Tom Williams: Council listened


We, the residents of West Acres Park, would like to thank the members of the City Council for their personal interest in our concerns about the New Victory Highway.

Four of the council members - Loui Antonucci, Cari Hermacinski, Scott Quinn and Walter Magill - took the time to come out to West Acres, seeing for themselves exactly where the road is to be built.

Two weeks ago, they listened attentively to about a dozen of the residents who individually and collectively are angry about the road being built on land set aside 30 years ago as two greenbelts.

These lands were given, not to the owners of the park, but to the tenants for perpetuity.

During the years of planning, none of the 92 residents were told about the road. Only one person, the owner of the park and his associates, were informed about the road.

Why? Because, as the Steamboat Pilot & Today noted in the Sept. 15 paper, city officials claim West Acres residents "have no legal standing in the matter."

Construction of the road is expected to begin soon.

However, City Council felt differently about commencing construction. Its members felt that because none of the development projects are approved, it would be inappropriate to begin building a road with city funds.

They realized that sandwiching a road between 20 homes and two hills will greatly impact the quality of life for the residents - not to mention that it will take away two greenbelts.

Again, we thank you for listening to our concerns and standing up for those who have "no legal standing."


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