Bill Kipper: I don't get it


There was an incident in the alley between Fourth and Fifth streets and Lincoln Avenue and Yampa Street in which a guy in his 20s deliberately pulled his truck into the path of my bike, then made faces at me, then actually chased me on foot and roared at me to try and scare me. As soon as I stopped and confronted him, his bad-boy attitude suddenly disappeared. What was that all about? This isn't the first time I have seen this behavior. What's up with this "I'm bad" attitude I see among some of the younger guys these days? Especially when it all disappears as soon as someone stands up to them. What happened to respect and courtesy? What's up with randomly trying to intimidate people for no reason? I don't get it.


Oscar 7 years, 6 months ago

It's all part of the rapid decline in our culture, lead by entertainers, TV and numerous others in our society that now think that "anything goes". If you think your incident is bad, you ought to see what it's like in the bigger cities of America. Fortunately, Steamboat still has some of the last vestiges of a respectful, courteous society. That's why a lot more people will come here to live.


trump_suit 7 years, 6 months ago

Grand Parents have been complaining about "these darn kids" since the middle ages. It seems that the nicer points of society and behavior come with age and experience. Just you wait, one day that same snotty 20 year old will be complaining about (wait for it)

"Darn kids these days have no respect"


Jean-Ann Cooper 7 years, 6 months ago

That is so disturbing! While I am only a summer resident, I pride myself in living in a community that friends and family love to visit. I applaud you for confronting the jerky kid although I would be careful of doing the same in a big city. You just never know how crazy somebody is!! Thankfully it appears he was just an adoring, confused and in the end, a whimpering "wannabe" fan of Kanye West...ugh.


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