James A. Humphrey: Scary intersection


The intersection of Apres Ski Way and Village Drive is a very dangerous intersection for those driving north on Village Drive and coming to the intersection with Apres Ski Way. On the left, as you proceed north on Village Drive approaching Apres Ski Way, is a six-story building called Highmark on the southwest corner of Apres Ski Way and Village Drive.

Highmark has erected a large sign on this corner that reads, "Highmark Steamboat Springs, A Mountain and Ski Resort." As you drive north on Village Drive and come to the intersection with Apres Ski Way you must stop, but when you look west to check on any traffic coming down Apres Ski Way headed east, your vision is totally blocked by the large Highmark sign. It is impossible to see vehicles coming down Apres Ski Way because they are hidden by the Highmark sign.

As a result, many cars, not knowing if traffic is coming down Apres Ski Way from the west, pull out into the intersection only to learn to their horror that a car or truck is coming east on Apres Ski Way and is headed right at them.

This sign should never have been erected in this location and must be removed, or at least moved to a location where it does not block views of coming traffic at the intersection of Apres Ski Way and Village Drive. Sooner, if not later, there is going to be a horrific accident at this intersection and the blame can rightly be put on the owners of the Highmark building. If the owners of Highmark do not remove this sign voluntarily, the city of Steamboat Springs must act and act fast to force the Highmark building owners to remove this sign.

James A. Humphrey

Steamboat Springs


2strokesmoke 7 years, 3 months ago

The "Horror" I love living in steamboat!!!

I think the more interesting intersection will be the round about at apre ski and Mt. werner circle....

JMN 7 years, 2 months ago

It is unfortunate that the construction of the Highmark caused that intersection to become congested, however as I drive through that intersection many times a day for work, I cant help but see that the problem with that intersection, and most others is that poeple fail to stop where the law requires you to stop, behind the stop sign. It is at that point you can see the oncoming traffic.


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