Leslie Faulkner: Sham-ed if you do


Thank you, Mr. Short, for a well-written letter to the editor (“Business a sham,” April 11 Steamboat Pilot & Today) finally verbalizing what we have all been concerned about for years: First, a medical marijuana dispensary, next, an abortion clinic. And what’s next? A “topless dancing program”? A “pornographic store”?

Before we all know it, the fair town of Oak Creek will be inundated with knife-wielding abortion butchers, pot dens and strippers.

Pardon the sarcasm, but to take the space-age leap from medical marijuana to abortions is, well, how can I say this in a polite and politically correct way? I consider your letter to the editor to be a fictional, backwards assumption with just a sprinkling of medical marijuana fact.

Let’s for a minute, take this Great Recession, mix in elevating unemployment, a freeze on building, a real estate bust, the high cost of living in Routt County and low wages, consumer nonconfidence, and what do you get when you finally see a little light at the end of it? Industry. Small-business startups. A spike in entrepreneurship always follows post-recessionary periods.

I think the Town Board of Oak Creek acted with a sincere, open mind in the best interest of the entire community, not in the “specious” way you described. Specious also is known as “seeming to be genuine but not really so.” I had to look that one up.

Whether it’s apples or alcohol, many great businesses still alive and kicking today started and prospered after the Great Depression.

Speaking of alcohol, its abuse can cause damage to nearly every organ and system in the body. Alcoholics likely will (not just potentially) come down with everything from cancer to central nervous system diseases. Or, drunk and insane, they will cause fatal car accidents, kill themselves or engage in cold-blooded murder. Eighty-five percent of incarcerated persons in America have substance and alcohol issues. My educated guess is that pot smokers were not counted in these statistics.

You implied that medical marijuana dispensaries would have some sort of negative influence on “teens and pre-teens.” I take this to mean you consider marijuana a gateway drug. Having the mind-set that marijuana leads to something worse is like thinking a triple Starbucks espresso is a gateway to cocaine snorting. Actually, alcohol has been proven the gateway drug to pot smoking. Go figure.

The bottom line is that a medical marijuana dispensary is not going to suddenly cause 12-year-olds to abruptly start toting bongs around in their backpacks anymore than legalizing alcohol after prohibition made more people alcoholics.

If you are 21, you can legally drink yourself to death if you want to. As far as I know, there are hundreds of physical, medical and mental benefits to smoking pot and not one person has ever died of a pot overdose. All the while, the legal drug (alcohol) kills people right and left. Accept the facts, Mr. Short: Marijuana will soon be completely legal in the state of Colorado, including Steamboat, Craig and even Oak Creek — because baby steps were taken by the medical marijuana dispensaries. The medical marijuana dispensaries are the necessary gateway to arriving at the final destination: the complete legalization of marijuana.

The decision by the Town of Oak Creek is not a “sham,” Mr. Short. They deserve huge props for standing up, speaking out and acting for the good of all. Now at least some folks can start putting food on the table and gas in the car again. Oh, and a handful of senior citizens may just have an appetite for the first time in years, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Leslie Faulkner

Steamboat Springs


mmjPatient22 5 years, 1 month ago

C'mon now!!! Keep on preachin', preacher!!! Can I get a hemp-allujah?!?!!


sledneck 5 years, 1 month ago

Seriously dudes; the obsession with weed is getting way long-in-the-tooth. Smoke 'em if you got 'em; if you're not into it good for you. Please, both sides give it a f....n rest.


dave reynolds 5 years ago

completely agree sledneck...it used to be entertianing to read the blogs from both sides..but it is getting old


mmjPatient22 5 years ago

It'll be old when they repeal the antiquated, unjust legislation that criminalizes innocent people that use a PLANT. Until then, how do you propose that I(we) just accept the unjust laws the way they are?


sledneck 5 years ago

I don't propose that you accept them. I don't like them either. But you are preaching to the choir here. Take your arguments to those with whom you have a grievance. The people here mostly agree with you and trust me, MOSTLY is as good as you're gonna get.


mmjPatient22 5 years ago

Look, I'm not here in hopes of converting the other side. I'm a bull-headed Swede But I'm going to combat the lies that they thrive on and I'm going to agree with those that hold similar views. So, if you wanna get all butt-hurt(6 days after the fact) about my original emphatic agreement with the above article, I don't know what to tell you. I guess I'll just wait for you to post your next comment and then tell you how old it's getting that you have that viewpoint. So just to be clear, I wasn't really putting my "argument" out there in the first place, unless support of an article is, somehow, arguing. And if you think this is the sole forum that I express my opinion(s) in, you're mistaken.


blue_spruce 5 years ago

i missed the article by "Mr. Short" - but man, does that guy sound OLD. i guess that this a bright spot in all the back and forth here: most of the negativity regarding medical marijuana is coming from people who will be gone soon enough... isn't that why its called the "progressive" movement? no stopping us now, just a matter of time!


seeuski 5 years ago

The progressive movement is not new, it has been around for about a hundred years and it has been defeated before as it will again. But enjoy your moment in the sun because as the American people wake up to your designs on this great Country they will reject your movement as they have in the past. See you in November and yes, Palin2012 as you sarcastically say. Love it.


sledneck 5 years ago

No, Spruce, thats not why they call it a progressive movement. They call it that because if they called it what it really is, communism, it would have less support. It was called progressive many years ago till its name became associated with stuff that pissed off so many people they had to start calling it liberal. For the past 30+ years the term liberalism has come to be hated and despised. Knowing that fools have no knowledge of history they knew they could easily start calling it progressive again. So it's now progressive again just to keep the old, rotten, rancid courpse of communism from stinking everyone out of the room. Progressive, Communism, Socialism, Green, Watermelon. All the exact same stuff. All tried by Marx, Lennin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao. Killing 200 million plus in the name of "progressivism" was the change they got when they hoped in vain. The next "progressive" will have nukes. 200 million will seem like a day in the park.


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