Wiggins is Republican nominee for sheriff

Routt County GOP and Democrat assemblies help form primary ballots Saturday afternoon



Garrett Wiggins


Nick Bosick


David Smith Jr.

— The candidacy field for Routt County sheriff shrank Saturday.

Of three Republican candidates, only Garrett Wiggins won the 30 percent of delegate votes necessary to secure a Republican nomination for the office. Can­didates Nick Bosick and David Smith Jr. did not meet the cutoff of votes needed from the Routt County Republican Party assembly Saturday afternoon.

Because Bosick and Smith won at least 10 percent of votes from 81 delegates — Bosick took about 12.3 percent, Smith took about 14.8 percent, and Wiggins took about 72.8 percent — they do have the option to petition onto the August Republican primary ballot. Both said they would not petition.

“I think it clearly reflects that the party is behind Garrett Wiggins,” Smith said after the assembly. “Garrett is a good guy and a sound law enforcement officer, and it looks like he’s the one that the party wants, and he has my support and backing, and I wish him good luck.”

Bosick said the Republican candidate would need full party support to run against incumbent Gary Wall, and he does not plan to petition. Local Democrats supported Wall as their candidate for sheriff at their county assembly Saturday.

Wiggins is commander of the All Crimes Enforcement Team. Bosick is a detective with the Steamboat Springs Police Department. Smith is president of the Routt County Rifle Club.

If no one enters the race through the petition process, Wiggins will be uncontested for sheriff on the Republican primary ballot Aug. 10 and will face Gary Wall in the general election Nov. 2. To get on the ballot by petition, a candidate must obtain valid signatures from a number of voters equal to 20 percent of the votes cast for that post in the last party primary.

Jim Hansen enters Routt County commissioner race

As the race for sheriff became less contested Saturday, the race for District 3 Routt County commissioner got a new contender.

Steamboat Springs real estate agent Jim Hansen announced his intent to run for commissioner at the GOP assembly. He initially announced his candidacy at a Routt County Republicans Central Committee meeting Wednesday, Hansen said.

Hansen said he has long had the desire to run for public office and thinks he is at a point in his life where it’s possible to do so. He described his background as strong in ranching and business.

Hansen is the only Repub­lican candidate for Dist­rict 3 commissioner. If no one else enters the race by petition to compete in the Republican primary, he will face incumbent Commissioner Diane Mitsch Bush, a Democrat, who previously was running unopposed. Mitsch Bush announced her intention to run for a second term in January.

Local Democrats favor Romanoff for US Senate

At their county assemblies, Democrats and Republicans selected delegates for state party assemblies to be held in May;,discussed platform issues, approved candidates for county offices and heard statements outlining campaign points from people representing candidates for regional and statewide offices.

Catherine Carson, chairwoman of Routt County Democrats, said the 83 Democratic assembly attendees participated in spirited debate about platform issues and resolutions touching on health care, financial and mortgage reform, rail transportation and a new national veterans cemetery in Colorado.

In a measure of support between two candidates for U.S. Senate, local Democrats continued to favor former state Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff. Of 26 delegates traveling to the Democratic state assembly May 22, 17 delegates will be for Romanoff and nine will be for incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet, Carson said. The number of delegates for each candidate is based on a percentage of the overall county assembly vote, she said. The numbers are nonbinding, but delegates tend to maintain their candidate support at the state level, she said.


Wayne Eller 7 years ago

Just a little info , please. Wiggins is employed by the SSPD, right? So he resigned as leader of ACET so as to not be in violation of the HATCH ACT, right? Did his resignation also cover resigning from the SSPD? Is SSPD and ACET not closely related? If he is not the winner in November, will he still have a job with the SSPD ? Is the SSPD still paying his salary ? If so , in what capacity ? Who is leading ACET ?


trump_suit 7 years ago

Funny yampa, after your comments on the Tea Party and Washington I would have expected you to be pro enforcement/pro Wiggins..

For the record, I wholeheartedly agree. Wiggins simply cannot be given the power of the Sheriff's office. I sure wish that Nick Bosick had won instead.


Cooke 7 years ago

All of this seems like a good argument for a non-politically affiliated sheriff. Why do we still have this as a political office? The chiefs of police in Steamboat and Hayden are not political offices. Those folks are in their positions because of their merit and effectiveness as law enforcers and managers. Why should the sheriff be any different? I pose the hypothesis that much of the drama we endure with the sheriff would disappear by making this a position based on professional merit rather than political affilitation.


oldskoolstmbt 7 years ago

this is false..nick is petitioning.......GO NICK..no matter what your political taste is...we need someone who is for the people....his heart is in it for the right reasons....!!!


beverly lemons 7 years ago

No drug planting, evidence tampering, old boy network vigilante Sheriff, please. Will never ever vote for Wiggins or any of his cohorts.


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