Jim Randall: Karl Rove protest


I was disheartened to see an announcement of a group planning to meet at 12:30 p.m. Saturday on the courthouse lawn to protest the “Karl Rove” Freedom Conference. It advised to “bring cookies and a positive attitude,” which I perceive is anything but positive. We are an eclectic community where I have found people to appreciate and respect the views of others. I am disappointed when any one of our citizens would do anything but welcome a visitor to Steamboat, regardless of political persuasion, which never was an issue in our outstanding Seminars at Steamboat series this summer. The mere announcement of Saturday’s event was a display of rudeness toward a visitor that is beneath the dignity of Steamboat.

Jim Randall

Steamboat Springs


dmaz101 6 years, 8 months ago

Mr. Randall, you are absolutely right! And, I'm sure that Mr. Rove would also "appreciate and respect the views of others" and understand that the protesters are exercising their constitutional right to protest his appearance at the Steamboat Grand. It is also a constitutional right to ask why Karl Rove is being hailed as any type of moral leader?


Scott Wedel 6 years, 8 months ago

I'd expect that someone with a strong partisan background such as Karl Rove is not offended by a few protesters. If anything, those protesters show that Karl Rove is still relevant. Thus, if his visit interests protesters then it will also interest supporters so his talk is likely to be well attended and he'll be able to sell signed books.

I think the far bigger fear for a partisan like Karl Rove is that we lose interest in what he has to say.


George Fargo 6 years, 8 months ago

I was disheartened by your disingenuous statement. If Karl Rove came to town as a visitor on his summer vacation, I am sure he would be welcome. But he came here as a hired speaker to espouse his political views. Rove, more than any other one individual in this country, is responsible for the mean-spirited, undignified, rude political discourse we now endure. In Texas I had to live through three negative campaigns to put George Bush into office. They appealed to the fear and darker instincts in voters. Nothing seemed to be off limits when an opposition candidate was trashed. The Cookie Exchange was a peaceful (no bullhorns, no shouting) and positive gathering of folks that disapprove of Karl Rove for what he has done to this country. We love our country and were happy to take it back from him in 2008. And I believe the Constitution grants us the right to peaceably exchange cookies. By the way, the cookies were as delicious as the conversation was positive and enlightening.

And comparing this slanted "Freedom" event to the Steamboat Seminars is also disingenuous. I was only able to attend the last one, but it seems that this series is designed to bring thoughtful, non-partisan speakers to Steamboat, not political extremists spouting a negative agenda.


freerider 6 years, 7 months ago

Karl Rove has done more harm than good for America and he deserves to be protested and should be .....and this guy thinks it rude to be protesting him...but it's fine if Rove uses the Constitution and Bill of right as TOILET PAPER


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