David Willis runs with Marley on Thursday in Steamboat’s first turkey trot. The race stretched 4.6 miles, starting and ending at Steamboat Springs High School.

Photo by Joel Reichenberger

David Willis runs with Marley on Thursday in Steamboat’s first turkey trot. The race stretched 4.6 miles, starting and ending at Steamboat Springs High School.

Large field trots in Thanksgiving race

Steamboat Running Series morning event draws families, dogs, unicycles



Tyler Terranova, 10, rides his unicycle toward the finish line Thursday morning in the Turkey Trot.

2009 turkey trot results


  1. Scott Brane 29:13

  2. Cam Ilfrey 31:10

  3. Erik Ranstad 33:26

  4. Mark Freirich 34:29

  5. Billy VanNess 35:05

  6. Kevin William 35:26

  7. John Nylen 35:35

  8. Dave Davenport 36:10

  9. John Miller 37:19

  10. Morton James 38:01

  11. Todd Miller 38:28

  12. Steve Wolf 40:57

  13. David Willis 41:29

  14. Tom Moran 42:31

  15. Scott Anfang 43:20

  16. William Sexton 45:48

  17. Ben Coates 47:20

  18. Dave Terranova 51:16

  19. Tyler Terranova 53:12

  20. Jeremy Goeckeritz 55:33

  21. Brooks Crosby 59:40

  22. John Coates 1:15:10

  23. Ryan Hermann 1:16:10

  24. Chris Brennan 1:17:00

  25. John Brennan 1:17:00

  26. Charlie Pharris 1:17:00

  27. Steve Richheimer 1:18:00

  28. Charlie Orner 1:24:30

  29. Bud Roo 1:28:10


  1. Amy Ilfrey 35:13

  2. Hadley Nylen 35:35

  3. Anya Brane 39:28

  4. Cassidy Valladolid 40:30

  5. Amy Brown 40:43

  6. Sally Cariveau 40:47

  7. Jodi Hirschmann 41:26

  8. Nicole Dolence 41:32

  9. Shanya Cooly 42:08

  10. Brynna Vogt 42:24

  11. Katie Hughes 42:27

  12. Kathy McKinstry 42:48

  13. Helene Anderasen 43:40

  14. Dana Fujita 43:46

  15. Chrissy Hudges 43:46

  16. Wilie Cate 44:05

  17. Maggie McKee 44:05

  18. Lauren Barr 45:08

  19. Pam Tracy 45:21

  20. Teresa Wright 47:02

  21. Jennifer Calderazzo 47:15

  22. Megan Coates 47:20

  23. Samantha Terranova 51:15

  24. Jodi Terranova 53:15

  25. Megan Alexander 53:22

  26. Vi Rodriguez 53:38

  27. Deidre Mewborn 53:40

  28. Brande O’Hare 53:47

  29. Bella Brane 54:06

  30. Jamie Jones 55:33

  31. Jennifer Crosby 59:40

  32. Michelle Garner 1:05:14

  33. Mary Jones 1:12:19

  34. Jennifer Jones 1:14:42

  35. Maggie Coates 1:15:10

  36. Sandy Coates 1:15:10

  37. Laura Mazade 1:16:06

  38. Reall Colbenson 1:16:06

  39. Kate Brunton 1:16:06

  40. Jeanne Richheimer 1:17:00

  41. Karen Pharris 1:17:00

  42. Julie William 1:20:00

  43. Cheryl Butler 1:20:00

  44. Stacey Hopner 1:21:00

  45. Jill Wehril 1:24:00

  46. Di Nestel 1:24:00

  47. Kim Vance 1:24:30

  48. Anne Terranova 1:28:10

  49. Bev Root 1:28:10

— Some pushed the pace, and some pushed strollers. Some clung to dog leashes and many to the belief that this early morning jaunt would make up for the gluttonous meal most were ready to dedicate the rest of their day to.

Nearly 80 people showed up for Steamboat’s first turkey trot, organized by the Steamboat Springs Running Series. The turnout surprised even those who organized the event.

“I thought maybe we’d have 15 people,” Running Series co-Director Lisa Barbour joked. “I’m really happy about that.”

Organizers — and the LIFT-UP of Routt County Food Bank, to which all proceeds were donated — can thank the active imagination of Steamboaters for the surge of runners.

Seemingly, each of the 78 finishers found a unique reason to suit up and run on the brisk holiday morning.

Scott Brane won the men’s race division. The course stretched from the gate to Gardner Field next to the Steamboat Springs High School, along Amethyst Drive 2.3 miles to the Buffalo Pass road. There, the long line of competitors turned around.

Brane knocked off the 4.6-mile race in 29 minutes, 13 seconds.

He finished ahead of Cam Ilfrey, who pushed his daughter Sophia in a stroller and finished second in 31:10, and Erik Ranstad, who `was third at 33:26.

“We’re from Florida originally; we always try to do turkey trots,” said Brane, who was joined in the race by his wife, Anya, and daughter, Bella. “It was a little cold starting out, but it felt a little good.

“I started out just trying to run for fun, but any time it says ‘race,’ I end up having to run a little bit.”

Amy Ilfrey won the women’s division in 35:13. Hadley Nylen was second at 35:35, and Anya Brane was third in 39:28.

Many families made it a pre-Thanksgiving dinner outing. That’s what drew the Terranova family.

Tyler Terranova, 10, decided it was a fine time to refine his unicycle skills. He rode his unicycle the entire route as his older sister, Samantha, 12, ran by his side. His parents, Dave and Jodi Terranova, ran along, as well, and his grandparents, Bev and Bud Root, walked the course with his little sister, Anne, 8.

“My dad wanted to come, and I wanted to ride,” Tyler said. “Going down some hills was hard because you have to control your pedaling. It’s really fun, though, because the seat wobbles and you have to keep your balance.”

Others, meanwhile, didn’t want to pass up the chance for one more race. In their minds, a sunny morning made up for the chilly temperatures.

Pam Tracy made the trek with her dog Luther.

“Luther, he did well,” she said afterward. “He pulled me almost the whole way.”


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