Oak Creek's Ege retires post for personal reasons

Trustee, police commissioner resigns


This story has been corrected from its original version. J Elliott is Oak Creek's mayor, and former Town Board member Dave Ege was elected as a trustee in 2008. He moved to Oak Creek in 2004.

Oak Creek Trustee and Police Commissioner Dave Ege on Thursday tendered his resignation from the Oak Creek Town Board, effective at the end of the meeting.

In a statement he read to the Town Board, Ege used his resignation to call the remaining board members to take a strong stance with the Routt County Sheriff's Office. After his resignation, fellow Mayor J Elliott presented Ege with an "Oak Creek Police Commissioner" sheriff's-style badge, to a standing ovation of the board and attendees.

"This, to me, is a hard announcement to make. Due to an unforeseen personal issue, I must resign effective immediately," he read.

Ege said he would like to be involved in the selection of his successor, if possible.

"I also urge the Town Board to be very firm when dealing (with) the county. We are once again being thrown down the same path that has proven repeatedly to fail," he said, referring to the law enforcement issues the town faces.

"We are not second-class citizens. We are county tax payers," he read.

The town has been embroiled in a dispute with the county about police coverage for the town. The Sheriff's Office has said it would start charging for more than the basic response level.

After Ege announced his resignation from the board, Elliott presented him with the badge and thanked Ege for service "with dedication, honor and dignity during a difficult and changing time."

"You have been strong, and now as a community we would like to stand strong for you as you face this next challenge. We love you and are ready to serve you and your family in any way we can," Elliott read.

Ege was elected to the Town Board in 2008 and has lived in Oak Creek since about 2004. The board will find a replacement by posting a notice of the vacancy and selecting an applicant from the responses received, Oak Creek Town Clerk Karen Halterman said.

The person selected to fill Ege's seat on the board will remain only until the next general election, in April.


Scott Wedel 7 years, 7 months ago

Error to be corrected: Elliott was elected to the Town Board in 2008 and has lived in Oak Creek since about 2004.

I believe that is supposed to be Ege, not Elliot.

Sad to see him resign.


flotilla 7 years, 7 months ago

Best wishes Dave. You stood up for some good causes. Thanks for your service.


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