Steamboat’s Todd Lodwick leads the lead chase group on the first lap of the 10-kilometer cross-country skiing race that capped the Continental Cup Nordic combined event on Sunday at the Romick Rodeo Arena in downtown Steamboat Springs. Lodwick already had made up 26 seconds in the first kilometer of the race. He went on to track down the leader and easily win his second Continental Cup Nordic combined title in Steamboat Springs in as many days.

Photo by Joel Reichenberger

Steamboat’s Todd Lodwick leads the lead chase group on the first lap of the 10-kilometer cross-country skiing race that capped the Continental Cup Nordic combined event on Sunday at the Romick Rodeo Arena in downtown Steamboat Springs. Lodwick already had made up 26 seconds in the first kilometer of the race. He went on to track down the leader and easily win his second Continental Cup Nordic combined title in Steamboat Springs in as many days.

Steamboat's Lodwick dominates final Continental Cup event



Winter Sports Club skier Michael Ward works his way through the 10-kilometer cross-country ski race on Sunday while competing in the Continental Cup Nordic combined event in Steamboat Springs.


Sebastian Reuschel checks behind him as Steamboat's Todd Lodwick closes the gap on the second lap of a five-lap, 10-kilometer cross-country ski race that was the final part of the weekend's two-competition Nordic combined Continental Cup event in Steamboat Springs. Lodwick easily caught the German Reuschel and went on to win his second event of the weekend.


Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club skier Cliff Field charges up a hill Sunday during the Continental Cup Nordic combined event in Steamboat Springs. Field went on to finish 36th.

— Todd Lodwick can’t strap on skis for a Continental Cup competition without being reminded that in the world of Nordic combined, he’s old.

“It’s crazy. One of the Japanese kids competing here was born Dec. 4, 1993, the same day I won my first Continental Cup in Lillehammer, Norway,” Lod­­wick said. “Now a lot of the guys I’m competing against, I competed against the dads when I started.”

But Lodwick proved Sunday, for the second time in the weekend, that 34 is the new 21, and that when it comes to his sport on his hill and his track in his town, he’s ageless.

Lodwick dominated the second day of the Continental Cup event in Steamboat Springs. He didn’t lay out his best jump, entering the cross-country race in eighth place and 36 seconds off the lead.

It didn’t matter. As the entire field and a small but loud regiment of skiing supporters expected, Lodwick charged ahead during the skate-skiing portion of the race and won handily, sweeping the two-competition weekend event in his hometown.

“It’s never easy,” Lodwick said. “For me, it’s never a given until the race is over. … The day I’m not nervous before a race is the day I need to hang it up.”

Maybe it’s not easy for him, but he sure makes it look that way.

Lodwick started in eighth place after his morning ski jump fell 4.5 meters behind the leader, Sebastian Reuschel, of Germany, who set the tone with a 95-meter leap off Howelsen Hill’s 100-meter hill. That leap gave Reuschel a 10-second jump on the field and 36 seconds on Lodwick.

Lodwick already was at the front of the chase pack halfway through the first of five laps on the 2-kilometer course in and around Brent Romick Rodeo Arena at the foot of Howelsen Hill.

He quickly dumped that group, leading teammate Eric Camerota away from the pack, before eventually running down, to no one’s surprise, Reuschel.

Lodwick finished in 23 minutes, 35.6 seconds.

“Lodwick is very quick so I had no chance,” Reuschel said. “I’m very happy. Second best is very good.”

Reuschel finished about 40 seconds back, in 24:14. Germany’s Fabian Riessle made it two-of-three for his country on the podium with a remarkable third-place finish.

Riessle, fourth in Saturday’s competition, had the 31st best jump. He flew past all but two of those contenders, however, fighting in a pack that spent most of the race trying to track down Camerota.

They got him on the final lap and he finished 10th.

The Germans had two more in the top seven, with Manuel Faisst in fifth and Wolfgang Boesl in seventh.

Local United States athletes early in their careers fared well in the 52-competitor event.

Nick Hendrickson was 16th, Erik Lynch 29th, Brett Denney 31st, Cliff Field 36th, Adam Loomis 44th, Michael Ward 46th, Aleck Gantick 47th and Spencer Knickerbocker 51st.

All but Hendrickson and Knickerbocker ski for the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.

“It was a great event, fantastic,” said club Nordic combined director Todd Wilson, instrumental in Steamboat playing host to the event. “It’s always worth it. The big highlight for us was to see guys like Cliff Field and Erik Lynch score Continental Cup points for the first time. It’s so valuable for us to bring this event to Steamboat.”

Bryan Fletcher leads US at World Cup in Lillehammer

Steamboat skiers shined on Nordic combined’s relatively small stage and Bryan Fletcher helped ensure Ski Town USA would look good on the big one, as well.

Fletcher nailed down his second strong Nordic combined World Cup showing in as many days Sunday, finishing 26th in an event at Lillehammer.

France’s Jason Lamy-Chap­­puis won while Fletcher led the American contingent. Fletcher finished 1:16 back, but actually gained ground on the Olympic gold medalist during the cross-country race.

Billy Demong was 38th at the event, and Taylor Fletcher was 48th.

It was a nice day for Bryan Fletcher but still not what the team has in mind for the season.

“It was a little better but definitely not up to our expectations,” U.S. Nordic combined coach Chris Gilbertson said in a press release. “Bryan jumped OK, Billy jumped better, but not where we expect him to be.

“As far as the cross-country race, we thought we would be skiing faster and we’re still trying to figure it out. We thought coming out of the final camp in Park City we would be faster. It’s definitely a little frustrating.”


Nordic Excavating FIS Nordic Combined Continental Cup

Howelsen Hill


  1. Todd Lodwick 23:35.6
  2. Sebastian Reuschel 24.14.2
  3. Fabian Riessle 24.19.3
  4. Joergen Graabak 24.20.3
  5. Manuel Faisst 24:21.8
  6. Harald Lemmerer 24.26.9
  7. Wolfgang Boesl 24:30.5
  8. Tobias Kammerlander 24:34.8
  9. Aldo Leetoja 24:36.2
  10. Eric Camerota 24:37.1
  11. Marco Pichlmayer 24:39.9
  12. Markus Foerster 24:41.9
  13. Geoffrey LaFrage 24:42.1
  14. Carlos Kammerlander 24:53.4
  15. Johannes Firn 24:53.6
  16. Nick Hendrickson 24:54.5
  17. Nicolas Martin 24:56.3
  18. Shun Yamamoto 24:58.8
  19. Florian Pinel 25:01.1
  20. Samuel Guy 25:03.4
  21. Ivan Panin 25:03.5
  22. Volodymyr Trachuk 25:06.1
  23. Wesley Savill 25:06.8
  24. Kail Piho 25:07.3
  25. Sergej Maslennikov 25:07.9
  26. Robert Hauser 25:10.5
  27. Dimitry Matveev 25:12.7
  28. Johannes Weiss 25:12.7
  29. Erik Lynch 25:20.3
  30. Reruhi Shimizu 25:27.1
  31. Brett Denney 25:41.1
  32. Steffen Tepel 25:41.3
  33. Mark Schlott 25:47.4
  34. Benjamin Kreiner 25:49.0
  35. Truls Soenstehagen 25:47.4
  36. Cliff Field 25:54.9
  37. Konstantin Voronin 26:19.0
  38. Dominik Dier 26:26.8
  39. Tomas Matura 26:31.1
  40. Mikke Leinonen 26:36.7
  41. Lukas Havranek 26:37.0
  42. Ales Vodsedalek 26:53.5
  43. Sebastien Dandurand 27:11.6
  44. Adam Loomis 27:14.3
  45. Jussi Salo 27:16.2
  46. Michael Ward 27:21.7
  47. Aleck Gantick 27:24.0
  48. Jesse Jaeaeskelaeinen 28:04.6
  49. Chanon Pretorius 28:13.5
  50. Viktor Pasichnyk 29:52.0
  51. Spencer Knickerbocker 29:59.9


thesteamboatgal 6 years, 4 months ago

Actually Cliff Field won his first ever Continental Cup points last year in Europe. Cliff won Continental Cup points again this season during Saturday's race, and Erik Lynch won his first ever points this weekend, earning them both days Saturday and Sunday. It was a great weekend of competition.

And regarding the spectators, I asked one of the German's who was here doing the video marking and calculations for the event, since they work all the Continental Cup events world-wide, how the size of our crowd compares to the usual turn-out in Europe. I was assuming the crowds would be many times larger in Europe because of the popularity of the sport there, but he said that it was a good turn-out; they are pretty small in Europe for the Continental Cup circuit. It's the World Cup circuit that draws the big crowds. That made me feel better. And as it was, we had quite a good crowd with cow bells clanging and a chorus of cheers especially as our hometown guys made their laps through the rodeo arena!

Next weekend many of the the athletes will head over to Park City to compete in the Continental Cup there, before it heads overseas for the remainder of the season. Some of the younger Steamboat guys who are still in high school plan to head over to Europe in the Spring for another Continental Cup and another chance at scoring points this year. So stay tuned!


thesteamboatgal 6 years, 4 months ago

A big Thank You to all the community volunteers that helped make the Continental Cup in Steamboat such a huge success!!!

Jump Hill Set Up Crew:

Susan Colfer Dave Meissner David Moulton Wiley Thayer Dave Ruppel Matt Gantick John Field Pat Arnone Sam Chovan

Judge's Tower:

Glenn Jones Larry Glueck Michelle Isaeff Brenda Madden Susana Field Patty Chovan

Jump Bib Collectors:

Luther Berntson Kathy McKinstry Becky Ward

Jump Hill Distance Markers:

Dan Vargas Fred Fuller Matt Lavington Jay Petersen David Moulton Hans Berend Dan Chovan Dennis Lodwick John Field Scott Berry Julie Green Theresa Lichtenselfs Chrissy Lynch Dave Meissner Wiley Thayer Matt Gantick Cindy Gantick Rick Denney Rosanne Iversen Al Rosenthal Chip Von Thaden

Athlete's Lunch Helpers:

Kathi Meyers Jill Ruppel Susan Colfer Nancy Good

Race Course Set Up & Tear Down:

Phil White Wade Gebhardt John Field Heidi Hannah Frankie Hannah John Weinman Wiley Thayer Matt Gantick Chrissy Lynch

Race Marshalls:

Sharon Rogan Smith David Smith Nancy Good Billy Jankowski Robyn Pillow Cindy Gantick

Video Monitor:

Jeff Good

Volunteers on Organizing Committee:

Jim Peterson Kathi Meyers David Gerhart Glenn Jones Larry Glueck Michelle Isaeff Susana Field Brendan Doran

(My apologies to anyone whose name I left off.)

If you would like to volunteer to help with future Nordic combined events, or would just like to be notified of future events via email, and are not already on my Nordic combined Fans' email list, please email me or call and I will notify you of future events. Thanks!

Susana Field, Volunteer Coordinator for Nordic combined events or 970-846-3728


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