Maynard Short: Business a sham


The responses by the new Oak Creek Town Board members to the medical marijuana question posed by the Steamboat Pilot & Today were specious.

They all essentially said that it is Colorado state law and, therefore, they are not accountable for their decision; that the Town Board was forced into making a positive decision; that they concur with the decision of the board; that they researched it thoroughly; that the town needs the revenue.

All of these comments or arguments are ignoring the fundamental fact that the town is allowing into its community a business that is to sell an illegal substance to a presumed medical subset of people. I defy each board member individually or as a group to show me the market analysis that shows a market for “sick” people who need medical marijuana in this community. It is a sham and you all know it.

The Town Board has given tacit approval for the use of marijuana beyond the medical.

Think of the way the teenagers and pre-teens look at board members. Think of the model that they have become for the community.

What if someone wanted to start an abortion clinic in the downtown business area? What if someone wanted to start a pornographic store? What if a restaurant/bar wanted to start a topless dancing program?

All of these are legitimate businesses under the state law. And they all would add to the sales tax of Oak Creek.

Would the Town Board permit these types of operations as cavalierly as it has passed the so-called medical marijuana business license? I think not.

I do not live in Oak Creek, but as a citizen of South Routt, I strongly object to the board’s decision and the path it has taken.

Maynard Short

South Routt County


Scott Wedel 7 years ago

You may consider medical marijuana to be a sham, but that is the law of the State of Colorado, passed by the people of Colorado.

I sincerely hope we never see the day in which GOVERNMENT performs market surveys and decides whether or not a business is allowed to open. If businesses were required to have market surveys showing there is a sufficient market then most of the businesses in OC would be forced to close.

What makes the United States and capitalism great is that the people decide where to invest their money with less interference from government that most anywhere else. If you want a business to be required to prove a need prior to opening then move to socialist Europe.

If allowing a medical marijuana dispensary gives tacit approval of illegal mj usage then obviously giving a liquor license to a store or a bar then tacitly approves underage drinking. In fact, the limited research to date indicates that dispensary mj, by supplying registered adults, reduces the supply of illegal mj and thus makes it harder for kids to gain access to mj.

The Town should monitor the dispensary just like liquor stores and bars to be confident that they are all only selling to legal patients/customers.


greenwash 7 years ago

Talk about a sham.....they just oenened one in Milner in a house about ready to fall down.Handicap Bathroooms and entrance???NOT


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