Four-year-old Dillon Weaver goes for a piece of candy thrown during Monday's Oak Creek Labor Day parade. Dillon was with his siblings and parents Michael and Kerry Weaver, of Craig.

Photo by Matt Stensland

Four-year-old Dillon Weaver goes for a piece of candy thrown during Monday's Oak Creek Labor Day parade. Dillon was with his siblings and parents Michael and Kerry Weaver, of Craig.

Oak Creek focuses on more Labor Day events for all ages



Colorado Bar & Grill waitress Diane Heavey takes orders from customers, from left, Dave Reid, Janet and Milton Packard and Nadine Reid on Monday after the Labor Day parade. Colorado Bar & Grill owner Becky Elliott said it was not as busy as past years.


Soroco High School music students perform in Monday's Oak Creek Labor Day Parade.


People line the streets for Monday's Oak Creek Labor Day parade.


2009 Oak Creek Coal Queen and Coal Princess awards

Coal Queen

Winner: Annie Hagg

Runner-up: Dakota Wisecup

Coal Princess

Winner: Megan Kelliher

Runner-up: Annie Carl

— Oak Creek produced wall-to-wall Labor Day weekend activities, but opinions were mixed around town as to whether the festivities drew enough people to bring a boost to the town's economy.

Development of this year's Labor Day weekend programming included a concerted effort to make the festivities more family friendly and "leave the drinking to the bars," Labor Day Committee Vice President Sandy Wisecup said. Traditional events such as the Kiddie Fun Fair on Saturday, a fishing derby on Sunday and Monday's Labor Day parade were back, but the beer garden at Decker Park was discontinued in favor of more games and activities for kids. Wisecup said she thought the weekend turned out better this year.

"We tried to get it back more family-oriented," she said. "It's been really good. We've had a lot of positive feedback. : We really appreciate all of the community coming out to support us."

Tracy Burris agreed, but he hopes for an even better showing next year.

"We're really impressed with the turnout," he said. "It was a little more relaxed, but I think plans are going to be bigger and better for next year."

Burris announced the parade, which included mainstays such as classic cars, fire trucks, residents in period outfits and kids scampering up and down Main Street for candy. Bill and Virginia Paxton, of Spiro's Tradin' Post, served as the parade's grand marshals.

There was less activity inside Main Street's businesses, where opinions were mixed about the success of the weekend.

"This is the quietest I've been on Labor Day in eight years," said Jane Sindell, owner of The Mugshot coffee shop and bakery.

The Oak Restaurant owner John Grout said his restaurant has been open only three months and that he didn't have any previous Labor Day weekends to compare to, but it appeared the weekend brought more people in from out of town.

"It wasn't quite as busy, but it was a good Labor Day," The Colorado Bar & Grill owner Becky Elliott said. "I think everybody had a good time."

Oak Creek's Labor Day weekend festivities included barbecue, art, several tours, music, a horseshoes tournament and more. Bonfiglio Drug owner David Bonfiglio said it was important to offer a full range of activities to draw people to town who might stay or come back.

"I do think it's important we remind people we're here," he said.

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kathy foos 7 years, 7 months ago

scot,didnt say that cargo was disgusting, that the drama is,you seem to be pecking a fight,where there is none.That is what south routt needs is less negative and a possitive example for future labor day organizers(children)thats really what its all about .peace out scot


kathy foos 7 years, 7 months ago

Thanks to Oak Creek for the wonderful parade and festivaties.The people that do this every year really do a special thing and there is only the pure family fun that motivates this group.There is the whole year ahead to make money or whatever,this is to get out see the good people and friends before the long winter .It sure is nice to go to Oak Creek and not have to hear or see any of the disgusting cargo drama,this year


Scott Wedel 7 years, 7 months ago

The disgusting Cargo Drama? The disgusting improper invasion of her house, disgusting use of a Taser on her, disgusting violations of the town's Taser policy, disgusting sham investigation by the police chief, and the disgusting acceptance of the Chief's report by the Town Board?

And that police dept was so disgusting that while setting up a tent for her Art for Justice event last year, I got cited for nuisance code violation that I beat in court.

The Town had a disgusting incompetent and retaliatory police force and you complain about Cargo?

Labor Day was good. It was definitely better for the kids.

There is room for a Sunday afternoon concert and beer garden (that could fence in part of the field instead of the whole park), but the people that want that need to organize that.


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