Laura Case: Get it right


As a member of the tea party, I am extremely tired of being called a racist, an Astroturfer and a member of an uncontrollable mob. Get your fact straight people — especially those of you who don’t like any kind of dissention from your point of view — I am an American afforded all the rights of the First Amendment by our wonderful Constitution. 

I was disappointed and dismayed that U.S. Rep. John Salazar voted for the health care bill. Prior to that infamous vote, I called all of my representatives repeatedly and told them of my opinion in a constructive, respectful manner. No response from any of them, with the exception of state Rep. Randy Baumgartner.

When the local Democrats advertised their recent fund­raiser at the end of March, I noted that Salazar was the guest speaker. I exercised my right to free speech with a large pink posterboard that read, “You’re Fired; From: Your Boss, The People” on my front windshield. At one point, I left my car unattended briefly. When Salazar drove into the parking lot, I went back to my car to retrieve the sign I had left on my windshield. Low and behold, one of those attendees had turned the sign over on my car. Had I touched or approached one of their cars, they would have had me arrested, but it is alright for them to destroy my private property in a public parking lot? 

I guess the outrageous and discourteous behavior doesn’t surprise me. This is the third time my car has been touched, and I let it go each time prior to this incident. The day after the inauguration last year, I approached my second-grader’s public school teacher in a non-threatening, respectful manner regarding the Barack Obama Activity Coloring Book (Hope & Change crossword puzzles, etc.) he was sent home with. I was offended by the handout and told her so. She was shocked as to why I would be offended. She then asked why I was offended because they had just celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day the day before. I couldn’t believe that she equated my objections to a biased viewpoint with a racist issue. I could care less what color the president is; his ideology and the deification of him is what I object vehemently to. 

For all the people on the far left and the far right, as well as the liberal-leaning media, there is an old marketing theory that 20 percent of the people consume 80 percent of the beer. The progressives on the far left and the extremists on the far right comprise that 20 percent, and they are running and ruining the show. Conversely, I am part of the 80 percent conservative, Christian, Middle America that entails old Blue Dog Dem­ocrats, Reagan Democrats, independents, Republicans and Reagan Republicans. We are the Middle America, and we are sick of being vilified as the 20 percent on either end of the spectrum.

Where has my country gone? Where are the values and principles that the country was founded on? I am sick and tired of all the politicians on both sides of the aisle. Please stand tall and make your voices heard. Read the Constitution, read the Communist Manifesto — both documents will blow your socks off. Get informed and educated before the freedom to do so is eliminated. I will be on the courthouse lawn Thursday for a peaceful protest at noon; please join me and other fed-up taxpayers. All are welcome to join us. Now does that sound like an exclusionary invitation? 

Laura Case

Steamboat Springs


sledneck 6 years, 11 months ago

But if your'e not a racist, a homophobe, a nazi, a white sepratist, a redneck, etc then what can we paint you to render your comments worthless????


oldskoolstmbt 6 years, 11 months ago

so do you throw a fit when your kid is sent home with a abraham lincoln or george washington coloring book celebrating presidents day??!!...didn't think so.


freerider 6 years, 11 months ago

Geeez Laura you have to ask where has your country gone...??
In case you haven't noticed it's been sold off to multi-national corporations

Both party's are equally guilty as they are equally owned and paid for by corporate America

The only thing missing from the fence around the white house are corporate logo's since the white house is now headquarters for the banks , insurance company's , big pharma , big oil etc. etc.

This is just another rant by a tea bagger that offers no insight or intelligence for a solution



NamVet 6 years, 11 months ago

Laura where have you been for the past 30 years? I wish you had been exercising your First Amendment rights while our country was sold off to Wall St. and the Defense Contractors. Why was it only after the last elections that you realized our country was going down the tubes? There are 4 times more Lobbyists in DC now than there were in 2000 for a reason. Our Government has been sold off to Corporate American who make big campaign contributions to the politicians of both parties. This did not all happen in just the last year. It has been alive and well since the 1980's and especially with the last Administration who threw away 6 trillion dollars of OUR money on foreign governments, Halliburton and the top 1%.. Until we throw out all who are in office right now nothing will change. The Republicans are no better than the Democrats when it comes to spending our money and they proved that during the Bush disaster.


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