Mike Carlyle: Bring back races


Well, the big weekend in my mind has come and gone again for the year. The Steamboat Vintage Motorcycle Races were a permanent calendar date in my life for 15 years. I rented a condo for the week and never quit smiling. I would see folks I'd met there and only saw there, and I renewed distant friendships for a week every year. I got a new coffee cup at Market on the Mountain each year. I still have two of them and use one every day to remind me of the good times in life. I still have all the T-shirts.

I don't know why you quit; probably the locals got tired of the big crowd. But I never got the feeling it was too roudy. I went to Sturgis once, and that was half more than enough. You put on a classy week of bike races, and I'll always be grateful. They tried it in Utah, and it pretty much flopped from reports from friends who attended last week.

I sure wish you would reconsider. I know you could get any support you need to start back up again. I would rent a condo for that week instantly and ride my '67 R69S BMW all the way from West Virginia. Please consider having us back.


Scott Wedel 7 years, 7 months ago

The locals did not chase the races out of town. The course had become unsafe. What had been vacant land become housing with front yards and driveways along the race course. And it had become impractical to secure the course.


nxoby36 7 years, 7 months ago

the truth is: The Grand was worried that their guests wouldn't be able to come and go when they pleased during the Vintage Car and Motor Cycle Races . The Issue wasn't safety at all the whole course could have been surrounded by "Jersey Barriers " Safety never was an issue anyway as hardly ever did either a car or motor cycle leave the course . The races always shut down every couple of hours to allow any local traffic access anyway ! It took ten years to get the town booked out for these events and only one whining johnny come lately PC driven entity and a council with out a back bone to kill our last chance of the summer season to bring income and new people into the town . Many of the competitors and spectators returned for the ski season and added Steamboat to their summer vacation itinerary also . The fools should have understood that every room on the course would have been booked . Now we can say What September Guests ?


nxoby36 7 years, 7 months ago

Most of the " Vacant Land " you speak of was originally zoned as protected " Open Green Space " until the City Council's majority of greedy Realtors and Land Developers decided that the mountain area should zoned to have the same density as Manhattan . Eagle Ridge only got their permits when they promised that there would only be three major condo buildings and a minor shopping center and sports field .


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