Time to step up our green game


— The recent offshore wind power line investment by Google and other firms along the Atlan­tic Coast marks a monumental steppingstone in Amer­­ica’s fight for energy independence via clean resources. Finally, the day has come that big corporations have approached this vital issue. If this project is carried out, it could be the greatest renewable energy success America has seen and the model for several more projects across the country to follow.

Now that corporate America has begun to invest concern and money in the environment, it is the duty of every American citizen to help promote a more sustainable future. For so long, the environmental movement has thrived on a relatively grass-roots campaign composed of a small percentage of people, but now with the support of big corporations, it becomes more clear that we all as individuals need to take a giant step toward sustainability.


Fred Duckels 6 years, 4 months ago

Hig, The corporations are in it for the money, basically subsidies from the taxpayers. Many jumped into bed with Obama on health care, they are looking to profit. They do not have the consumer or our 14T debt in mind, they just pass along the costs. Right now we need bang for the buck and cannot afford power that is completely absurd from a total cost point. Wind and solar would be nice if we could solve the problems and associated costs. Excel would gladly burn peanut shells to produce power, they are guaranteed a profit.


Scott Wedel 6 years, 4 months ago

Google's power line would help offshore wind farms, but it is financially justified by serving as a transmission line between Virginia and New York so it could sell electricity from Virginia into New York.. That power line is more of a story about how states regulations have stopped anyone else from adding needed high voltage transmission lines in the northeast corridor than it is about green energy. It says something to me about our country having lost sight of critical economic needs when we cannot make needed improvements to our electrical grid.

Since Virginia politicians like their cheap power there has been precious little support voiced from Virginia and it may be difficult to get regulatory approvals.


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