Ken Collins: We always respond


After the first couple, they came home by foot. After the next few, it was by foot and train and maybe by horse. Then, they came home by train, mostly. And for a while, it was by boat and train. Now it is almost totally by plane.

It has been millions, literally, of Americans who have returned from war. Most have survived. Many have not. Physical, emotional and mental tolls have been taken. And then there are the many — way too many — that have given that “last full measure,” a grand term that euphemizes the sacrifice. But because those sacrifices have been made, we are a people that much of the world looks to in time of need. We are a people who can disagree or agree with what we stand for and try to make things right without fear.

There always will be those who hate us, but the majority will respect us. It is not an easy thing to go to war, but it is sometimes necessary. Americans always have responded. This week, we honor those who have. I, personally, hope for the day, somewhere long down the road, when we no longer have veterans because we no longer have wars.


mmjPatient22 7 years, 5 months ago

Don't hold your breath Ken. It's not likely that anyone on the planet today will be able to see that happen.


sledneck 7 years, 5 months ago

Thanks Ken.

As a very wise man once said..."only the dead have seen the end of war."

My hope and prayer is that someday we will once again be a society that appreciates the value of freedom and honors the sacrafices so many have made.

It saddens me deeply to see fools marching in the street, demanding rights to which they are not entitled and simultaneously throwing away those given to us by our creator.

There is no doubt in my mind that Americas most dangerous enemies live not in Pakistan but in Washington, D.C.


seeuski 7 years, 5 months ago

sledneck, I hope I am misunderstanding about who the fools are in the street as I include myself as a 9/12er and can honestly say that when I watch the Americans who have marched on DC recently to protest the Congress I feel great pride that this country is still home of the brave. My guess is you are referring to those who think our Government should provide health care and wellfare, the theft from those that have and the gift to those that are chosen by the lawmakers, along with all the other entitlements we are taxed for. America is called on in times of great need as was the case during WWII and certainly stopping the Nazi styled dictator Saddam Hussein, who fashioned his style of rule after Hitlers Mein Kampf, while very controversial in my opinion was a noble mission against tyranny. God bless our great American Troops and those who stand up for America.


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