Mark Wilson and Roxann Ranney: Appreciate Routt County Search and Rescue


— My wife and I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Routt County Search and Rescue volunteers for their response to our call for help when we became lost while snowshoeing on Buffalo Pass on Nov. 27. We set out on a two-hour hike but selected the wrong route, and because of my belief that we were headed in the right direction, we ventured too far into the backcountry and became disoriented.

Fortunately, we reached a high enough elevation that cell phone reception was available and we were able to contact Search and Rescue and explain our predicament.

Jim Linville responded to our call, helped assess our situation and determined that it would be best to stay put, build a fire and wait for help.

A fantastic team of rescuers made the arduous trek to our location and then led us down to a lower elevation where snowmobiles awaited to return us to our starting point.

A special thanks to Morgan and Ross for leading us down and to the whole Routt County Search and Rescue team for volunteering their time to help. We would also like to thank our neighbors and friends for their concerns and help with this 12-hour ordeal. 

In the future I won’t be so hard-headed and will listen to my wife and will turn around when the route is questionable.


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