Oak Creek board wants parks agency

Town Board prefers department instead of having regional district


— After hearing about the complicated legal proceedings that it would take to make an official parks and recreation district in South Routt County, trustees on the Oak Creek Town Board opted instead to look into creating a town department.

They made the decision at their Thursday meeting after hearing from Richard Sales, the associate director for the Colorado Center for Community De­­­­­velopment.

“It seemed like it would be a lot more hassle than it’s worth, and we could get the same thing done with a department instead of a district,” Mayor Nikki Knoebel said Friday.

The town would have had to go before a judge and put the issue to a vote by everybody who lives within the district if they wanted to create it as an independent governmental body. That also would have taken much of the control of events away from the town.

Trustee Chuck Wisecup said there didn’t appear to be much interest from the surrounding areas, based on attendance at the meeting.

“That’s not to say that there won’t be some interested people from other parts of the area,” he said. “It’s going to kind of end up being a focus group to begin with.”

The Town Board will begin to compile a list of projects that could benefit from a parks and recreation department and will decide how to proceed with parks master plans from there, Wisecup said.

One of the projects, the Oak Creek Community Garden, will begin in May, after the board gave its blessing. The garden organizers are slated to return in September with a more formal plan to be approved by the board.

COPS grant

After not winning a federal grant to hire three police officers during last year’s funding cycle, the Town Board opted to reapply this year and request only one officer.

The Community Oriented Policing Services grant would pay for the officer or officers for three years, but it requires that the town pick up the cost after that time for at least one more year. Knoebel said that after discussing the issue with Lance Dunaway, the Oak Creek Police Department’s sole officer, the town scaled back the request.

“We just think three was a little too many for the town, and we discussed this with Lance, and we’re happy with the job he has done,” she said. “He basically said he thinks Oak Creek could definitely use one more cop.”

Wisecup, who also is a police commissioner, said he would refile the application for this year.


kathy foos 7 years ago

What about Yampa doing it then?Phippsburg?It might not work unless everyone gets behind it in South Routt,No one said in the paper , interested partys must show up at the meeting to show supportI think that it would need to be out of town,if it is like the one in Glenwood,it would be too large for Oak Creek (unless they use the park,even that would not be big enough.)Tourist's would stop to use it,Stagecoach area ?If its too complicated maybe help from the rest of South Routt is needed.If anyone really wants their kids to have something to do ,now is the time to move your butts to help and get this done.Seniors need it,youth need it,tourist need it and taxpayers need to have fun too!Just get it done this time,If it cant be done now it never will.There are people in this end of the valley ,lived here their whole lives without a pool.A place to work out.Show the kids how to work together to create a community.


max huppert 7 years ago

So what are they even thinking about doing? would be nice if the artical told us what plans, thoughts, ideas the board has, and location? would also like to know why we would need more then one police officer? is there things the public needs to know? has crime increased, what type of crime should we be concerned about?


Scott Wedel 7 years ago

Decker Park in OC is a very nice park. OC also has the ice rink. Yampa and Pburg also have nice parks. Not quite sure what a park district was supposed to do other than add administrative and overhead costs.

Kids do not lack "things to do" because of a lack of parks. The younger kids have plenty to do. The issue is the older kids that don't want to do this and don't want to do that. Some of them have parental supervision that allow or cannot stop them from consistently being out at 1 am during the summer. The challenge there is talking to them and finding out what this particular group is interested in this summer and then seeing if that can be made easier. Maybe the county's shuttle van for seniors could be used once or twice a week to shuttle teens to Stagecoach Lake in the morning and bring them back in the afternoon if the kids want to sun and swim.


max huppert 7 years ago

Scott we argree, isnt that nice :) maybe they could put in a 40 foot high slide, more advanced monkey bars.

I would still like to see a trail from OC to Steamboat that could be used for bikers, 4-wheeler, horse.. then put in a horse stable on main street so people from SB could ride horse to OC and have lunch. need to think more fun ideas,, Make it happen board.


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