Sheriff’s Office continues investigation of Kati More


— The Routt County Sheriff’s Office investigation into Kati More and the Loggers Lane Owners Association finances is continuing, Sheriff Gary Wall said.

The investigation, following a separate investigation by the Steamboat Springs Police Department, is in response to the police and district attorney’s initial reluctance to prosecute More after she admitted to stealing and then returning about $70,000 of the association’s money.

Police and District Attorney Elizabeth Oldham have said they would like to prosecute now that other victims have said they support it. Oldham said she would wait until the Sheriff’s Office investigation is complete before she makes her decision. Wall said he didn’t know how long the investigation would take.


dave reynolds 7 years ago

what part of theft don't you understand" beenthere" bout I steal your car and return later you gunna feel the same way


trump_suit 7 years ago

How about I take two 12 packs out of your gorcery store and when tackled in the parking lot I give the manager $30 bucks. Is that still shoplifting?


JLM 7 years ago

The requirement to make restitution in the face of a crime of theft is an ordinary and normal sentence in addition to a jail sentence.

The crime is theft, felony given the amount at issue.

Why would any reasonable person allow a criminal to escape justice just because restitution has been made?


bandmama 7 years ago

Come on guys, she SAID she was sorry..... LOL!


14th_to_OAR 7 years ago

Justice4all, to pick up on your point, Oldham seems to view her role as some sort of taxpayer funded private prosecutor. A role I'm not aware of existing in the US. She should have prosecuted from the get go, not based on a prosecution popularity contest. I'm not saying throw the book at this person. I don't know enough about the case. But do something. While victim concerns should be a factor, they should not be the only factor or even the dominant factor.

I have personally witnessed a case in Summit where she simply forwarded a fax from an alleged victim rejecting a plea bargain, as if this alleged victim were one of her private clients/or deputies. Wait. Got that wrong. If it were a private client the lawyer would still respond, not pass a note from the "client." She is scum. For those who may not have seen this article about her tenure in the 14th before becoming head DA, and her time in Summit, please check it out.

And why the heck doesn't she have the guts to jump into the public fray here in the local paper. Doesn't she think the public deserves some answers? No, she's above dealing with all of us. She just likes to point fingers at others instead of looking in the mirror. As to Justice4all's question about why the wife didn't bring suit, sadly she was and still is devastated by the multi-sided betrayal inflicted by Oldham and her ex. I don't use this term lightly, but I really think LO is a sociopath, who can block everything she does wrong out of her conscience. On the bright side, I think 2012 will be a very good year.


stillinsteamboat 7 years ago

We see it over and over in our society, If you are blond and attractive you get away with robbery, literally. Kati was able to charm her way out of this one. Hopefully, not for long.


kathy foos 7 years ago

Our country is seething with rotton,corrupt white crime and this is a typical situation and its this attitude that has led to many people ripping off the public on a piece of paper,anything on paper is fairgame for theft without consequence.14 years ago a lawyer forged my signature to get an autopsy report of my dead son,I went to local cops, state cops, and federal cops about it,they all stuck together and said that since no money was taken or information used (at that point) to profit monetarily,it was o.k.That blew my mind and attitude,examples like this are the norm.Yet when my 12 year old was charged in district court in routt county with, felony criminal mischief for being in the area where another child committed a felony,he had the book thrown at him with no mercy from the last D.A..If you are a child and make a mistake to be in the wrong place at wrong time,you are a bigger criminal that this scheming bimbo.Thats what I was wondering,what to tell the children,especially when they see any one get away with stealing.White crime,the wave of the present and future .D.A."s job is to prosecute crimes,not judge,If they are going to pick and choose,they should be charged themselves for stealing their own paychecks without producing criminals to prosecute,betraying the public trust in an elected office.If the D.A. is so anxious to be a judge,proceed on that course,you are like a technician to the public welfare,like if you are fixing a broken pipe and screw up ,dont just leave it broke to keep leaking,you were paid to fix it,,,,That is stealing to take money for doing a job that you didnt complete.Since it is the public welfare that we are talking,Its criminal and endangering,viotating public trust.


oldskoolstmbt 7 years ago

sun~ EXCELLENT post....i'm trying to explain this (story) to my son...who just so happens to be having the book thrown at him for something he is not even guilty's extra hard when we know this woman from past experiences and then to sit back and watch, once again...fry the EASY fish, not the BIG ones...sickning...and i'm so sorry about your loss:( peace.


bigfatdog 6 years, 11 months ago all are so duped. this is the new USA. let's force her to have "free" health care too.


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