Martha Drake Young: Biased reporting


With only one source of printed and electronic news in Steamboat Springs, the public is subjected to the effects of a monopoly. The blatant bias of our local papers has been clearly illustrated by the sub-headlines of the Oct. 15 edition of the Steamboat Today regarding the Kevin Bennett vs. Cari Hermacinski City Council race. A balanced presentation of the two candidates would have included an equal quantity of assets and deficits of each person. Instead, the information on Bennett bordered on being a personal attack. The quoted negative comments regarding Bennett were caustic and had no redeeming value to the voters. There were no equally demeaning comments quoted regarding Hermacinski. Balanced reporting would provide a more valuable service to the community than the current imbalanced presentation.

Martha Drake Young

Steamboat Springs


Scott Berry 7 years, 5 months ago

Well, we all have our viewpoint don't we! If the paper was truly unbiased and professional in their reporting, they would have done a better job of digging up Bennett's record. They do know about, but have chosen to ignore his personal agenda and aggrandizement during his tenure. The paper has knowledge of a great deal of featherbedding by Bennett so be careful of what you wish for.


ElevenFootPole 7 years, 5 months ago

Writing a story on what a person CLAIMS he did vs. what he ACTUALLY did is not biased reporting. It's called uncovering & revealing the truth. Mr. Bennett would not be cast in this light had he not put himself in it. If commoncents is right, I say to the Pilot, bring it on. Tell us everything you know.


aichempty 7 years, 5 months ago

Newspapers have always taken a side in elections.

The only thing they're obliged to do is accept and publish a rebuttal, even if it has to be in a paid advertisement.

Our schools are really screwing people over by making them think that life is fair. You shouldn't have to be a grown-up before you realize that screwing each other over is the second oldest profession.


Roger Good 7 years, 5 months ago

If I accept your quote " A balanced presentation of the two candidates would have included an equal quantity of assets and deficits of each person"

This presumes that no matter who you compare by your defenition they DO have an equal number of assets and defecits.

I guess any article on Bernie Madoff should really emphasize the fact he gave stolen money to charity, so therefore he did both good and bad.


Scott Ford 7 years, 5 months ago

Archempty - You are spot on. It is naÃive for any of us to assume politics is fair.

Martha -as long as your check will clear the bank - take out as big of an ad you can afford for as often as you want in rebuttal to what you feel is bias presentation of the facts. Most newspapers understand dollars far better than they understand politics.


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