Crews are about three weeks away from finishing repairs on the Elkhead slide on Routt County Road 86, pictured here on May 2, 2008.

Photo by Matt Stensland

Crews are about three weeks away from finishing repairs on the Elkhead slide on Routt County Road 86, pictured here on May 2, 2008.

County OKs Cog Road contract

Slide near Hayden, Elkhead slide slated to be fixed by winter


— Much-anticipated repairs on the Cog Road slide north of Hayden could start in about two weeks, county officials said.

The Routt County Board of Commissioners approved a $1.2 million contract Tuesday for American Civil Constructors to do the work on Routt County Road 76, known as the Cog. The repairs could start in 15 days, said Paul Draper, Routt County Road and Bridge director.

Work along Routt County Road 86 at the Elkhead slide is expected to be finished in about three weeks, Draper said.

The county received a Department of Local Affairs energy impact grant to fund about $582,000 of the cost of repairing the two slides. That's about $340,000 less than the county requested. Routt officials budgeted money for the slides but probably will need to pay more.

"I think we just need to acknowledge that supplemental budgeting is going to be requested," Commissioner Nancy Stahoviak said.

The Road and Bridge Department sought bids on the Cog slide and received four. American Civil Constructors' was the lowest.

The company will fix the slide by putting a wall of vertical beams 15 to 25 feet into the ground along 650 feet on the outside edge of the road. It will stabilize those beams with horizontal anchor cables driven into the side of the hill and cemented to the bedrock, Draper said.

Work should start in about 15 days and will last about two months. Draper said he expected it to be finished by Dec. 1.

"The school bus will run without delays, otherwise people should expect delays," he said.

The problem on the Cog was that mud and moisture slid from a hillside above the road, pushing part of the pavement down another hill. The Cog was cut to one lane after the 2007-08 winter, and residents were concerned about safety.

The new road will be stable and will include a guardrail, Draper said.

GeoStabilization is repairing the Elkhead slide in far western Routt County. The company is using "soil nails," Draper said. Those consist of rebar, or reinforcing steel bar, surrounded by sand or gravel and driven far into the ground. GeoStabilization will then build a steel and concrete wall away from the road and will fill that in, widening C.R. 86 to two full lanes of traffic, Draper said.

The road has slid in that spot for years, he said. Part of the challenge of dealing with the slide is that a creek runs below it and carries the slide dirt away. The slide has accelerated.

"In the last two years, something has changed," Draper said.

The repairs should be done in about three weeks, he said.


Richard Hagins 7 years, 7 months ago

The picture is of County Road 37, Sage Creek looking North right before you leave the canyon. Come on Pilot & Today at least show the correct road!


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